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Small Towns

(( Allah Say )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Hasan, Afghanistan
(( Band-e Kajaki )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Hasan, Afghanistan
(( Chah-e Chahan )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Hasan, Afghanistan
(( Chatal )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Hayat, Afghanistan
(( Cheshmeh-ye Shafa )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Jeyran, Afghanistan
(( Dehleh )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Kenti, Afghanistan
(( Gaz-e Sofla )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Kowshah, Afghanistan
(( Ghowr Band )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Laghi, Afghanistan
(( Golbahar )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Laghman, Afghanistan
(( Husi Kalay )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Lamti, Afghanistan
(( Mahi Par )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Malal, Afghanistan
(( Mal Gir )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Mard, Afghanistan
(( Mar Khvor-e 'Olya )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Molk, Afghanistan
(( Mel Mandah )), Afghanistan Khvajeh 'Omri, Afghanistan
(( Mirabad )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Owlia', Afghanistan
(( Moqor )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Paksar, Afghanistan
(( Naghlu )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Qalandar, Afghanistan
(( Nahr-e Shahi )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Qasem, Afghanistan
(( Namak Av )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Qol, Afghanistan
(( Nevay Deh )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Ra'uf, Afghanistan
(( Nikeh )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Rawash, Afghanistan
(( Podineh )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Sorkhian, Afghanistan
(( Rudat )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Tup, Afghanistan
(( Shatowri )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Zahed, Afghanistan
(( Shin Naray )), Afghanistan Khvajeh Za'i, Afghanistan
(( Shur Av )), Afghanistan Khvajeh'ali, Afghanistan
(( Tazraq )), Afghanistan Khvajehha, Afghanistan
Ab Bakhsh, Afghanistan Khvocha'i, Afghanistan
Ab Bala, Afghanistan Khvolah, Afghanistan
Ab Band, Afghanistan Khvolehabad, Afghanistan
Ab Barik, Afghanistan Khvoramay, Afghanistan
Ab Bazan, Afghanistan Khvord Kabul, Afghanistan
Ab Bordeh, Afghanistan Khvordak Javqowl, Afghanistan
Ab Gach, Afghanistan Khvordakza'i, Afghanistan
Ab Kalak, Afghanistan Khvosh Ab, Afghanistan
Ab Khaneh, Afghanistan Khvosh Asia, Afghanistan
Ab Khvor, Afghanistan Khvosh Bay, Afghanistan
Ab Khvorak-e Bala, Afghanistan Khvosh Khadir, Afghanistan
Ab Khvorak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Khvosh Margh, Afghanistan
Ab Mazar, Afghanistan Khvosh Robat, Afghanistan
Ab Sarina, Afghanistan Khvosh Rud, Afghanistan
Abash, Afghanistan Khvosh Tappeh, Afghanistan
'Abbas Koshteh, Afghanistan Khvoshabad, Afghanistan
Abchakan, Afghanistan Khvoshamand, Afghanistan
'Abd ol Habib Kalay, Afghanistan Khvoshi, Afghanistan
'Abd ol Qader Kalay, Afghanistan Khwajah Kowt Gay, Afghanistan
'Abd or Rahman Kala, Afghanistan Khwazagak, Afghanistan
Abdan, Afghanistan Kil Bastalah, Afghanistan
Abdan-e Shebaqli, Afghanistan Kirteh, Afghanistan
Abdarreh, Afghanistan Kiti, Afghanistan
Ab-e Barik-e Qowdi, Afghanistan Kochnay Khakeh, Afghanistan
Ab-e Sefid, Afghanistan Kochonay Daryab, Afghanistan
Abi Jan, Afghanistan Kogel Say, Afghanistan
Ablatu, Afghanistan Kohneh Bazar, Afghanistan
Abol, Afghanistan Kohneh Deh, Afghanistan
Abshar, Afghanistan Kohneh Deh, Afghanistan
Abtu, Afghanistan Kohneh Nawar, Afghanistan
Abu Kala, Afghanistan Kohneh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Achah Khel, Afghanistan Kohnehdeh, Afghanistan
Achek, Afghanistan Kohnehkheyl, Afghanistan
Achin, Afghanistan Kolagu, Afghanistan
Adin Za'i, Afghanistan Kolali, Afghanistan
Adineh Masjed, Afghanistan Kolangar, Afghanistan
Adraskan, Afghanistan Kolchehabad, Afghanistan
Afsay, Afghanistan Kolowr va Dah Sil, Afghanistan
Afshar-e Bala, Afghanistan Kolukh, Afghanistan
Afshar-e Nanehchi, Afghanistan Kolukh Tappeh, Afghanistan
Afzal, Afghanistan Kom Ru, Afghanistan
Agej, Afghanistan Konar Tappeh, Afghanistan
Agh Jam', Afghanistan Konchi, Afghanistan
Aghar, Afghanistan Kondel Kala, Afghanistan
Ahan Fulad, Afghanistan Kondelan, Afghanistan
Ahangaran, Afghanistan Kondor Kheyl, Afghanistan
Ahangaran, Afghanistan Kondoz, Afghanistan
Ahangaran, Afghanistan Konj, Afghanistan
Ahangaran, Afghanistan Koran va Monjan, Afghanistan
Ahangaran, Afghanistan Koshk, Afghanistan
Ahangari, Afghanistan Koshk-e Kohneh, Afghanistan
Ahmad Kalay, Afghanistan Koshk-e Sefid, Afghanistan
Ahmad Khan Kala, Afghanistan Koshtay, Afghanistan
Ahmad Kheyl, Afghanistan Koshtowz, Afghanistan
Ahmad Kheyl, Afghanistan Kotgay, Afghanistan
Ajar, Afghanistan Kowdagey, Afghanistan
Ajghan, Afghanistan Kowday, Afghanistan
Ajrestan, Afghanistan Kowghan, Afghanistan
Akazi, Afghanistan Kowghay, Afghanistan
Akhlar, Afghanistan Kowinli, Afghanistan
Akhshay, Afghanistan Kowk, Afghanistan
Akhtarzi, Afghanistan Kowkah Chel, Afghanistan
Akhvond Kheyl, Afghanistan Kowkcha'il, Afghanistan
Akhvond Zadeh Kala, Afghanistan Kowk-e Bulaq, Afghanistan
Akhvond Zadeh Saheb Kalay, Afghanistan Kowkeh Bulaq, Afghanistan
Ala Jergah, Afghanistan Kowli Shur, Afghanistan
'Alaf Sefid, Afghanistan Kowlian, Afghanistan
Alah Kuzi, Afghanistan Kownd Kalay, Afghanistan
Alah Say, Afghanistan Kowndalan, Afghanistan
Alakeh, Afghanistan Kowri, Afghanistan
'Alam Kheyl, Afghanistan Kowrt, Afghanistan
'Alam Lek, Afghanistan Kowta-i Geli, Afghanistan
'Alamu, Afghanistan Kowtak, Afghanistan
Alandar, Afghanistan Kowt-e 'Ashrow, Afghanistan
Alar, Afghanistan Kowt-e 'Ashu, Afghanistan
Alchin, Afghanistan Kowti Kheyl, Afghanistan
'Aleh Qal'eh, Afghanistan Kowti Sorkh, Afghanistan
'Ali Chap, Afghanistan Kowtkay, Afghanistan
'Ali Gol, Afghanistan Kowtsakkah, Afghanistan
'Ali Khan Zay, Afghanistan Kowtu, Afghanistan
'Ali Kheyl, Afghanistan Kowtwal, Afghanistan
'Ali Kheyl, Afghanistan Kshatah Ghani Morgh, Afghanistan
'Ali Moghul, Afghanistan Kshatah Kala, Afghanistan
'Ali Shah, Afghanistan Kshatah Kalay, Afghanistan
'Aliabad, Afghanistan Kshatah Lakhchak, Afghanistan
'Aliabad, Afghanistan Kshatah Mil, Afghanistan
'Aliabad, Afghanistan Kshatah Owshay, Afghanistan
'Aliabad, Afghanistan Kshatah Sheykhzay, Afghanistan
'Aliabad, Afghanistan Kshatah Sohbat, Afghanistan
'Alijan, Afghanistan Kuchak, Afghanistan
'Alikheyl, Afghanistan Kucheh, Afghanistan
'Alimardan Khan-e Bagat, Afghanistan Kucheh-ye Zard, Afghanistan
'Alingar, Afghanistan Kuchekan, Afghanistan
Alishang, Afghanistan Kuchnay Bala Karz, Afghanistan
Allah Sang, Afghanistan Kuchnay Darvishan, Afghanistan
Allah Sang, Afghanistan Kuchnay Razi, Afghanistan
Allahqoli, Afghanistan Kuchnay Shur, Afghanistan
Almar, Afghanistan Kudu, Afghanistan
Almasid, Afghanistan Kuh Gaday, Afghanistan
Almoghul, Afghanistan Kuh Gah, Afghanistan
Alowzi, Afghanistan Kuhak, Afghanistan
Altamur, Afghanistan Kuh-e Chahar Rah, Afghanistan
Altar Angak, Afghanistan Kuh-e Gerdak, Afghanistan
Altar Ghaneh Gak, Afghanistan Kuh-e Sayyad, Afghanistan
Altar Ghangak, Afghanistan Kuhestan, Afghanistan
Alti Bay, Afghanistan Kuhestan, Afghanistan
Alti Bulaq, Afghanistan Kuhestanat, Afghanistan
Alva Qowl, Afghanistan Kulan, Afghanistan
Amanollah Khan Kalay, Afghanistan Kunab-e Sukhteh, Afghanistan
Amar Kheyl, Afghanistan Kunj Kala, Afghanistan
'Ambar Samuch, Afghanistan Kurru, Afghanistan
Amich-e Sad Khaneh, Afghanistan Kurugah, Afghanistan
Amir Kalay, Afghanistan Kuruk, Afghanistan
Amortak, Afghanistan Kusheh, Afghanistan
Amrakh, Afghanistan Kushgag, Afghanistan
Amurn, Afghanistan Kushk, Afghanistan
Anar Darreh, Afghanistan Kushka, Afghanistan
Anar Juy, Afghanistan Kushkak, Afghanistan
Anbar Kalay, Afghanistan Kushowrmand, Afghanistan
Anbuh Khak, Afghanistan Kutah-e Shiv, Afghanistan
Andar, Afghanistan Kuti-ye 'Olya, Afghanistan
Andar, Afghanistan Kuti-ye Sofla, Afghanistan
Andkhvoy, Afghanistan Kuz Sukhteh, Afghanistan
Andowj, Afghanistan Lab-e Juy, Afghanistan
Angizay, Afghanistan Labrow Moghol Bachcheh, Afghanistan
Anguri, Afghanistan Ladu, Afghanistan
Angut, Afghanistan Laftan, Afghanistan
Anjeh, Afghanistan Laghar Juy, Afghanistan
Anjiz, Afghanistan Lagharak, Afghanistan
Anjoman, Afghanistan Laghman, Afghanistan
Anqar Chaq, Afghanistan Laghowri, Afghanistan
Anvah-ye Kalan, Afghanistan Lajar, Afghanistan
Aq Bulaq, Afghanistan Lakan, Afghanistan
Aq Gonbaz, Afghanistan Laki, Afghanistan
Aq Gonbaz, Afghanistan La'l Chak, Afghanistan
Aq Kupruk, Afghanistan La'l va Sar Jangal, Afghanistan
Aq Robat, Afghanistan Lala Kheyl, Afghanistan
Aq Tappeh, Afghanistan Lala Kheyl, Afghanistan
Aqa Ahmad, Afghanistan Lalak, Afghanistan
Aqa Kalay, Afghanistan Lalakheyl, Afghanistan
Aqchah, Afghanistan La'l-e Mohammad Khan Kala, Afghanistan
Aqineh, Afghanistan Laleh, Afghanistan
'Arab Kakol, Afghanistan Lalma, Afghanistan
'Arab Shah-e Payan, Afghanistan La'lpur, Afghanistan
'Arabshah Khel, Afghanistan Landar, Afghanistan
Arakht, Afghanistan Landar, Afghanistan
Aranji, Afghanistan Landay, Afghanistan
Araq-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Landay, Afghanistan
Arazi, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Archektu, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arere, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arew, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arg-e Zari, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arghandakan, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arghandeh-ye Bala, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arghandeh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Langar, Afghanistan
Arghestan, Afghanistan Langar Khaneh-ye Kalan, Afghanistan
Arigh Batur, Afghanistan Lar Gerd, Afghanistan
Arik Qeshlaq, Afghanistan Lar Mandikowl, Afghanistan
Armalek, Afghanistan Lar Sholtan, Afghanistan
Artin Jelow, Afghanistan Lar Zari, Afghanistan
Aruj, Afghanistan Lar-e Gari, Afghanistan
Arun, Afghanistan Larghan, Afghanistan
Arwich, Afghanistan Largheh, Afghanistan
Asadabad, Afghanistan Laron, Afghanistan
Asbab, Afghanistan Larow, Afghanistan
Asgharat, Afghanistan Lash, Afghanistan
Ashawah, Afghanistan Lash-e Joveyn, Afghanistan
'Asheq, Afghanistan Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan
'Asheqan, Afghanistan Lashkari Bazar, Afghanistan
Ashkasham, Afghanistan Lat, Afghanistan
Ashkinak, Afghanistan Lateh Band, Afghanistan
Ashnam, Afghanistan Latek, Afghanistan
Ashtiway, Afghanistan Lazhah, Afghanistan
Asia Kowl, Afghanistan Levan, Afghanistan
Asiab, Afghanistan Livanian, Afghanistan
Asiabad, Afghanistan Lokeh Sang, Afghanistan
Asman Qal'eh, Afghanistan Lowkhi, Afghanistan
Asmar, Afghanistan Lowrah, Afghanistan
Asqalan, Afghanistan Lowrkhsanak, Afghanistan
Astaneh, Afghanistan Lowy Khakeh, Afghanistan
'Ata Mohammad Kariz, Afghanistan Lowy Shar, Afghanistan
Atal, Afghanistan Lowy Shekhu, Afghanistan
Atan, Afghanistan Lowyah Dakkah, Afghanistan
'Ata-ye Pol-e Afghanan, Afghanistan Lowyah Kala, Afghanistan
Ateh Khan Khvajeh, Afghanistan Luman, Afghanistan
Atghar, Afghanistan Luy Bagh, Afghanistan
Ati Tangi, Afghanistan Luy Kalay, Afghanistan
Atiti, Afghanistan Luy Kalay, Afghanistan
Av Darreh, Afghanistan Luy Kariz, Afghanistan
Av Khaneh, Afghanistan Luy Razay, Afghanistan
Av Par, Afghanistan Lwar, Afghanistan
Awal Kheyl, Afghanistan Lwar, Afghanistan
Ayasi, Afghanistan Lwar Bajaghar, Afghanistan
Aybak, Afghanistan Lwar Bariki, Afghanistan
'Aydowzi, Afghanistan Lwar Kayghatu, Afghanistan
Ayyub Kheyl, Afghanistan Lwar Kowndalan, Afghanistan
Azad Kheyl, Afghanistan Lwar Owshay, Afghanistan
A'zam Kala, Afghanistan Lwar Sohbat, Afghanistan
'Azamat, Afghanistan Lwarah Shekam Parah, Afghanistan
Azan, Afghanistan Lwargay, Afghanistan
Azaw, Afghanistan Machalghu, Afghanistan
'Azizabad, Afghanistan Macheh Qowl-e Bala, Afghanistan
