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A Day of Reflection in Order to Celebrate the Holiday: Obesity Day #1

Kathmandu, Nepal

It is apparently a well known holiday by my trekking companions in Australia and is required in Celebration of the breaking of refrain from spending money on decent meals, or abstinence from good food of any sort for any extended period of time. We have been talking about it since Day 3 on the trail, and it is finally here. Obesity Day as its better known, consisted of the things we have been craving for the entirety of the 3 weeks. The famous Bhagwati Bakery is one of my favorites and a must eat on Obesity Day. As I have been without decent cinnamon rolls, garlic rolls, and frosted cookies for most of Southeast Asia, this is surely a hotspot in my books, especially since they feature half off after 8pm. Honestly a bag full costs 140 Nepali Rupees (2 dollars) if you buy more than you can eat, which is just not fair. I agreed to help fulfill a friends dream of "the bucket." KFC does exist in Kathmandu along with Pizza Hut and both are considered upscale dining. As Felix ordered the 12 piece bucket of chicken, the guy at the counter asked for the next customer after us 3, not realizing that that was simply for Felix and Felix alone. I only conquered the 8 piece, but that was still a task in and of itself. Its tough on a body to fill it with meat after being vegetarian for 3 weeks (meat has to be carried up the mountain and 3 months old has been considered fresh). Spent the longest Ive ever spent at a KFC playing cards and going back for multiple Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Krushers. Not only were we the only Westerners in the restaurant, but we had a bucket each. Stares ensued from the restaurant and without shame...Next was the supermarket. Chips, candy, chocolate, juice, gummy bears, pistachios, and more candy. Sitting in front of the much missed TV, we ate until we could no longer move, which didnt take long. Movies were enjoyed all day and another trip to the bakery ensued. Great to be back....A bit overindulgent, and not good for the budget, but I'll be the first to say Obesity Day #1=Success.

permalink written by  Alex Basaraba on March 27, 2011 from Kathmandu, Nepal
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