Azrow, Afghanistan Machi Kheyl, Afghanistan
Ba Khersak, Afghanistan Machqandak, Afghanistan
Baba Qanbar, Afghanistan Ma'dan-e Karkar, Afghanistan
Babah Khan, Afghanistan Madowza'i Kalay, Afghanistan
Babak, Afghanistan Madr, Afghanistan
Babar, Afghanistan Madraseh, Afghanistan
Babor, Afghanistan Madraseh, Afghanistan
Babu, Afghanistan Madud, Afghanistan
Babula'i, Afghanistan Magh, Afghanistan
Babus, Afghanistan Magh Nawul, Afghanistan
Bad Qaq, Afghanistan Maghak, Afghanistan
Bad Qowl, Afghanistan Mahajer, Afghanistan
Bad Qowl, Afghanistan Mah-e Now, Afghanistan
Bad Qowl, Afghanistan Mahmudkheyl, Afghanistan
Badam Kalay, Afghanistan Mahtab Qal'ah, Afghanistan
Badam Qowl, Afghanistan Makankar, Afghanistan
Baday, Afghanistan Makhtum, Afghanistan
Badgah, Afghanistan Makuleh, Afghanistan
Badgah, Afghanistan Mala Sar, Afghanistan
Bador, Afghanistan Malah Khan, Afghanistan
Badorkeh, Afghanistan Malajuk, Afghanistan
Badpash Kuzah Kala, Afghanistan Malek Din, Afghanistan
Badras, Afghanistan Malestan, Afghanistan
Badvan, Afghanistan Mali Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bagag, Afghanistan Mali Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bagar Kheyl, Afghanistan Ma'lumeh, Afghanistan
Bagh, Afghanistan Mamakheyl, Afghanistan
Baghak, Afghanistan Mamarak, Afghanistan
Baghak, Afghanistan Mamay, Afghanistan
Baghal, Afghanistan Mami Khel, Afghanistan
Baghala, Afghanistan Mamizak, Afghanistan
Baghalak, Afghanistan Manah, Afghanistan
Baghalak, Afghanistan Manak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Baghdad, Afghanistan Mandel, Afghanistan
Bagh-e 'Attar, Afghanistan Mandi Sar, Afghanistan
Bagh-e Bala, Afghanistan Mandowzi, Afghanistan
Bagh-e Cheh, Afghanistan Manduza'i, Afghanistan
Bagh-e Dasht, Afghanistan Mandz Jakan Kalay, Afghanistan
Bagh-e Miri, Afghanistan Mangah Jek, Afghanistan
Bagh-e Qalat os Seraj, Afghanistan Mangal, Afghanistan
Baghlan, Afghanistan Mangal Pur, Afghanistan
Baghran, Afghanistan Mangan, Afghanistan
Baghran Khowleh, Afghanistan Manghal, Afghanistan
Baghtu, Afghanistan Mangow, Afghanistan
Bagram, Afghanistan Mangur, Afghanistan
Bagrami, Afghanistan Mangwal, Afghanistan
Bahador Khani, Afghanistan Mani Ghar, Afghanistan
Bahador Qal'eh, Afghanistan Manjar Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bahadorkhan, Afghanistan Manjo Kalay, Afghanistan
Bahadorkheyl, Afghanistan Manjway Sowkhtah, Afghanistan
Bahadorzay, Afghanistan Mansur Kalay, Afghanistan
Baharak, Afghanistan Mansurabad, Afghanistan
Baharestan, Afghanistan Manzelbagh, Afghanistan
Bahram Chah, Afghanistan Mar Bolagh, Afghanistan
Bahram-e Shahid, Afghanistan Mar Khvor-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Bajdeh, Afghanistan Marah Warah, Afghanistan
Bajgah, Afghanistan Maranjan, Afghanistan
Bak, Afghanistan Mard Kala, Afghanistan
Bakaray Kalay, Afghanistan Mardian, Afghanistan
Bakhara, Afghanistan Marghah, Afghanistan
Bakharow, Afghanistan Marghay, Afghanistan
Bakhshak, Afghanistan Marghi, Afghanistan
Bakhshi Kalay, Afghanistan Margian, Afghanistan
Bakhtgan-e Bala, Afghanistan Mariani, Afghanistan
Bakhtiaran, Afghanistan Marjaneh, Afghanistan
Bakhtingan, Afghanistan Marjeh, Afghanistan
Baki, Afghanistan Markaz-e Behsud, Afghanistan
Baki Kheyl, Afghanistan Marmol, Afghanistan
Bal Kheyl, Afghanistan Ma'ruf, Afghanistan
Bala Bagh, Afghanistan Ma'ruf Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bala Bowkan, Afghanistan Marwah, Afghanistan
Bala Deh, Afghanistan Masaw, Afghanistan
Bala Deh, Afghanistan Maschetak, Afghanistan
Bala Deh, Afghanistan Mashhad, Afghanistan
Bala Duri-ye Avval, Afghanistan Mashi Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bala Duri-ye Dovvom, Afghanistan Masin, Afghanistan
Bala Jow Qowl, Afghanistan Masizi, Afghanistan
Bala Kariz, Afghanistan Masjed Negar, Afghanistan
Bala Kuh, Afghanistan Masjed-e Sabz, Afghanistan
Bala Qal'eh, Afghanistan Mata, Afghanistan
Bala Qowl, Afghanistan Mata Khan, Afghanistan
Bala Zhir, Afghanistan Maymey, Afghanistan
Baladasht, Afghanistan Mazanah, Afghanistan
Baladay, Afghanistan Mazar, Afghanistan
Baladeh, Afghanistan Mazar-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Balagh Chineh, Afghanistan Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan
Balahesar, Afghanistan Mazar-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Balahesar, Afghanistan Mazdurak, Afghanistan
Balakheyl, Afghanistan Mazinah, Afghanistan
Balakheyl, Afghanistan Mazra'eh, Afghanistan
Balamorghab, Afghanistan Mazra'eh-ye 'Abbas, Afghanistan
Balaqal'eh, Afghanistan Mehrabikheyl, Afghanistan
Bala-ye Gardan, Afghanistan Mehr'ali, Afghanistan
Bala-ye Gardanak, Afghanistan Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan
Bala-ye Kuh, Afghanistan Melan, Afghanistan
Baldarghanak, Afghanistan Memlah, Afghanistan
Balineh, Afghanistan Mena, Afghanistan
Balkh, Afghanistan Mendrawol, Afghanistan
Balkhab, Afghanistan Meng Derakht, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Mengajik, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Mesrabad, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Mest, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Meydan, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Meydan, Afghanistan
Baluch, Afghanistan Meydan Kalay, Afghanistan
Baluch Kalay, Afghanistan Meydan Shahr, Afghanistan
Baluch Kalay, Afghanistan Meydan-e Dzadzi, Afghanistan
Baluch Kalay, Afghanistan Meydan-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Baluch Khaneh, Afghanistan Meydani, Afghanistan
Baluch Shah Nader, Afghanistan Meymaneh, Afghanistan
Baluchan, Afghanistan Meymik, Afghanistan
Baluchan, Afghanistan Mian Deh, Afghanistan
Baluchi, Afghanistan Mian Deh, Afghanistan
Baluchi, Afghanistan Mian Juy, Afghanistan
Baluchi, Afghanistan Mian Qowl, Afghanistan
Baluchi, Afghanistan Mian Rud, Afghanistan
Balukheyl, Afghanistan Mianah Bid, Afghanistan
Bambalestan, Afghanistan Miandeh, Afghanistan
Bambay, Afghanistan Mianeh, Afghanistan
Bamian, Afghanistan Mianrudi, Afghanistan
Bamizay, Afghanistan Mikhak, Afghanistan
Banader, Afghanistan Mil-e Kurki, Afghanistan
Banaq, Afghanistan Mina Do, Afghanistan
Bandabad, Afghanistan Mina Vad, Afghanistan
Bandalak-e Sefid, Afghanistan Mir Ab Khvoran, Afghanistan
Bandar-e 'Abd ol Baqi, Afghanistan Mir Ahmad Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bandar-e Jonubi, Afghanistan Mir Hazar, Afghanistan
Bandar-e Mollaha, Afghanistan Mir Manneh, Afghanistan
Bandar-e Shomali, Afghanistan Mir Qasem, Afghanistan
Band-e 'Ali, Afghanistan Mirabad, Afghanistan
Band-e 'Ali, Afghanistan Mirabad, Afghanistan
Band-e 'Ali, Afghanistan Miran, Afghanistan
Band-e Howz, Afghanistan Miran, Afghanistan
Band-e Juy, Afghanistan Miranza'i, Afghanistan
Band-e Khvajeh, Afghanistan Mirdadi Saray, Afghanistan
Band-e Qal'eh, Afghanistan Miri, Afghanistan
Band-e Sareq, Afghanistan Mirkah, Afghanistan
Band-e Say, Afghanistan Mirkan, Afghanistan
Band-e Sheram, Afghanistan Mirugol Kalay, Afghanistan
Band-e Shuy, Afghanistan Mirwal, Afghanistan
Bandeh-ye Bimaran, Afghanistan Mirza Abu Bakr, Afghanistan
Bandul, Afghanistan Mirza Beg, Afghanistan
Baneh Qash, Afghanistan Mirza Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bangi, Afghanistan Mirza Valang, Afghanistan
Bangi, Afghanistan Mirzi, Afghanistan
Bangi Qowl, Afghanistan Mizak, Afghanistan
Banow, Afghanistan Mochay Kalay, Afghanistan
Banu Kheyl, Afghanistan Moghol Bachcheh, Afghanistan
Baqalqowl, Afghanistan Mogholabad, Afghanistan
Bar Adinkheyl, Afghanistan Moghowl Qeshlaq, Afghanistan
Bar Alukheyl, Afghanistan Moghu, Afghanistan
Bar Azow, Afghanistan Mohajerin, Afghanistan
Bar Firuzkheyl, Afghanistan Mohammad Anvar Khan Kalay, Afghanistan
Bar Fuladi, Afghanistan Mohammad Ayyub, Afghanistan
Bar Gugar, Afghanistan Mohammad Rahim Kalay, Afghanistan
Bar Kariz, Afghanistan Mohammad Yar Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bar Khaneh, Afghanistan Mohammadabad, Afghanistan
Bar Khankheyl, Afghanistan Mohsen Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bar Lakhchak, Afghanistan Mojdi-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Bar Mandikowl, Afghanistan Mojdi-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan
Bar Nowruzkheyl, Afghanistan Mokarak, Afghanistan
Bar Shah Kabul, Afghanistan Molikheyl, Afghanistan
Bar Sholtan, Afghanistan Molla 'Abdollah Kariz, Afghanistan
Baragah Kala, Afghanistan Molla 'Ala, Afghanistan
Baraghan-e Khvajeh, Afghanistan Molla Ashraf, Afghanistan
Barah Khan Kili, Afghanistan Molla 'Aziz Kalay, Afghanistan
Barah Kheyl, Afghanistan Molla Bagh Kalay, Afghanistan
Barak, Afghanistan Molla Dust, Afghanistan
Barakhaneh, Afghanistan Molla Esfanj, Afghanistan
Barakheyl, Afghanistan Molla Kuchay, Afghanistan
Baraki, Afghanistan Molla Now, Afghanistan
Baraki, Afghanistan Molla Vali-ye Valeh, Afghanistan
Baraki, Afghanistan Monar-e Jam, Afghanistan
Baraki, Afghanistan Monareh, Afghanistan
Baraki Barak, Afghanistan Monari, Afghanistan
Barakoshteh, Afghanistan Mondah Gak, Afghanistan
Baramowgh, Afghanistan Moqam Kheyl, Afghanistan
Baran Chineh, Afghanistan Moqor, Afghanistan
Baran Kheyl, Afghanistan Moqor, Afghanistan
Baranabad, Afghanistan Morad Sheykh, Afghanistan
Barangak-e Bala, Afghanistan Morchal, Afghanistan
Barangak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Morghab, Afghanistan
Barangtut-e Bala, Afghanistan Morghan Kechah, Afghanistan
Barangtut-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Morgh-e Zard-e Bala, Afghanistan
Barangtut-e Vasat, Afghanistan Morgh-e Zard-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Barankheyl, Afghanistan Morgheh, Afghanistan
Baraqi, Afghanistan Moshvani-ye Sofla, Afghanistan
Baratkheyl, Afghanistan Mostowfi, Afghanistan
Baratkheyl, Afghanistan Mosulmani, Afghanistan
Bareh Awdarreh, Afghanistan Motuni, Afghanistan
Bareh-ye Janubi, Afghanistan Mowdu, Afghanistan
Bareh-ye Shamali, Afghanistan Mowleh, Afghanistan
Barekzay, Afghanistan Mowmand, Afghanistan
Barekzay Kalay, Afghanistan Mownkay, Afghanistan
Barfak, Afghanistan Mowshkheyl, Afghanistan
Bargam, Afghanistan Mowzah Khel, Afghanistan
Barg-e Matal, Afghanistan Munji, Afghanistan
Barghanak, Afghanistan Murdian-e Bala, Afghanistan
Barghas, Afghanistan Murichaq, Afghanistan
Bari Gav, Afghanistan Musa, Afghanistan
Bari Kowt, Afghanistan Musa Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bari Qowl, Afghanistan Musa Kheyl, Afghanistan
Barigah, Afghanistan Musa Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Bariikak, Afghanistan Mushak, Afghanistan
Barik Juy, Afghanistan Mushaki, Afghanistan
Barik Juy, Afghanistan Mushan, Afghanistan
Barikak, Afghanistan Mushi, Afghanistan
Barikak, Afghanistan Nad-e 'Ali, Afghanistan
Barik-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Nader Shah Kowt, Afghanistan
Barik-e Sofla, Afghanistan Nader Shah Kowt, Afghanistan
Bariki, Afghanistan Na'eb Waleh, Afghanistan
Barikjuy, Afghanistan Na'ebabad, Afghanistan
Barikjuy, Afghanistan Nagahan, Afghanistan
Barjuy, Afghanistan Nahrin, Afghanistan
Barkah, Afghanistan Najaf Kalay, Afghanistan
Barlak, Afghanistan Nakhjirabad, Afghanistan
Barowghil, Afghanistan Nakhshi, Afghanistan
Baryavan, Afghanistan Nakudak, Afghanistan
Barz Ab, Afghanistan Nal Shireh, Afghanistan
Barzangi-ye Afghaniyeh, Afghanistan Nalah, Afghanistan
Basal Kheyl, Afghanistan Nalenj, Afghanistan
Basawul, Afghanistan Nalgham, Afghanistan
Basenj, Afghanistan Namak Ab, Afghanistan
Bashanabad, Afghanistan Na'man, Afghanistan
Bashleng, Afghanistan Nani, Afghanistan
Basowkheyl Wolah, Afghanistan Nani Ghund, Afghanistan
Bast, Afghanistan Naqareh Khaneh, Afghanistan
Bastukbacheh, Afghanistan Naqchin, Afghanistan
Basu Kheyl, Afghanistan Narang, Afghanistan
Basukheyl, Afghanistan Naray, Afghanistan
Bat Khel, Afghanistan Nar-e Rowzeh, Afghanistan
Bati Kowt, Afghanistan Narizah, Afghanistan
Batob, Afghanistan Naser, Afghanistan
Batur, Afghanistan Naseran, Afghanistan
Baturkheyl, Afghanistan Nasfanj, Afghanistan
Bauragai, Afghanistan Nashar, Afghanistan
Bavr, Afghanistan Naterah, Afghanistan
Bavran, Afghanistan Nav, Afghanistan
Bawarsaq Qal'eh, Afghanistan Navabkhan-e Sabz Gazi, Afghanistan
Bawarsaq Qal'eh, Afghanistan Navach-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Bawo Khel, Afghanistan Navarid Qipchaq, Afghanistan
Bawragai, Afghanistan Navay Kariz, Afghanistan
Bawrchi, Afghanistan Naveh, Afghanistan
Bawri, Afghanistan Naveh-ye Barkaza'i, Afghanistan
Bawshi, Afghanistan Naveh-ye Nadak, Afghanistan
Bawu, Afghanistan Naveh-ye Sang Paridah, Afghanistan
Bay Kham, Afghanistan Navor, Afghanistan
Bay Malasi, Afghanistan Navor, Afghanistan
Bay Nazar, Afghanistan Navor, Afghanistan
Bay Saqal, Afghanistan Navor Chowpan, Afghanistan
Bay Sufi, Afghanistan Navor Sabz, Afghanistan
Bay Temor, Afghanistan Navor Sham', Afghanistan
Bay Yaveh, Afghanistan Navor Sup, Afghanistan
Bayah, Afghanistan Navor-e Gusalehgan, Afghanistan
Bayak, Afghanistan Navor-e Nikpay, Afghanistan
Bayan, Afghanistan Navorha, Afghanistan
Bayan Kheyl, Afghanistan Navrak, Afghanistan
Bayanan, Afghanistan Navrak, Afghanistan
Bayan-e Bala, Afghanistan Nawah, Afghanistan
Bayan-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Nawe Tundaki, Afghanistan
Bayanha, Afghanistan Nayak, Afghanistan
Bayanha, Afghanistan Nayak, Afghanistan
Bayani, Afghanistan Nayak, Afghanistan
Bayanlu, Afghanistan Naylowr, Afghanistan
Bayannah Kalay, Afghanistan Naytaq, Afghanistan
Bayanzay, Afghanistan Nazerabad, Afghanistan
Bayanzay Kariz, Afghanistan Nazok Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bayanzi, Afghanistan Nechkah, Afghanistan
Bayanzo Kalay, Afghanistan Negah, Afghanistan
Baybacheh, Afghanistan Negah, Afghanistan
Baybul, Afghanistan Negala, Afghanistan
Baydak, Afghanistan Nejrab, Afghanistan
Baydin Gak, Afghanistan Ne'mati, Afghanistan
Baydollah, Afghanistan Nerkh, Afghanistan
Bayhemt, Afghanistan Nesharv, Afghanistan
Bayka, Afghanistan Nevay Deh, Afghanistan
Baykhan Kalay, Afghanistan Neycheh, Afghanistan
Baykhvosh, Afghanistan Neycheh-ye 'Olya, Afghanistan
Baylam, Afghanistan Neycheh-ye Sofla, Afghanistan
Baylar, Afghanistan Nezhdaveh, Afghanistan
Bayram, Afghanistan Niazi, Afghanistan
Bayram, Afghanistan Nichigram, Afghanistan
Bayri, Afghanistan Nilan, Afghanistan
Bayri, Afghanistan Nilaw, Afghanistan
Baysh Aregh, Afghanistan Nilay, Afghanistan
Baysh Aregh Olum, Afghanistan Nilay, Afghanistan
Baysh Kappeh, Afghanistan Nilay, Afghanistan
Baz Gol Kheyl, Afghanistan Nile 'Ulya, Afghanistan
Baz Kala, Afghanistan Nili, Afghanistan
Baz Mohammad Kalay, Afghanistan Nim Lik, Afghanistan
Baza'iGonbad, Afghanistan Nish, Afghanistan
Bazak, Afghanistan Nisha'i, Afghanistan
Bazan, Afghanistan Nizgan, Afghanistan
Bazar, Afghanistan Noh Dal, Afghanistan
Bazar, Afghanistan Noh Juy, Afghanistan
Bazar Kami, Afghanistan Nosratabad, Afghanistan
Bazar Qal'eh, Afghanistan Now, Afghanistan
Bazarak, Afghanistan Now Deh, Afghanistan
Bazarak, Afghanistan Now Juy, Afghanistan
Bazarbashi, Afghanistan Now Juy, Afghanistan
Bazarcheh, Afghanistan Now Qala, Afghanistan
Bazar-e Badakhshi, Afghanistan Now Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Bazar-e Hokumati-ye Mota Khan, Afghanistan Now Ruzi, Afghanistan
Bazar-e Panjva'i, Afghanistan Now Zad, Afghanistan
Bazar-e Taleh, Afghanistan Nowabad, Afghanistan
Bazar-e Teri, Afghanistan Nowabad-e Ish, Afghanistan
Bazargay, Afghanistan Nowbabi, Afghanistan
Bazartu, Afghanistan Nowbor, Afghanistan
Baz-e Bala, Afghanistan Nowe Qal'ah, Afghanistan
Bazek, Afghanistan Nowrak, Afghanistan
Bazgal, Afghanistan Nowrak, Afghanistan
Bazgay, Afghanistan Nowrak, Afghanistan
Bazgir, Afghanistan Nowrak, Afghanistan
Bazgir, Afghanistan Nowruzabad, Afghanistan
Bazgir, Afghanistan Nur Gol, Afghanistan
Bazi Deh, Afghanistan Nur Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bazi Kheyl, Afghanistan Nurah Lam, Afghanistan
Bazid, Afghanistan Nurestan, Afghanistan
Bazikani, Afghanistan Nusay, Afghanistan
Bazikheyl, Afghanistan 'Omarzi, Afghanistan
Bazma, Afghanistan Onab, Afghanistan
Bazmohammad Kala, Afghanistan Ordu, Afghanistan
Bazri, Afghanistan Orgun, Afghanistan
Bazugay, Afghanistan Orgun-e Kalan, Afghanistan
Bazukheyl, Afghanistan Orlamesh, Afghanistan
Bebakasang, Afghanistan Ortepah, Afghanistan
Bechaghi, Afghanistan Oruzgan, Afghanistan
Bed, Afghanistan Oshtor Khan, Afghanistan
Beda'i, Afghanistan Oshtor Mordeh, Afghanistan
Bedala, Afghanistan Osman Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bedan, Afghanistan Otkheyl, Afghanistan
Bedrah, Afghanistan Owbagak, Afghanistan
Bedrah, Afghanistan Owbeh Gak, Afghanistan
Began, Afghanistan Owbeh Karam, Afghanistan
Begara, Afghanistan Owbi, Afghanistan
Begwal, Afghanistan Owghlan, Afghanistan
Behbud Kala, Afghanistan Owkal, Afghanistan
Behsud, Afghanistan Owlangak, Afghanistan
Behsud, Afghanistan Owmneh, Afghanistan
Behzadi, Afghanistan Owr Mordah, Afghanistan
Bekaray, Afghanistan Owryakheyl, Afghanistan
Bekhe Qada, Afghanistan Owtah Kol, Afghanistan
Bekhsang, Afghanistan Owtow Pur, Afghanistan
Bekhsang, Afghanistan Owtow Pur, Afghanistan
Bekhsang, Afghanistan Owzhay 'Olya, Afghanistan
Bekhsang, Afghanistan Ozbaki, Afghanistan
Bekow, Afghanistan Pa Bid-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Belanday, Afghanistan Pa Bid-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Belaw Sang, Afghanistan Pachigram, Afghanistan
Belcheragh, Afghanistan Pachir, Afghanistan
Bemeruzah, Afghanistan Padeh-ye Laghari, Afghanistan
Bendaray, Afghanistan Padeh-ye Nowkdari, Afghanistan
Berana, Afghanistan Padkhvab-e Shaneh, Afghanistan
Beranah, Afghanistan Paghman, Afghanistan
Bereshteh Gak, Afghanistan Pahlavan Tash, Afghanistan
Bergi, Afghanistan Pahreh, Afghanistan
Bertakeh, Afghanistan Pa'in Bowkan, Afghanistan
Besh Qol, Afghanistan Pa'in Shahr, Afghanistan
Beyg 'Ali, Afghanistan Pa'indeh, Afghanistan
Beygshahr, Afghanistan Pajwar, Afghanistan
Beyraq, Afghanistan Pak, Afghanistan
Beyza, Afghanistan Pakhchak, Afghanistan
Bi Sarak, Afghanistan Pal Piri, Afghanistan
Bia Mordeh, Afghanistan Palahgol, Afghanistan
Biabanak, Afghanistan Palalak, Afghanistan
Biabanak, Afghanistan Palbeh, Afghanistan
Bibanak, Afghanistan Palezak, Afghanistan
Bibi Mahru, Afghanistan Paliz Kar, Afghanistan
Biborjak, Afghanistan Palowchay, Afghanistan
Bid Mobarak, Afghanistan Palzan Kalay, Afghanistan
Bid Qowl, Afghanistan Panah, Afghanistan
Bid Qowl, Afghanistan Panah, Afghanistan
Bid Qowl Bala, Afghanistan Panam, Afghanistan
Bidad Kalay, Afghanistan Pandak, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Panech, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Panj Asiab, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Panj Pay, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Panjab, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Panjari, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Papin, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Paprowk, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Park, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Park, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parkheh-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parkheh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parmakan, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parvaneh, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parvareh, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Parvaz, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Pas Kalay, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Pasaband, Afghanistan
Bidak, Afghanistan Pas-e Pashar, Afghanistan
Bidak 'Abd ol Samad, Afghanistan Pashdan, Afghanistan
Bid-e Ghurian, Afghanistan Pashmi Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Bid-e Kalan, Afghanistan Pashshad, Afghanistan
Bid-e Now-e Sofla, Afghanistan Pashtun Kowt, Afghanistan
Bid-e Sheykh 'Ali, Afghanistan Pashtun Zarghun, Afghanistan
Bidestan, Afghanistan Pastay, Afghanistan
Bidnow, Afghanistan Patak, Afghanistan
Bidnow, Afghanistan Patan, Afghanistan
Bidqowl, Afghanistan Patan Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bidqowl, Afghanistan Patanah, Afghanistan
Bidqowl, Afghanistan Patiray, Afghanistan
Bikh-e Kowtal, Afghanistan Patukh, Afghanistan
Bikh-e Kowtal, Afghanistan Pay Bariki, Afghanistan
Bini Hesar, Afghanistan Pay Darushak, Afghanistan
Bir Nadi, Afghanistan Pay Kowtal, Afghanistan
Biraneh, Afghanistan Pay Kowtal, Afghanistan
Birimak, Afghanistan Pay Muri, Afghanistan
Bisarak, Afghanistan Pay Noqteh, Afghanistan
Bisham, Afghanistan Pay Qowl, Afghanistan
Bisheh, Afghanistan Payan Jawqul, Afghanistan
Bodah Kheyl, Afghanistan Payarow Kheyl, Afghanistan
Boghavi, Afghanistan Pa-ye Bum, Afghanistan
Boghondakha, Afghanistan Pa-ye Dehak, Afghanistan
Bokhara Qal'eh, Afghanistan Payendeh Kheyl, Afghanistan
Bolagh Tughaneh, Afghanistan Paygel, Afghanistan
Bolagh-e 'Abdi, Afghanistan Payki, Afghanistan
Bolagh-e Hoseyni, Afghanistan Pegish, Afghanistan
Bolagh-e Sabz, Afghanistan Pendali, Afghanistan
Boland Dival, Afghanistan Perang, Afghanistan
Bolowleh, Afghanistan Perowng, Afghanistan
Bona see Buna, Afghanistan Peshawar, Afghanistan
Bonyad Khan, Afghanistan Pesheng, Afghanistan
Borah Ganah Kalay, Afghanistan Peshghowr, Afghanistan
Boria Bal, Afghanistan Peshigal, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Peshin Jan, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Peshkowr, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Petav-e Mizan, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Peyghowlah, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Peykam Darreh, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Peyvand, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Piadeh Rah, Afghanistan
Borj, Afghanistan Piari, Afghanistan
Borjak, Afghanistan Pichlarah, Afghanistan
Borj-e Gol Jan, Afghanistan Pir Kondar, Afghanistan
Bormol, Afghanistan Pir Nakhchir, Afghanistan
Bosraq, Afghanistan Pir Zadeh, Afghanistan
Bowdak, Afghanistan Pire Soltan, Afghanistan
Bowlaghayn, Afghanistan Pir-e Sorkh, Afghanistan
Bowlakah, Afghanistan Pish Qeshlaq, Afghanistan
Bowlan, Afghanistan Pitab, Afghanistan
Bowlan, Afghanistan Pitab Saydo, Afghanistan
Bowz Arigh, Afghanistan Pitav, Afghanistan
Boz Darreh, Afghanistan Pitigal, Afghanistan
Bozba'i, Afghanistan Piw, Afghanistan
Buk Sari, Afghanistan Pol-e 'Alam, Afghanistan
Bukah, Afghanistan Pol-e Chahar Deh, Afghanistan
Bukan, Afghanistan Pol-e Charkhi, Afghanistan
Bulaqarah, Afghanistan Pol-e Khomri, Afghanistan
Bum, Afghanistan Pol-e Matak, Afghanistan
Bum, Afghanistan Pol-e Rostam, Afghanistan
Bum, Afghanistan Porchaman, Afghanistan
Bum, Afghanistan Portah Ghani Morgh, Afghanistan
Bum-e Shebar, Afghanistan Poshbar, Afghanistan
Bum-e Yargi, Afghanistan Posht Kuh, Afghanistan
Burya Baf-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Posht-e Chahar Sar Band, Afghanistan
Burya Baf-e Sofla, Afghanistan Posht-e Mazar, Afghanistan
Butsah Kala, Afghanistan Posht-e Siah, Afghanistan
Candaldari, Afghanistan Poshteh-ye Hasan, Afghanistan
Chagharah, Afghanistan Poshteh-ye Mazar, Afghanistan
Chaghatak, Afghanistan Powkowy, Afghanistan
Chaghcharan, Afghanistan Powpulzow Selam, Afghanistan
Chaghray Kalay, Afghanistan Pukeh, Afghanistan
Chah Ab, Afghanistan Pushwarah, Afghanistan
Chah Mowla, Afghanistan Qabileh, Afghanistan
Chahar Asiab, Afghanistan Qabzar, Afghanistan
Chahar Asiab, Afghanistan Qader Kheyl, Afghanistan
Chahar Bagh, Afghanistan Qades, Afghanistan
Chahar Bagh, Afghanistan Qadirkheyl, Afghanistan
Chahar Bagh-e Namak, Afghanistan Qaf Charak, Afghanistan
Chahar Borj, Afghanistan Qaf Qowl, Afghanistan
Chahar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Qafak, Afghanistan
Chahar Dar, Afghanistan Qafas Kalay, Afghanistan
Chahar Deh, Afghanistan Qafaslan, Afghanistan
Chahar Dehi, Afghanistan Qafeleh Bashi, Afghanistan
Chahar Deh-ye Ghowrband, Afghanistan Qaflan Darreh, Afghanistan
Chahar Divar, Afghanistan Qaflatun, Afghanistan
Chahar Kent, Afghanistan Qalacheh, Afghanistan
Chahar Mahalleh, Afghanistan Qal'ah-ye Sefid, Afghanistan
Chahar Mordeh, Afghanistan Qalamcheshmeh, Afghanistan
Chahar Owlia', Afghanistan Qalandarza'i, Afghanistan
Chahar Qal'eh, Afghanistan Qalat, Afghanistan
Chahar Sad Khaneh, Afghanistan Qalat, Afghanistan
Chahar Shanbeh, Afghanistan Qal'ateh-ye 'Alam Khan, Afghanistan
Chahar Shanghow, Afghanistan Qala-ye 'Abbas, Afghanistan
Chahar Tut, Afghanistan Qal'eh Kah, Afghanistan
Chaharbagh-e Farahgerd, Afghanistan Qal'eh Khaneh, Afghanistan
Chah-e Anjir, Afghanistan Qal'eh Shahr, Afghanistan
Chah-e Asp, Afghanistan Qal'eh Shahr, Afghanistan
Chah-e Ghamban Kalay, Afghanistan Qal'eh-e Fath, Afghanistan
Chah-e Kerteh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-e Mohammad Afzal, Afghanistan
Chahi, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Akhund, Afghanistan
Chak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Akhvond, Afghanistan
Chakab, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Av Khar, Afghanistan
Chakaran, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Badal, Afghanistan
Chakari, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Baghal, Afghanistan
Chakav, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Bakhtiar, Afghanistan
Chakawar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Bar Panj, Afghanistan
Chak-e Vardak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Chaman, Afghanistan
Chakhansur, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Dadar, Afghanistan
Chakkosh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Devaneh, Afghanistan
Chakkosh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Feyzi, Afghanistan
Chakkosh-e-Kur Kurak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Gaz, Afghanistan
Chakkosh-e-Sarband, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Gerd Ab, Afghanistan
Chal, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Gholam, Afghanistan
Chalak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Gholam Beyg, Afghanistan
Chalas, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Giru, Afghanistan
Chalawak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Gol, Afghanistan
Chalghowr, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Ja'far, Afghanistan
Chalk-e Aranji, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Jalal, Afghanistan
Chalk-e Yuldash, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Kansi, Afghanistan
Chalkhi, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Karim, Afghanistan
Cham Qal'eh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Kham, Afghanistan
Chaman Hozuri, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Khan, Afghanistan
Chaman-e Bid, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Kuf, Afghanistan
Chamkani, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Lalay, Afghanistan
Chamlay, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Langar, Afghanistan
Chamri, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mahmud, Afghanistan
Chandarreh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Malek, Afghanistan
Changah, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Malek Antar, Afghanistan
Changiz, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mamey, Afghanistan
Changol, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Masjedi, Afghanistan
Chap Darreh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mir, Afghanistan
Chap Qowlak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mir Da'ud, Afghanistan
Chapah Darrah, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mirza Shah, Afghanistan
Chapak Gozar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Molayem, Afghanistan
Chapak Saray, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Morad Beyg, Afghanistan
Chapchal, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Morad Khan, Afghanistan
Chapqowl, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Mortaza, Afghanistan
Chaprahar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Niaz, Afghanistan
Chaqchi, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Niaz Beyg, Afghanistan
Chaqmaq, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Now, Afghanistan
Char Bagh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Now, Afghanistan
Char Borjak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Now, Afghanistan
Char Bulak, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Now, Afghanistan
Char Kateh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Nowak, Afghanistan
Char Rah, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye 'Omar, Afghanistan
Chara Bia, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye 'Omar, Afghanistan
Charikar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Padeshah, Afghanistan
Charkh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Padshahi, Afghanistan
Charkh Gavak-e Bala, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Panjeh, Afghanistan
Charkh Gavak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Payandeh, Afghanistan
Charmestan, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Pokhteh, Afghanistan
Charmgar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sabz, Afghanistan
Charow, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Safar, Afghanistan
Chasnud-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Saheb Zadeh, Afghanistan
Chasnud-e Sofla, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sang-e Takht, Afghanistan
Chav, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sar Push, Afghanistan
Chechaktu, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sarkari, Afghanistan
Chehel Dokhtaran, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sayyed, Afghanistan
Chehel Gazi, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Seddiq, Afghanistan
Chehel Gazi, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sepi Sang, Afghanistan
Chehel Tan, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Shah, Afghanistan
Chelan, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sharbat, Afghanistan
Chelik-e Yas Khan, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sirak, Afghanistan
Chemtal, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sorkh, Afghanistan
Chenar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sorkh-e Bala, Afghanistan
Chenar, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sorkh-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Chenar Kalay, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Sufi, Afghanistan
Chenar Tu, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Tagab Eshlan, Afghanistan
Chenar-e Gonjeshkan, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Tak, Afghanistan
Chenari, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Tavus-e Malang, Afghanistan
Chenartu, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Vali, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Yadgar, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Yunos, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh-ye Duzakh, Afghanistan Qal'eh-ye Zal, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh-ye Khuni, Afghanistan Qamchaq, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh-ye Shir, Afghanistan Qandahari, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh-ye Talkhak, Afghanistan Qanjegh 'Ali, Afghanistan
Cheshmeh-ye Yanbolaq, Afghanistan Qanjowgheh, Afghanistan
Chesht-e Sharif, Afghanistan Qanjowgheh-e Ozabaki, Afghanistan
Chi Jan, Afghanistan Qarah Bagh, Afghanistan
Chichkeh, Afghanistan Qarah Ghaytu, Afghanistan
Chigini, Afghanistan Qarah Qowl, Afghanistan
Chiras, Afghanistan Qarah Tappeh, Afghanistan
Choghli Tappeh, Afghanistan Qaramqul, Afghanistan
Chonaru, Afghanistan Qaravol, Afghanistan
Chowkay, Afghanistan Qarchi Gak, Afghanistan
Chowkowrmak, Afghanistan Qareh, Afghanistan
Chub Bash, Afghanistan Qareh Aghach, Afghanistan
Chub Bash-e Kalan, Afghanistan Qareh Bagh, Afghanistan
Chub Shandeh, Afghanistan Qareh Bulaq, Afghanistan
Chughak, Afghanistan Qareh Khaval, Afghanistan
Chughak, Afghanistan Qarghah, Afghanistan
Chuk Sang, Afghanistan Qarghah'i, Afghanistan
Chuli, Afghanistan Qarghanahtu, Afghanistan
Chumi, Afghanistan Qarghaneh, Afghanistan
Chuney, Afghanistan Qarghovey, Afghanistan
Churak Khel, Afghanistan Qarghowri, Afghanistan
Dab, Afghanistan Qarkh-e Bala, Afghanistan
Dabarey, Afghanistan Qarqatak, Afghanistan
Dabgay, Afghanistan Qarqin, Afghanistan
Dagah, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye 'Alikhan, Afghanistan
Dagra, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Jamshid, Afghanistan
Dah Mardah, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Kariz Sang, Afghanistan
Dahan-e 'Abdollah, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Molla 'Abdollah, Afghanistan
Dahan-e 'Aroq, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Molla Aman, Afghanistan
Dahan-e 'Asheq, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Molla Khan Mohammad, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Av Par, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Molla Taj Mohammad, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Baghdarreh, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Musa, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Barikak, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Owghowl, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Barqeh, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Shakhdari, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Bazarak, Afghanistan Qaryeh-ye Tajbin, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Bighamak, Afghanistan Qasabeh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Boghrestan, Afghanistan Qasem Kheyl, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Bum, Afghanistan Qash, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Chahar Deh, Afghanistan Qash, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Chakeh, Afghanistan Qashaqeh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Darreh Bid, Afghanistan Qash-e Navor, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Darreh Chasht, Afghanistan Qashuri, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Destarzan, Afghanistan Qat Lesh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Dival, Afghanistan Qatarkhak, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Divalak, Afghanistan Qavriak, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Do Laneh, Afghanistan Qaynar-e Bala, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Eshposhteh, Afghanistan Qaynar-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Fatu, Afghanistan Qazan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Garm Ow, Afghanistan Qazan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Gharghareh, Afghanistan Qazaq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Ghojorbash, Afghanistan Qazi Deh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Ghowrbandak, Afghanistan Qazi Deh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Ghurghori, Afghanistan Qazi Kalay, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Golak, Afghanistan Qazi Kariz, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Hesar, Afghanistan Qepchaq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Jangalak, Afghanistan Qerghez, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Jow Palal, Afghanistan Qeshlaq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Jowkak, Afghanistan Qeshlaq Khas, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Kaftarkhan, Afghanistan Qeshlaq-e Bisheh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Kakari, Afghanistan Qeshlaq-e Darreh-ye Khoshk, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Kanak, Afghanistan Qeshlaq-e Kheyrat Khaneh-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Karkareh, Afghanistan Qeshlaq-e Pesta'estan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Khawal, Afghanistan Qeshlaq-e Sheberg, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Khedaj, Afghanistan Qeshnehabad, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Khoshkak, Afghanistan Qeydkhaneh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Khoshkak, Afghanistan Qeysar, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Koklan, Afghanistan Qeysar, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Kowtak, Afghanistan Qezel, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Lakhshan, Afghanistan Qezel Ayaq Khvord, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Lokhak, Afghanistan Qezel Bulaq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Mad, Afghanistan Qezel Kand, Afghanistan
Dahane Mamadarghan, Afghanistan Qezel Kucheh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Nal, Afghanistan Qochangi, Afghanistan
Dahane Nawgala, Afghanistan Qoduq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Now, Afghanistan Qolsolmeh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Ow Pay, Afghanistan Qorbani, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Parsa, Afghanistan Qorghan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Qowl, Afghanistan Qorokh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Qowmghi, Afghanistan Qosh Tirdawan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Rabat, Afghanistan Qowbi, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Raqol, Afghanistan Qowdi, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Sang Par, Afghanistan Qowl, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Sanginak, Afghanistan Qowl Taq, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Saqaveh, Afghanistan Qowlahli-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Shahbaz, Afghanistan Qowlahli-ye Payan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Shibar, Afghanistan Qowlak, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Shur Ab, Afghanistan Qowland, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Shuravak, Afghanistan Qowl-e Afghan Gol, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Shureh Su, Afghanistan Qowl-e Bala, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Siahqowl, Afghanistan Qowl-e Bandeh, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Sibak, Afghanistan Qowl-e Bowtown, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Sorkhak-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Qowl-e Chowli 'Olya, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Tak Ghal, Afghanistan Qowl-e Daday, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Tanur, Afghanistan Qowl-e Darreh-ye Sar, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Tirkuh, Afghanistan Qowl-e Garm, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Valangak, Afghanistan Qowl-e Gholaman, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Valian, Afghanistan Qowl-e Hasan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Yakhshi, Afghanistan Qowl-e Khugan, Afghanistan
Dahan-e Zaw, Afghanistan Qowl-e Korang, Afghanistan
Dahaneh, Afghanistan Qowl-e Kuchek, Afghanistan
Dahaneh, Afghanistan Qowl-e Madat, Afghanistan
Dahaneh-ye Ghowri, Afghanistan Qowl-e Mazar, Afghanistan
Dahaneh-ye Hamvar, Afghanistan Qowl-e Qowbi, Afghanistan
Dahaneh-ye Kashan, Afghanistan Qowl-e Tupchi, Afghanistan
Dahaneh-ye Shams od Din, Afghanistan Qowl-e Zangi, Afghanistan
Dahaneh-ye Zu ol Faqar, Afghanistan Qowlneh Qadam, Afghanistan
Daki, Afghanistan Qowlol Bay, Afghanistan
Dakow-ye Bala, Afghanistan Qowm-e Baqi, Afghanistan
Dakow-ye Payan, Afghanistan Qowngowrat, Afghanistan
Dalak, Afghanistan Qowrchanghi, Afghanistan
Dalan, Afghanistan Qowryah, Afghanistan
Dalaq, Afghanistan Quch, Afghanistan
Dalghanah, Afghanistan Qulaq, Afghanistan
Dali, Afghanistan Qurchi, Afghanistan
Dalkeh, Afghanistan Qureh, Afghanistan
Dalkhaki, Afghanistan Qutun-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Dam, Afghanistan Ragh, Afghanistan
Daman, Afghanistan Rahi, Afghanistan
Daman, Afghanistan Rahim Dad, Afghanistan
Dandah Panjan, Afghanistan Rahmatabad, Afghanistan
Daneshmand, Afghanistan Rajan, Afghanistan
Dangak, Afghanistan Rajeng, Afghanistan
Dangam, Afghanistan Rakhneh-ye Jamshidi, Afghanistan
Dangar, Afghanistan Ramak, Afghanistan
Dar ol Aman, Afghanistan Ramzi, Afghanistan
Darabad, Afghanistan Ramzi, Afghanistan
Darayem, Afghanistan Rangan, Afghanistan
Darband, Afghanistan Ranjanay, Afghanistan
Dar-e Masjed, Afghanistan Raqolak, Afghanistan
Dar-e Mehraban, Afghanistan Rash, Afghanistan
Darghani, Afghanistan Rashak, Afghanistan
Darmadar, Afghanistan Rashak, Afghanistan
Darmandian, Afghanistan Rashak, Afghanistan
Darmarakh, Afghanistan Rashid Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Darqad, Afghanistan Rast Darreh, Afghanistan
Darreh, Afghanistan Rava Khan Kala, Afghanistan
Darreh Javay, Afghanistan Ravenj, Afghanistan
Darreh Zang, Afghanistan Rawanay, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Altamur, Afghanistan Ray-e Shotor, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Awd, Afghanistan Razvayak, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Bid, Afghanistan Rechah Lam, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Bum, Afghanistan Regay, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Darvazeh, Afghanistan Regay, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Derang, Afghanistan Rig, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Hazareh, Afghanistan Rig, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Jalmesh, Afghanistan Rigak, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Jolgeh, Afghanistan Rish Khvor, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Joval, Afghanistan Robat, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Jow Qowl, Afghanistan Robat, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Kajak, Afghanistan Robat, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Navora, Afghanistan Robat Mil, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Pay Nav, Afghanistan Robat Sangi-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Pich, Afghanistan Robatak, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Pishkan, Afghanistan Robat-e Ja'li, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Qaf Zar, Afghanistan Robat-e Khoshk Aveh, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Shakh, Afghanistan Robat-e Mirza, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Shu, Afghanistan Robat-e Payan, Afghanistan
Darreh-ye Suf, Afghanistan Robat-e Sangi-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan
Daru Khan Kalay, Afghanistan Robat-e Sar Gardan, Afghanistan
Daruntah, Afghanistan Robat-e Shah Baluch, Afghanistan
Daruzi, Afghanistan Robat-e Sorkh, Afghanistan
Darvaneh, Afghanistan Robat-e Sorkh, Afghanistan
Darvaz, Afghanistan Robat-e Tangi Azow, Afghanistan
Darvishan, Afghanistan Robat-e Tork, Afghanistan
Darvishan, Afghanistan Rokhah, Afghanistan
Darvishan, Afghanistan Rokowt, Afghanistan
Darwaji-e Bala, Afghanistan Rom, Afghanistan
Darwaji-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Rostam Kheyl, Afghanistan
Daryalem, Afghanistan Rostaq, Afghanistan
Darzab, Afghanistan Rowchun, Afghanistan
Dasht, Afghanistan Rowghani, Afghanistan
Dasht Qal'eh, Afghanistan Rowshanabad, Afghanistan
Dashtak, Afghanistan Rowzanak, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Archi, Afghanistan Rowzeh Bagh, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Borsoneh, Afghanistan Rudakay, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Kavaz, Afghanistan Rudbar, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Mirza'i, Afghanistan Ruhabad, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Now, Afghanistan Ru'i, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Qal'eh, Afghanistan Ru'i, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Qal'eh, Afghanistan Rukheh, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Rivat, Afghanistan Ru-ye Sang, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Sachak, Afghanistan Sa'adat Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Dasht-e Sefid, Afghanistan Sabireh-ye Bala, Afghanistan
Davamandi, Afghanistan Sabireh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan
Dawran Khel, Afghanistan Sabz Ab, Afghanistan
Day, Afghanistan Sabz Darreh, Afghanistan
Day Chupan, Afghanistan Sabz Naleh, Afghanistan
Daybirkah, Afghanistan Sabz Sang, Afghanistan
Daykondi, Afghanistan Sabzak, Afghanistan
Daymirdad, Afghanistan Sabzi Bahar, Afghanistan
De Baboranow Kalachah, Afghanistan Sabzikar, Afghanistan
De Ghowragh, Afghanistan Sad Mardeh, Afghanistan
De Kelake Kala, Afghanistan Sada, Afghanistan
De Kelakey Sheylah, Afghanistan Sadeq, Afghanistan
De Lowy Wayalah Kalay, Afghanistan Sa'dollah, Afghanistan
De Maywand Kariz, Afghanistan Safa Bagh-e Khaseh, Afghanistan
De Mohammad Zu Kariz, Afghanistan Safdar Kalay, Afghanistan
De Mulla Samand Sahib Kalay, Afghanistan Safian, Afghanistan
De Qasem Robat Kalay, Afghanistan Sag Koshteh, Afghanistan
De Zherand Kalay, Afghanistan Saghar, Afghanistan
Deglij, Afghanistan Sahak, Afghanistan
Deh Bala, Afghanistan Saheb Khan, Afghanistan
Deh Berenj Qal'eh, Afghanistan Saheban, Afghanistan
Deh Deraz, Afghanistan Saj, Afghanistan
Deh Gholaman, Afghanistan Sakawalah, Afghanistan
Deh Gholaman, Afghanistan Sakhar, Afghanistan
Deh Gol, Afghanistan Sakhari, Afghanistan
Deh Goldan, Afghanistan Sakhi Dust Mohammad Khan, Afghanistan
Deh Hajji, Afghanistan Sakhi Mohammad Kalay, Afghanistan
Deh Hayat, Afghanistan Saki Kheyl, Afghanistan
Deh Hezareh, Afghanistan Sakzi, Afghanistan
Deh Jowz, Afghanistan Salam Khan, Afghanistan
Deh Kalan, Afghanistan Salang, Afghanistan
Deh Karnayl, Afghanistan Salavat, Afghanistan
Deh Khar, Afghanistan Saleh Mohammad Kalay, Afghanistan
Deh Khavak, Afghanistan Salehan, Afghanistan
Deh Kheshki, Afghanistan Salehan, Afghanistan
Deh Khodaydad, Afghanistan Salimi, Afghanistan
Deh Manay, Afghanistan Salmazan, Afghanistan
Deh Mazang, Afghanistan Salmeh, Afghanistan
Deh Mianeh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Samand Khan Kariz, Afghanistan
Deh Miran, Afghanistan Samandar, Afghanistan
Deh Mirdad, Afghanistan Samangan, Afghanistan
Deh Mushak, Afghanistan Samti, Afghanistan
Deh Now, Afghanistan Samuchak, Afghanistan
Deh Now, Afghanistan Samur, Afghanistan
Deh Now, Afghanistan Sang Andab, Afghanistan
Deh Now, Afghanistan Sang Qala, Afghanistan
Deh Parian, Afghanistan Sang Qowl, Afghanistan
Deh Rajab, Afghanistan Sang Zard, Afghanistan
Deh Rawod, Afghanistan Sangan, Afghanistan
Deh Sabz, Afghanistan Sangar Saray, Afghanistan
Deh Sabz-e Khas, Afghanistan Sangbor, Afghanistan
Deh Savzi, Afghanistan Sangbor, Afghanistan
Deh Sorkh, Afghanistan Sangbor, Afghanistan
Deh Taghan Kuh, Afghanistan Sangborran, Afghanistan
Deh Torkan, Afghanistan Sang-e Charak, Afghanistan
Deh Yak, Afghanistan Sang-e Hajeh, Afghanistan
Deh Zohr-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Sang-e Khashkheh, Afghanistan
Deh Zohr-e Sofla, Afghanistan Sang-e Masheh, Afghanistan
Dehak, Afghanistan Sange Masna, Afghanistan
Dehak, Afghanistan Sang-e Mazar, Afghanistan
Dehdadi, Afghanistan Sang-e Polak, Afghanistan
Deh-e Adam Khan, Afghanistan Sange Shandeh, Afghanistan
Deh-e Akheri, Afghanistan Sang-e Shandeh, Afghanistan
Deh-e Kadileh, Afghanistan Sang-e Surakh, Afghanistan
Deh-e Salah, Afghanistan Sangilan, Afghanistan
Deh-e Sorkh, Afghanistan Sangin, Afghanistan
Deh-e Sorkh, Afghanistan Sanginak, Afghanistan
Deh-e Tay, Afghanistan Sanginak, Afghanistan
Deh-e Vali, Afghanistan Sanginak, Afghanistan
Deh-e Yahya, Afghanistan Sanginak, Afghanistan
Dehestan, Afghanistan Sanglakh, Afghanistan
Dehi, Afghanistan Sanglich, Afghanistan
Dehmazang, Afghanistan Sangow Bar, Afghanistan
Delaram, Afghanistan Sangvaneh, Afghanistan
Depak, Afghanistan Sanowghan, Afghanistan
Derakht-e Yahya, Afghanistan Sapideh, Afghanistan
Dewlak, Afghanistan Sar Ab, Afghanistan
Diar-e Shirmohammad, Afghanistan Sar Aneh, Afghanistan
Digal, Afghanistan Sar Asp, Afghanistan
Diktowr, Afghanistan Sar Banader, Afghanistan
Dilah, Afghanistan Sar Band, Afghanistan
Dinar, Afghanistan Sar Bisheh, Afghanistan
Dinar Kheyl, Afghanistan Sar Bolagh, Afghanistan
Dirsh Shalay, Afghanistan Sar Bolaq, Afghanistan
Dishu, Afghanistan Sar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan
Div Khaneh, Afghanistan Sar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan
Div Khaneh-ye Bala, Afghanistan Sar Darreh, Afghanistan
Div Khaneh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Sar Darreh, Afghanistan
Dival, Afghanistan Sar Ghowrbandak, Afghanistan
Dival, Afghanistan Sar Ghul, Afghanistan
Dival Qowl, Afghanistan Sar Hawzeh, Afghanistan
Dival Qowl, Afghanistan Sar Kelizhay, Afghanistan
Divalak, Afghanistan Sar Malan, Afghanistan
Divalak, Afghanistan Sar Qowl, Afghanistan
Divalak-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Sar Qowl, Afghanistan
Divaneh Baba, Afghanistan Sar Qowl, Afghanistan
Divarak, Afghanistan Sar Qowl, Afghanistan
Divlan, Afghanistan Sar Qowl, Afghanistan
Divli, Afghanistan Sar Sang, Afghanistan
Diwal Qol, Afghanistan Sar Shakh, Afghanistan
Dizak, Afghanistan Sar Taleh, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sara Pardeh, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sarab, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sarah Payalah, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sarbuz, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sardagh, Afghanistan
Do Ab, Afghanistan Sardeh Band, Afghanistan
Do Ab-e Mikh-e Zarrin, Afghanistan Sarde-ye 'Olya, Afghanistan
Do Ab-e Valian, Afghanistan Sar-e Ahangaran, Afghanistan
Do Abeh, Afghanistan Sar-e Asia, Afghanistan
Do Abi, Afghanistan Sar-e Badeh Siah, Afghanistan
Do Abi, Afghanistan Sar-e Bum, Afghanistan
Do Abi Ghowr Band, Afghanistan Sar-e Bum, Afghanistan
Do Bandi, Afghanistan Sar-e Buy, Afghanistan
Do Bandi, Afghanistan Sar-e Ghalmin, Afghanistan
Do Borar, Afghanistan Sar-e Ghondi, Afghanistan
Do Borjeh, Afghanistan Sar-e Ghowjur, Afghanistan
Do Poshteh, Afghanistan Sar-e Ghowlakad, Afghanistan
Do Qal'eh, Afghanistan Sar-e Gol Bineh, Afghanistan
Do Ru, Afghanistan Sar-e Howz, Afghanistan
Do Sang, Afghanistan Sar-e Khak Riz, Afghanistan
Do Shakh, Afghanistan Sar-e Khar, Afghanistan
Do Shakh, Afghanistan Sar-e Kowtal, Afghanistan
Do Shakh, Afghanistan Sar-e Kowtal-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Doabi Shineh, Afghanistan Sar-e Mang, Afghanistan
Dogor Gunt, Afghanistan Sar-e Maqsud, Afghanistan
Dokani, Afghanistan Sar-e 'Oleyad, Afghanistan
Dolaneh, Afghanistan Sar-e 'Olum, Afghanistan
Domboli Pa'in, Afghanistan Sar-e 'Olum, Afghanistan
Dom-e Ghujur, Afghanistan Sar-e Owpush, Afghanistan
Dor Kheyl, Afghanistan Sar-e Pol, Afghanistan
Dornameh, Afghanistan Sar-e Pol, Afghanistan
Dorosti, Afghanistan Sar-e Qowl Panji, Afghanistan
Dowlah Shah, Afghanistan Sar-e Raqowl, Afghanistan
Dowlat Gharibi, Afghanistan Sar-e Sang, Afghanistan
Dowlat Morad, Afghanistan Sar-e Sang, Afghanistan
Dowlat Shah, Afghanistan Sar-e Sarab, Afghanistan
Dowlat Yar, Afghanistan Sar-e Sarak Kalay, Afghanistan
Dowlatabad, Afghanistan Sar-e Sorkh Ab, Afghanistan
Dowlatabad, Afghanistan Sar-e Taleh, Afghanistan
Dowlatabad, Afghanistan Sar-e Tangi, Afghanistan
Dowlatkhan, Afghanistan Sar-e Tup, Afghanistan
Dowlatshahi, Afghanistan Sar-e Vorki, Afghanistan
Downg Qeshlaq, Afghanistan Sarferaz, Afghanistan
Dowra'id, Afghanistan Sarferaz Kheyl, Afghanistan
Dowranay, Afghanistan Sarhadd, Afghanistan
Dowranay, Afghanistan Sari Powri, Afghanistan
Dowshi, Afghanistan Sarjow, Afghanistan
Dozd Qowl, Afghanistan Sarkani, Afghanistan
Dudgah, Afghanistan Sarkari Kariz Kalay, Afghanistan
Dugh Ghalat (2), Afghanistan Sarnay, Afghanistan
Dughabad, Afghanistan Sarowbi, Afghanistan
Dulurg-e Jonubi, Afghanistan Sarowbi, Afghanistan
Dulurg-e Shomali, Afghanistan Sarwar Jan Kalay, Afghanistan
Duraj, Afghanistan Saryameh, Afghanistan
Durman, Afghanistan Sattar Kalay, Afghanistan
Dzangali, Afghanistan Savsang, Afghanistan
Ebrahim Kheyl, Afghanistan Saw, Afghanistan
Ebrahim Za'i, Afghanistan Sawsang, Afghanistan
Efriz, Afghanistan Sayagaz, Afghanistan
El Bak, Afghanistan Sayeda, Afghanistan
Elasayel, Afghanistan Sayghan, Afghanistan
Elbeddin, Afghanistan Sayyad, Afghanistan
Elmarah, Afghanistan Sayyad, Afghanistan
Emam Robat, Afghanistan Saza'i Kalan, Afghanistan
Emam Saheb, Afghanistan Sefid Ab, Afghanistan
Emam Saheb, Afghanistan Sefid Darreh, Afghanistan
'Emarat, Afghanistan Sefid Divar, Afghanistan
'Emarat, Afghanistan Sefid Divar, Afghanistan
'Emarat, Afghanistan Sefid Qadeh, Afghanistan
'Emarat Khel, Afghanistan Sefidan, Afghanistan
Enam, Afghanistan Seh Barzeh, Afghanistan
Engeshkeh, Afghanistan Seh Diwar, Afghanistan
Enjil, Afghanistan Seh Gusheh-ye Jonubi, Afghanistan
Erganah, Afghanistan Seh Gusheh-ye Shomali, Afghanistan
Eshkamesh, Afghanistan Seh Kichah, Afghanistan
Eshkashem, Afghanistan Seh Kushk, Afghanistan
Eshmorgh, Afghanistan Seh Qala, Afghanistan
Eskah, Afghanistan Seh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Eskan, Afghanistan Seh Sadeh, Afghanistan
Eskar, Afghanistan Seh Shanbeh, Afghanistan
Eskatul, Afghanistan Sehganeh, Afghanistan
Eslam Chungar, Afghanistan Sehqala, Afghanistan
Eslam Panjah, Afghanistan Sekandarabad, Afghanistan
Eslam Qal'eh, Afghanistan Senjaray, Afghanistan
Eslam Qal'eh, Afghanistan Senjelah, Afghanistan
Eslam Qal'eh, Afghanistan Senjetak, Afghanistan
Eslam Tavareh Baf, Afghanistan Senjetak, Afghanistan
Eslim, Afghanistan Senjetak, Afghanistan
Espandi, Afghanistan Sepavas, Afghanistan
Espi Bid, Afghanistan Serah Kala, Afghanistan
Espi Qala, Afghanistan Serkay, Afghanistan
Espich, Afghanistan Serkay Naveh, Afghanistan
Estalef, Afghanistan Sero Kalay, Afghanistan
Estavi, Afghanistan Sevak, Afghanistan
Estovay, Afghanistan Sevak, Afghanistan
'Eyn ol Majar, Afghanistan Sevak, Afghanistan
Faqirak, Afghanistan Seyb Talkh, Afghanistan
Faqiran, Afghanistan Seyghanchi, Afghanistan
Faqiran, Afghanistan Seylzadeh, Afghanistan
Faqiranow Kalay, Afghanistan Seyyed, Afghanistan
Faqiri, Afghanistan Seyyed Ahmadkheyl, Afghanistan
Far Ghambowl, Afghanistan Seyyed Baba, Afghanistan
Farah, Afghanistan Seyyed Bus, Afghanistan
Farangard, Afghanistan Seyyed Kheyl, Afghanistan
Farghamiru, Afghanistan Seyyed Shah Kheyl, Afghanistan
Farghamu, Afghanistan Seyyedabad, Afghanistan
Farhad, Afghanistan Seyyedabad, Afghanistan
Farkhar, Afghanistan Seyyedabad, Afghanistan
Farsi, Afghanistan Seyyedabad, Afghanistan
Faruk Qal'eh, Afghanistan Seyyedan, Afghanistan
Fasil, Afghanistan Seyyedan, Afghanistan
Fateh Kats, Afghanistan Seyyedan, Afghanistan
Fatehabad, Afghanistan Seyyedan, Afghanistan
Fathabad, Afghanistan Shaban, Afghanistan
Fatmasti, Afghanistan Shabash Khan, Afghanistan
Favaz-e Bala, Afghanistan Shabashak, Afghanistan
Favaz-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Shabaz Kheyl, Afghanistan
Ferenjal, Afghanistan Shabi, Afghanistan
Fereshqan, Afghanistan Shadian, Afghanistan
Feyz Mohammad Kali, Afghanistan Shagah, Afghanistan
Feyzabad, Afghanistan Shaghzak, Afghanistan
Feyzabad, Afghanistan Shaghzay Kariz, Afghanistan
Feyzabad, Afghanistan Shah Anjir, Afghanistan
Feyzabad, Afghanistan Shah Bash, Afghanistan
Firuz, Afghanistan Shah Berdi, Afghanistan
Folowl-e Bala, Afghanistan Shah Juy, Afghanistan
Folowl-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Shah Mansur, Afghanistan
Fotur, Afghanistan Shah Mazar, Afghanistan
Fulad, Afghanistan Shah Mir Kheyl, Afghanistan
Gabari Sofla, Afghanistan Shah Mirza Kariz, Afghanistan
Gadah, Afghanistan Shah Qadam, Afghanistan
Gadakag, Afghanistan Shah Qadam, Afghanistan
Gadal, Afghanistan Shah Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Gadar Kheyl, Afghanistan Shah Qowl, Afghanistan
Gadwal, Afghanistan Shah Ravan, Afghanistan
Galleh Chaghar, Afghanistan Shah Tamur, Afghanistan
Gandom Riz-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Shah Vali Khan Kalay, Afghanistan
Gandom Riz-e Sofla, Afghanistan Shahab od Din, Afghanistan
Gandow, Afghanistan Shahbaz Kala, Afghanistan
Ganj, Afghanistan Shahbidak, Afghanistan
Ganjia, Afghanistan Shah-e Pari, Afghanistan
Ganjkin, Afghanistan Shahi, Afghanistan
Garah, Afghanistan Shahi, Afghanistan
Garay, Afghanistan Shahi, Afghanistan
Gardan, Afghanistan Shahi Kalay, Afghanistan
Gardan, Afghanistan Shahi Kheyl, Afghanistan
Gardan Borideh, Afghanistan Shahi Kowt, Afghanistan
Gardan Borideh, Afghanistan Shahi Kowt, Afghanistan
Gardan Deh, Afghanistan Shahidan, Afghanistan
Gardan Deh, Afghanistan Shahidan, Afghanistan
Gardan Diwal, Afghanistan Shahikheyl, Afghanistan
Gardan Kichah, Afghanistan Shahr, Afghanistan
Gardan Nesar, Afghanistan Shahrabad-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Gardan Parideh, Afghanistan Shahrabad-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Gardan-e Qadah, Afghanistan Shahrak, Afghanistan
Gardaneh, Afghanistan Shahran, Afghanistan
Gardaneh-ye Sang, Afghanistan Shahr-e Arman, Afghanistan
Gardiz, Afghanistan Shahr-e Bala-ye Khavat, Afghanistan
Garet, Afghanistan Shahr-e Bozorg, Afghanistan
Garm Ab, Afghanistan Shahr-e Monjan, Afghanistan
Garm Ab, Afghanistan Shahr-e Now, Afghanistan
Garm Ab, Afghanistan Shahr-e Pa'in-e Khavat, Afghanistan
Garm Ab, Afghanistan Shahr-e Safa, Afghanistan
Garm Ab-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Shahrestan, Afghanistan
Garm Ab-e Sofla, Afghanistan Shahrestan, Afghanistan
Garm Av, Afghanistan Shakar Darreh, Afghanistan
Garm Bolagh, Afghanistan Shakh, Afghanistan
Garm Bolagh, Afghanistan Shakhal Takhteh, Afghanistan
Garmak, Afghanistan Shakhalkar, Afghanistan
Garmsir, Afghanistan Shakh-e Bala-ye Kanesk, Afghanistan
Garu, Afghanistan Shakh-e Mabeyn-e Kanesk, Afghanistan
Gav Jan, Afghanistan Shakh-e Pa'in-e Kanesk, Afghanistan
Gavand, Afghanistan Shali, Afghanistan
Gavparan, Afghanistan Shamal Gah, Afghanistan
Gawakh, Afghanistan Shamezi, Afghanistan
Gawaki, Afghanistan Shamokam, Afghanistan
Gawaki, Afghanistan Shamshir, Afghanistan
Gawakzar, Afghanistan Shamshir, Afghanistan
Gawanak, Afghanistan Shamshir Kalay, Afghanistan
Gaz Khan, Afghanistan Shamulza'i, Afghanistan
Gazak, Afghanistan Shamun, Afghanistan
Gazak, Afghanistan Shapowkhteh Kalay, Afghanistan
Gaz-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Sharaban, Afghanistan
Gazergah, Afghanistan Sharageh, Afghanistan
Gedargu, Afghanistan Sharan, Afghanistan
Gedargu, Afghanistan Sharif Kheyl, Afghanistan
Gekan, Afghanistan Sharik Yar, Afghanistan
Gelak, Afghanistan Shashan, Afghanistan
Geng, Afghanistan Shater, Afghanistan
Gerd Ab, Afghanistan Shatu, Afghanistan
Gerd Bid, Afghanistan Shavak, Afghanistan
Gerd Deh, Afghanistan Shawaz, Afghanistan
Gerd Khvoleh, Afghanistan Shaykhu, Afghanistan
Gerdabah, Afghanistan Sheberghan, Afghanistan
Gerdel, Afghanistan Shebi Kheyl, Afghanistan
Gerdi, Afghanistan Shegah, Afghanistan
Gereshk, Afghanistan Shegay, Afghanistan
Gergi, Afghanistan Sheghnan, Afghanistan
Ghach Zar, Afghanistan Sheghnan, Afghanistan
Ghafur Kalay, Afghanistan Shekari, Afghanistan
Ghalbala, Afghanistan Shekastegan, Afghanistan
Ghandak, Afghanistan Shekiban, Afghanistan
Ghanigay Kalay, Afghanistan Shem Kheyl, Afghanistan
Ghar Javin, Afghanistan Shenvari, Afghanistan
Ghara, Afghanistan Shenwari, Afghanistan
Gharak, Afghanistan Shesh Aveh, Afghanistan
Gharghareh, Afghanistan Shesh Borjeh, Afghanistan
Ghargharreh, Afghanistan Shesh Gav, Afghanistan
Gharji, Afghanistan Shesh Yar, Afghanistan
Gharji, Afghanistan Sheshborjeh, Afghanistan
Gharmeh, Afghanistan Shew Qowl, Afghanistan
Ghavand, Afghanistan Sheykh 'Ali, Afghanistan
Ghawghiza, Afghanistan Sheykh Miran, Afghanistan
Ghay Best, Afghanistan Sheykh Razi, Afghanistan
Ghazi Kheyl, Afghanistan Sheykh Rizeh, Afghanistan
Ghaziabad, Afghanistan Sheykh Sang, Afghanistan
Ghazni, Afghanistan Sheykh Yasin, Afghanistan
Ghazni Gak, Afghanistan Sheykhabad, Afghanistan
Gheybi, Afghanistan Sheykheh, Afghanistan
Gheysarakeh, Afghanistan Sheykhkar, Afghanistan
Ghojurak, Afghanistan Sheykhli, Afghanistan
Gholam Bachcheh, Afghanistan Sheyleh-ye Khvajeh Bur, Afghanistan
Gholam Nabi Kalay, Afghanistan Shibar, Afghanistan
Ghonvar, Afghanistan Shibarak, Afghanistan
Ghorang, Afghanistan Shidalam, Afghanistan
Ghorom Bab, Afghanistan Shin Kowrok, Afghanistan
Ghowayguzey, Afghanistan Shinah, Afghanistan
Ghowch, Afghanistan Shinah, Afghanistan
Ghowch Naveh, Afghanistan Shindand, Afghanistan
Ghowch Qowl-e Bala, Afghanistan Shineh, Afghanistan
Ghowchi, Afghanistan Shineh, Afghanistan
Ghowjurak, Afghanistan Shingan, Afghanistan
Ghowk, Afghanistan Shiniah, Afghanistan
Ghowlah Kadah, Afghanistan Shinkay, Afghanistan
Ghowrak, Afghanistan Shinkay, Afghanistan
Ghowrak-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Shinkay Kalay, Afghanistan
Ghowrak-e Sofla, Afghanistan Shinkay Kalay, Afghanistan
Ghowrayd Gharami, Afghanistan Shinkay Kur, Afghanistan
Ghowri, Afghanistan Shinyeh, Afghanistan
Ghowrmach, Afghanistan Shinyeh, Afghanistan
Ghowrmah, Afghanistan Shinyeh, Afghanistan
Ghuch Zamin, Afghanistan Shinyeh, Afghanistan
Ghujurak, Afghanistan Shinyeh, Afghanistan
Ghul Jetow, Afghanistan Shir Ahmad, Afghanistan
Ghul Malek, Afghanistan Shir Beyg, Afghanistan
Ghulbian, Afghanistan Shir Dad Kheyl, Afghanistan
Ghumay, Afghanistan Shir Khan, Afghanistan
Ghurak, Afghanistan Shir Sorkh, Afghanistan
Ghuran, Afghanistan Shirabad, Afghanistan
Ghurian, Afghanistan Shiran Kheyl, Afghanistan
Gilan, Afghanistan Shiray, Afghanistan
Giman, Afghanistan Shirazi, Afghanistan
Ginigar, Afghanistan Shirazi, Afghanistan
Giru, Afghanistan Shirbazkheyl, Afghanistan
Giru, Afghanistan Shirdad Abdareh va Fara Kholm, Afghanistan
Giru, Afghanistan Shireh, Afghanistan
Giru, Afghanistan Shirgar, Afghanistan
Giru Qal'eh, Afghanistan Shirinak, Afghanistan
Giru Qowl, Afghanistan Shirpur, Afghanistan
Godowl, Afghanistan Shiru Owbeh, Afghanistan
Godri, Afghanistan Shirvan, Afghanistan
Gol Darreh, Afghanistan Shiveh, Afghanistan
Gol Darreh, Afghanistan Shiveh, Afghanistan
Gol Kowt, Afghanistan Shiw Qowl, Afghanistan
Gol Vafa, Afghanistan Shkharow, Afghanistan
Golab Khel, Afghanistan Shkhawr, Afghanistan
Golestan, Afghanistan Shkin, Afghanistan
Golestan Kalay, Afghanistan Shoghleh, Afghanistan
Goli Khel, Afghanistan Shoja' ol Molk Kalay, Afghanistan
Golkhaneh, Afghanistan Shokestah, Afghanistan
Golowga, Afghanistan Sholoktu, Afghanistan
Golran, Afghanistan Shomali Wolah, Afghanistan
Gonabad, Afghanistan Shombol, Afghanistan
Gonbad, Afghanistan Shonyeh, Afghanistan
Gonbad, Afghanistan Shonyeh, Afghanistan
Gonbadak, Afghanistan Shorshoreh, Afghanistan
Gonbad-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Shosh-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Gondigan, Afghanistan Shosh-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Gongi, Afghanistan Shotor Gardan, Afghanistan
Gorbaz, Afghanistan Shotor Mordeh, Afghanistan
Gorg Koshteh, Afghanistan Shotor Mordeh, Afghanistan
Gorgan, Afghanistan Showlgar Kalay, Afghanistan
Gorzivan, Afghanistan Showrak, Afghanistan
Gow Darreh, Afghanistan Shpule Baba, Afghanistan
Gowaran, Afghanistan Shulak, Afghanistan
Gowda, Afghanistan Shulgareh, Afghanistan
Gowdarah, Afghanistan Shur Ab, Afghanistan
Gowgamondah, Afghanistan Shur Ab, Afghanistan
Gowhar, Afghanistan Shur Andam, Afghanistan
Gowri Sukhteh, Afghanistan Shur Areq, Afghanistan
Gowritik, Afghanistan Shur Kariz, Afghanistan
Gowrzanak, Afghanistan Shur Quduq, Afghanistan
Gowshak, Afghanistan Shur Tappeh, Afghanistan
Gowshtah, Afghanistan Shurab, Afghanistan
Gozar, Afghanistan Shurabak, Afghanistan
Gozareh, Afghanistan Shurakian, Afghanistan
Gundah, Afghanistan Shurkhaneh, Afghanistan
Gur-e Mar, Afghanistan Si Av, Afghanistan
Gustaw, Afghanistan Siah Buteh, Afghanistan
Gutkay, Afghanistan Siah Buteh, Afghanistan
Gwalay, Afghanistan Siah Chaghar, Afghanistan
Haft Asiab, Afghanistan Siah Chow, Afghanistan
Hajatgah, Afghanistan Siah Chub, Afghanistan
Hajji 'Abd or Rahman, Afghanistan Siah Chub, Afghanistan
Hajji 'Alam Kalay, Afghanistan Siah Deh, Afghanistan
Hajji 'Aziz, Afghanistan Siah Gak, Afghanistan
Hajji Bowreh, Afghanistan Siah Gerd, Afghanistan
Hajji Deh, Afghanistan Siah Gerd, Afghanistan
Hajji Gak, Afghanistan Siah Ghul, Afghanistan
Hajji Kheyl, Afghanistan Siah Jangal, Afghanistan
Hajji Sarvar Khan Kalay, Afghanistan Siah Khak, Afghanistan
Halqeh Kowl, Afghanistan Siah Khak, Afghanistan
Harun Kheyl, Afghanistan Siah Khaki, Afghanistan
Harun-e Dovvom, Afghanistan Siah Khar Towqi, Afghanistan
Hasan, Afghanistan Siah Kharak, Afghanistan
Hasan Beg, Afghanistan Siah Kharak, Afghanistan
Hasan Khan, Afghanistan Siah Kharak, Afghanistan
Hasan Khel, Afghanistan Siah Kharak-e Pati, Afghanistan
Hasan Kheyl, Afghanistan Siah Khaval, Afghanistan
Hasan Kuleh, Afghanistan Siah Nav, Afghanistan
Hasan Tal, Afghanistan Siah Navor, Afghanistan
Hasani, Afghanistan Siah Pitav, Afghanistan
Hayat Khan Kala, Afghanistan Siah Pitav, Afghanistan
Hayata, Afghanistan Siah Qowlak, Afghanistan
Hayatkheyl, Afghanistan Siah Rig, Afghanistan
Hazar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Siah Sang, Afghanistan
Hazar Now, Afghanistan Siah Sang, Afghanistan
Hazar Qadam, Afghanistan Siah Sangak, Afghanistan
Hazar Som, Afghanistan Siah Zamin, Afghanistan
Hazareh Qal'eh, Afghanistan Siah Zamin, Afghanistan
Hazareh Toghay, Afghanistan Siahsangak, Afghanistan
Hazrat-e Baba, Afghanistan Siahvashan, Afghanistan
Hazrat-e Sa'id, Afghanistan Sialayak, Afghanistan
Hazrat-e Soltan, Afghanistan Sib Juy, Afghanistan
Herak, Afghanistan Sikh Chala-ye 'Olya, Afghanistan
Herat, Afghanistan Sikh Chala-ye Sofla, Afghanistan
Herati, Afghanistan Sineh Bolagh, Afghanistan
Hesar, Afghanistan Sini, Afghanistan
Hesarak, Afghanistan Sir Zar, Afghanistan
Hesarak, Afghanistan Sisay, Afghanistan
Heydar 'Ali, Afghanistan Sistan, Afghanistan
Heydar Bughchi, Afghanistan Sivakay, Afghanistan
Heydar Kalay, Afghanistan Skazar, Afghanistan
Heydar Kheyl, Afghanistan Solayman Kalay, Afghanistan
Heydarabad, Afghanistan Solbinak, Afghanistan
Heydarabad, Afghanistan Solech, Afghanistan
Heydarkheyl, Afghanistan Soleyman Kalay, Afghanistan
Heyratan, Afghanistan Soltan Bagh, Afghanistan
Hezar Somuch, Afghanistan Soltan Kheyl, Afghanistan
Hezarmani, Afghanistan Soltan Kheyl, Afghanistan
Hojm-e Bala, Afghanistan Soltan Robat, Afghanistan
Hojm-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Soltan Robat, Afghanistan
Hokumat-e Nad-e 'Ali, Afghanistan Soltan Saheb, Afghanistan
Hoseyn Kut, Afghanistan Soltani, Afghanistan
Howz-e Bangi, Afghanistan Soltani, Afghanistan
Howz-e Madad, Afghanistan Som Darreh, Afghanistan
Howz-e Shah-e Bala, Afghanistan Somochak, Afghanistan
Howz-e Shah-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Somuchak, Afghanistan
Ilakah, Afghanistan Sopelakzar, Afghanistan
Ir Bolagh, Afghanistan Sorkh, Afghanistan
Irandaz, Afghanistan Sorkh Ab, Afghanistan
Isari, Afghanistan Sorkh Ab, Afghanistan
Ishan Tup, Afghanistan Sorkh Abi, Afghanistan
Ispin Kai, Afghanistan Sorkh Dival, Afghanistan
Jabah, Afghanistan Sorkh Doz, Afghanistan
Jabal os Saraj, Afghanistan Sorkh Goli, Afghanistan
Jabar Kalay, Afghanistan Sorkh Juy, Afghanistan
Jabbar Kala, Afghanistan Sorkh Morghab, Afghanistan
Jabeh, Afghanistan Sorkh Pol, Afghanistan
Jabeh, Afghanistan Sorkh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Jaghatu, Afghanistan Sorkh Sang, Afghanistan
Jagheyn, Afghanistan Sorkh Sang, Afghanistan
Jaghuri, Afghanistan Sorkhak, Afghanistan
Jakah Khwor, Afghanistan Sorkhak Bum, Afghanistan
Jalajin, Afghanistan Sorkhgilak, Afghanistan
Jalal od Din, Afghanistan Sorkhi, Afghanistan
Jalalabad, Afghanistan Sormeh, Afghanistan
Jalalabad, Afghanistan Sost, Afghanistan
Jalil, Afghanistan Sowghdar, Afghanistan
Jalil, Afghanistan Sowja, Afghanistan
Jalreyz, Afghanistan Sowmareh 'Ali Ahmad, Afghanistan
Jamal Ghazi, Afghanistan Sowr Senak, Afghanistan
Jamalkheyl, Afghanistan Sowtan, Afghanistan
Jamarj-e Bala, Afghanistan Sowzmeh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Jam'iyat, Afghanistan Speyrah, Afghanistan
Jan Bulaq, Afghanistan Spi Ghaw, Afghanistan
Jan Dad, Afghanistan Spi Sangak, Afghanistan
Janak Kalay, Afghanistan Spi Sangak, Afghanistan
Jandar Gol-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Spiaw, Afghanistan
Jandar Gol-e Sofla, Afghanistan Spidak, Afghanistan
Jandeh Khan, Afghanistan Spin Buldak, Afghanistan
Jang 'Ali, Afghanistan Spin Tak, Afghanistan
Jang 'Ali, Afghanistan Spineh Kala, Afghanistan
Jang Righ, Afghanistan Spineh Khowlah, Afghanistan
Jangalak, Afghanistan Sreh Kalay, Afghanistan
Jangalak, Afghanistan Stare Meshray, Afghanistan
Jangi Kheyl, Afghanistan Ster Wozhah, Afghanistan
Jangjay, Afghanistan Suduj, Afghanistan
Jani Kheyl, Afghanistan Sufi Kheyl, Afghanistan
Jani Kheyl, Afghanistan Sufian, Afghanistan
Jani Kheyl Mangal, Afghanistan Sufian, Afghanistan
Jar Quduq, Afghanistan Suj, Afghanistan
Jar-e Gand Ab, Afghanistan Sukhtegi, Afghanistan
Jar-e Ramazan, Afghanistan Sukhteh, Afghanistan
Jar-e Sar Qowl, Afghanistan Sukhteh, Afghanistan
Jarf, Afghanistan Sukhteh Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Jarghan, Afghanistan Sukhteh Qeshlaq, Afghanistan
Jaru, Afghanistan Sukhteh-ye Mohammad Haqq Akhvond, Afghanistan
Jaruki, Afghanistan Sukrey, Afghanistan
Jaryeh, Afghanistan Sumak, Afghanistan
Javqol, Afghanistan Sumarah-ye Molla Hoseyn, Afghanistan
Jawak, Afghanistan Sundra Katsah, Afghanistan
Jawand, Afghanistan Sundurwa, Afghanistan
Jawol Kheyl, Afghanistan Sur Dag, Afghanistan
Ja-ye Darq, Afghanistan Sur Gonbad, Afghanistan
Jegdalek, Afghanistan Sur Pol, Afghanistan
Jek Dalay, Afghanistan Sur Sang, Afghanistan
Jelawur, Afghanistan Surkhsaray Sorkh Saray, Afghanistan
Jelejel, Afghanistan Susang, Afghanistan
Jelowgir, Afghanistan Tabar Kheyl, Afghanistan
Jevazak, Afghanistan Tabarghan Koshteh, Afghanistan
Jeyretan, Afghanistan Tacheh, Afghanistan
Jijah, Afghanistan Tagab, Afghanistan
Jim Qal'eh, Afghanistan Tagab, Afghanistan
Jindak, Afghanistan Tagab Ghazeh, Afghanistan
Jolgeh, Afghanistan Tagab Robat, Afghanistan
Jolgeh-ye Qaloq, Afghanistan Tagab Suf, Afghanistan
Jonaveh, Afghanistan Tagab-e Sur, Afghanistan
Jonubi Elmay, Afghanistan Tagan, Afghanistan
Jonubi Wolah, Afghanistan Taghan Aregh, Afghanistan
Jorg, Afghanistan Taghan Gozar, Afghanistan
Jorgheytu, Afghanistan Taghavi, Afghanistan
Jorm, Afghanistan Taghaz, Afghanistan
Jow Kar, Afghanistan Taghir Pata, Afghanistan
Jow Kham, Afghanistan Tagow Bay, Afghanistan
Jow Palal, Afghanistan Tah Kheyl, Afghanistan
Jow Palal, Afghanistan Tahaneh-ye Asparan, Afghanistan
Jow Qowl, Afghanistan Tahaneh-ye Ney Basteh, Afghanistan
Jow Qowl, Afghanistan Tajekan, Afghanistan
Jowkar, Afghanistan Tajekha, Afghanistan
Jowlan, Afghanistan Tajiri, Afghanistan
Jowman, Afghanistan Tak Pardeh, Afghanistan
Jowr Sang, Afghanistan Takatu, Afghanistan
Jowshan, Afghanistan Takatu, Afghanistan
Jowzari, Afghanistan Takheh Gerd, Afghanistan
Jowzzar, Afghanistan Takhshi, Afghanistan
Jugyan, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Jula, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Juno Ghar, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Juy Now, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Juy Vakil, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Juy Zarrin, Afghanistan Takht, Afghanistan
Ju-ye Zangi, Afghanistan Takht-e Bala, Afghanistan
Juy-ye 'Arab, Afghanistan Takht-e Ghowrmach, Afghanistan
Juy-ye Jadid, Afghanistan Takht-e Rostam, Afghanistan
Juy-ye Shadi, Afghanistan Takhteh Pol, Afghanistan
Juy-ye Sorkh, Afghanistan Takhteh Pol, Afghanistan
Kabol, Afghanistan Takhuni, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan Taktu, Afghanistan
Kachkul, Afghanistan Tala Qowl, Afghanistan
Kadahal, Afghanistan Talab-e Beygom, Afghanistan
Kadalak, Afghanistan Taladeh, Afghanistan
Kadalak, Afghanistan Talahsi, Afghanistan
Kadalay, Afghanistan Tal-e 'Asheqan, Afghanistan
Kadam, Afghanistan Taleh va Barfak, Afghanistan
Kadanak, Afghanistan Talesi, Afghanistan
Kadeh, Afghanistan Talkhak, Afghanistan
Kafar Qala, Afghanistan Talkhak, Afghanistan
Kafsh Andaz, Afghanistan Talkhian, Afghanistan
Kaftar, Afghanistan Tall Kala, Afghanistan
Kaftar Khaneh, Afghanistan Tall-e Mir Ghazi, Afghanistan
Kaftari, Afghanistan Taloqan, Afghanistan
Kah Khaneh, Afghanistan Talpech, Afghanistan
Kahan, Afghanistan Talukan, Afghanistan
Kahdestan, Afghanistan Tandurak, Afghanistan
Kahi, Afghanistan Tang, Afghanistan
Kahmard, Afghanistan Tang, Afghanistan
Kaj Baz, Afghanistan Tangay, Afghanistan
Kajak-e Bala, Afghanistan Tangeh Lich, Afghanistan
Kajaki, Afghanistan Tangey, Afghanistan
Kajaki 'Olya, Afghanistan Tangi, Afghanistan
Kajaki Sofla, Afghanistan Tangi Bala, Afghanistan
Kaji, Afghanistan Tanha Khak, Afghanistan
Kajran, Afghanistan Tani, Afghanistan
Kakan, Afghanistan Tani Bayzid, Afghanistan
Kakow Kalay, Afghanistan Tanowrah(1), Afghanistan
Kal Qal'eh, Afghanistan Tanur, Afghanistan
Kala, Afghanistan Tanurak, Afghanistan
Kala, Afghanistan Taqchi, Afghanistan
Kalafgan, Afghanistan Tar Bulaq, Afghanistan
Kalakan, Afghanistan Tar Kermenj, Afghanistan
Kalakh, Afghanistan Tara, Afghanistan
Kalan Eylgah, Afghanistan Tarang, Afghanistan
Kalantar Kalay, Afghanistan Tareh, Afghanistan
Kalat, Afghanistan Targhay, Afghanistan
Kalat, Afghanistan Targhay, Afghanistan
Kalateh-ye Nazar Khan, Afghanistan Tarhi Kalay, Afghanistan
Kaldar, Afghanistan Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan
Kalizeh, Afghanistan Tarlik, Afghanistan
Kalokh, Afghanistan Tarni, Afghanistan
Kalow, Afghanistan Tarwah, Afghanistan
Kalu, Afghanistan Tash Gozar, Afghanistan
Kam Av, Afghanistan Tash Gozar, Afghanistan
Kam Piri, Afghanistan Tashkan, Afghanistan
Kamal Khan, Afghanistan Tavar, Afghanistan
Kaman-e Behesht, Afghanistan Taveh, Afghanistan
Kamar Zard, Afghanistan Tavlay Qowl, Afghanistan
Kamarak, Afghanistan Tawesk, Afghanistan
Kamarak-e Bala, Afghanistan Tay Bar, Afghanistan
Kamarak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Tay Boti, Afghanistan
Kamari, Afghanistan Tay Tamur, Afghanistan
Kamati, Afghanistan Taykhan, Afghanistan
Kamdish, Afghanistan Taynah Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Kamenj, Afghanistan Tebah, Afghanistan
Kamis Kheyl, Afghanistan Tebbi, Afghanistan
Kamkay Shekhu, Afghanistan Tekar, Afghanistan
Kamu, Afghanistan Tekay, Afghanistan
Kand Kalay, Afghanistan Temorak Navarid, Afghanistan
Kandahar, Afghanistan Ter Mohammad, Afghanistan
Kanday, Afghanistan Ter Nawah, Afghanistan
Kandeh Sang, Afghanistan Terkhah, Afghanistan
Kandi Bagh, Afghanistan Teshah, Afghanistan
Kandul, Afghanistan Teshkan, Afghanistan
Kandu-ye Bala, Afghanistan Teylan, Afghanistan
Kandu-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Teymur Kalay, Afghanistan
Kan-e 'Ezat, Afghanistan Teymur Kheyl, Afghanistan
Kang, Afghanistan Teyvareh, Afghanistan
Kang-e Din Mohammad, Afghanistan Tezin-e Khas, Afghanistan
Kangur, Afghanistan Tik, Afghanistan
Kangurchi, Afghanistan Timazar, Afghanistan
Kansaf, Afghanistan Tir Pol, Afghanistan
Kanzi, Afghanistan Tir Yek, Afghanistan
Kar Molla, Afghanistan Tirgaran, Afghanistan
Karam 'Ali, Afghanistan Tirgari, Afghanistan
Karam Qowl, Afghanistan Titan, Afghanistan
Karamza'i Kalay, Afghanistan Tiz Naveh, Afghanistan
Karangal, Afghanistan Tizak, Afghanistan
Karavcheh, Afghanistan Tizni, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Togha-ye Bangi, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Tojg, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Tokhom Geldi, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Tokzar, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Torghah, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Torghi, Afghanistan
Kariz, Afghanistan Torkak, Afghanistan
Kariz Dashak, Afghanistan Torkan, Afghanistan
Kariz Deh Baba, Afghanistan Towbeh Gah, Afghanistan
Karizak, Afghanistan Towghlang, Afghanistan
Karizak, Afghanistan Towkhi Selam, Afghanistan
Karizak, Afghanistan Towl-e Baqer, Afghanistan
Karizak, Afghanistan Towl-e Gol Mohammad, Afghanistan
Karizak, Afghanistan Townj, Afghanistan
Karizdi, Afghanistan Towp, Afghanistan
Kariz-e 'Abd ol Malek, Afghanistan Towpur, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Albelagh, Afghanistan Towpur, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Dasht, Afghanistan Towr Kham, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Davran, Afghanistan Towr Owbeh, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Elyas, Afghanistan Towraghondi, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Eslama, Afghanistan Towrmah, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Gholam Hoseyn, Afghanistan Towrzi, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Gol Mohammad, Afghanistan Towtamdarreh-ye 'Olya, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Gorgak, Afghanistan Towy Kah, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Hokumat Khan, Afghanistan Towy Mast, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Khandaq, Afghanistan Towz Bulaq, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Kondagheh, Afghanistan Tozhna-i-Nasiri, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Landay, Afghanistan Trakay, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Mir, Afghanistan Tselgeray, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Moghri, Afghanistan Tsenza'i, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Mo'inabad, Afghanistan Tubya, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Now, Afghanistan Tuk Rang, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Now-ye Gharbi, Afghanistan Tulak, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Salim, Afghanistan Tunian, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Sar Cheshmeh, Afghanistan Tupchi, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Sefid, Afghanistan Turani, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Shahab od Din, Afghanistan Tut Kalay, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Shahr, Afghanistan Tutachi, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Sorkh, Afghanistan Tutak, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Sorkh, Afghanistan Tutak, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Zaman-e Bala, Afghanistan Ubahtu, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Zaman-e Kalgandi, Afghanistan Uch Drag, Afghanistan
Kariz-e Zaman-e Pa'in, Afghanistan Uchi Sang, Afghanistan
Karizi Fulad, Afghanistan Udkheyl, Afghanistan
Karkat, Afghanistan Umowl, Afghanistan
Karlay, Afghanistan Ur, Afghanistan
Karokh, Afghanistan Urgand, Afghanistan
Kartakah, Afghanistan Urup, Afghanistan
Karteh-ye Vali, Afghanistan Ushan, Afghanistan
Karudi, Afghanistan Ushkan, Afghanistan
Kashkandyow, Afghanistan Ust, Afghanistan
Kashk-e Nokhowd, Afghanistan Utah Pur, Afghanistan
Kashmun, Afghanistan Vakhan, Afghanistan
Kasi, Afghanistan Vakhshak, Afghanistan
Katachah, Afghanistan Valayatak, Afghanistan
Katah Khak, Afghanistan Vali Tak Mazar, Afghanistan
Katah Qal'eh, Afghanistan Vali Tak Mazar, Afghanistan
Katah Qal'eh, Afghanistan Valiabad, Afghanistan
Katah Qeshlaq, Afghanistan Valimeh, Afghanistan
Katok, Afghanistan Vand, Afghanistan
Katowk-e Sabz Ab, Afghanistan Var Nav, Afghanistan
Katway, Afghanistan Varajeh, Afghanistan
Kavarzan, Afghanistan Varaqeh-ye Javajeh, Afghanistan
Kavshak, Afghanistan Varas, Afghanistan
Kavshak, Afghanistan Varas, Afghanistan
Kawida, Afghanistan Varchak Taneh, Afghanistan
Kayan, Afghanistan Vardak-e Pa'in, Afghanistan
Kayan, Afghanistan Vark, Afghanistan
Kazhah, Afghanistan Vashir, Afghanistan
Kazhah, Afghanistan Vazir, Afghanistan
Keleft, Afghanistan Vazirabad, Afghanistan
Keligan, Afghanistan Vazit, Afghanistan
Ken, Afghanistan Velayat Qowl, Afghanistan
Kenderak-e Dektowr, Afghanistan Viski, Afghanistan
Kenjak-e 'Olya, Afghanistan Vod Ab, Afghanistan
Kenjak-e Sofla, Afghanistan Volar, Afghanistan
Kesh Khenjak, Afghanistan Voleyak, Afghanistan
Kesh Marun, Afghanistan Vomarz, Afghanistan
Keshay, Afghanistan Vordeh Goli, Afghanistan
Keshem, Afghanistan Vorkash, Afghanistan
Keshendeh, Afghanistan Vormami, Afghanistan
Keshendeh-ye Bala, Afghanistan Waghjan, Afghanistan
Keshendeh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Wajah, Afghanistan
Keshmesh Khan, Afghanistan Walakan, Afghanistan
Kesht, Afghanistan Wali, Afghanistan
Khak Dow, Afghanistan Wama, Afghanistan
Khak Jabbar, Afghanistan Wandian, Afghanistan
Khak-e Babeh, Afghanistan Wanow, Afghanistan
Khak-e Cheghel, Afghanistan Warg, Afghanistan
Khak-e Chupan, Afghanistan Warsaj, Afghanistan
Khak-e Gholam 'Ali, Afghanistan Watarmah-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan
Khak-e Jabbar, Afghanistan Waygal, Afghanistan
Khak-e Jahannam, Afghanistan Wazah Khwah, Afghanistan
Khak-e Payandeh, Afghanistan Werdaqamal, Afghanistan
Khak-e Sefid, Afghanistan Woch Ghebarg, Afghanistan
Khak-e Yarak, Afghanistan Woghejam, Afghanistan
Khakeran, Afghanistan Wolang, Afghanistan
Khakriz, Afghanistan Wonay, Afghanistan
Khaksar, Afghanistan Woring, Afghanistan
Khal Khan, Afghanistan Worsak, Afghanistan
Khalamad, Afghanistan Wurni, Afghanistan
Khaldari-ye Bala, Afghanistan Wusan, Afghanistan
Kham Khowrki, Afghanistan Yahya Kheyl, Afghanistan
Kham-e Ab, Afghanistan Yak Ruyeh, Afghanistan
Kham-e Ganak, Afghanistan Yakadarakht, Afghanistan
Khami Deh, Afghanistan Yakawlang, Afghanistan
Khamu, Afghanistan Yakh Kariz, Afghanistan
Khamyab, Afghanistan Yakhak, Afghanistan
Khan Kala, Afghanistan Yakhan-e 'Olya, Afghanistan
Khan Neshin, Afghanistan Yakhchal, Afghanistan
Khanabad, Afghanistan Yakhdand, Afghanistan
Khanabad, Afghanistan Yakkeh Derakht, Afghanistan
Khanaqa, Afghanistan Yakkeh Khaneh, Afghanistan
Khandud, Afghanistan Yakkeh Tut, Afghanistan
Khaneh Gerdab, Afghanistan Yalur, Afghanistan
Khaneh-ye Garmatek, Afghanistan Yaman, Afghanistan
Khaneh-ye Molla, Afghanistan Yangi, Afghanistan
Khaneqa, Afghanistan Yangi Aregh, Afghanistan
Khaneqah, Afghanistan Yangi Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Khaneqah, Afghanistan Yangi Qal'eh, Afghanistan
Khani Kheyl, Afghanistan Ya'qub Kheyl, Afghanistan
Khanjak, Afghanistan Ya'qubi, Afghanistan
Khanshirin Kalay, Afghanistan Ya'qubzi, Afghanistan
Khar Bid, Afghanistan Yar Baba, Afghanistan
Khar Kat-e Bala, Afghanistan Yar Mohammad Khan, Afghanistan
Khar Khel, Afghanistan Yar Mohammad Khan Kalay, Afghanistan
Khar Mordeh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Yaram-e Sofla, Afghanistan
Khar Qowl, Afghanistan Yardar, Afghanistan
Khar Qowl, Afghanistan Yarum, Afghanistan
Khar Walang, Afghanistan Yasich, Afghanistan
Khar Zar, Afghanistan Yasif, Afghanistan
Khara Kuh, Afghanistan Yasinza'i Kalay, Afghanistan
Kharakin, Afghanistan Yavar, Afghanistan
Kharat, Afghanistan Yavarzan, Afghanistan
Kharchan, Afghanistan Yawiz, Afghanistan
Kharoti, Afghanistan Yazdavan, Afghanistan
Kharzar, Afghanistan Yergin, Afghanistan
Khas Konar, Afghanistan Yeylaq-e Amurn, Afghanistan
Khas Orozgan, Afghanistan Yeylaq-e Jangalak, Afghanistan
Khash, Afghanistan Yeylaq-e Kalanbala, Afghanistan
Khash Darreh, Afghanistan Yeylaq-e Pishqeshlaq, Afghanistan
Khash Rud, Afghanistan Yeylaq-e Vand, Afghanistan
Khashpak, Afghanistan Yowrd, Afghanistan
Khaval, Afghanistan Yowri Kavak, Afghanistan
Khaval, Afghanistan Yusof Kheyl, Afghanistan
Khaway, Afghanistan Zabrak, Afghanistan
Khayrow Kheyl, Afghanistan Zadian, Afghanistan
Khazget, Afghanistan Zaker-e Sharif, Afghanistan
Khedaj, Afghanistan Zalakhan, Afghanistan
Khenjak Mazar, Afghanistan Zaman Khan Kalay, Afghanistan
Khenjakak, Afghanistan Zambar, Afghanistan
Khenjakak, Afghanistan Zambowli, Afghanistan
Khenjan, Afghanistan Zamey Kholah, Afghanistan
Kheryan, Afghanistan Zamuch, Afghanistan
Khevaj, Afghanistan Zanburak, Afghanistan
Kheyfan, Afghanistan Zaneh Khan, Afghanistan
Kheyr Khaneh, Afghanistan Zangabad, Afghanistan
Kheyr Khaneh, Afghanistan Zangerya, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zar Bid, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zar Khan, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zar Mardan, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zar Sang, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zar Yafteh, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zara Kala, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zarak Kalay, Afghanistan
Kheyrabad, Afghanistan Zaranj, Afghanistan
Kheyrat Khaneh-ye Pa'in, Afghanistan Zard Juy, Afghanistan
Kheyru Khuni, Afghanistan Zard Khaval, Afghanistan
Khezer Kheyl, Afghanistan Zard 'Olum, Afghanistan
Khivoh, Afghanistan Zard Sang, Afghanistan
Khoda'i Nazar Khan Bagat, Afghanistan Zardargin, Afghanistan
Khodaydad Kalay, Afghanistan Zareh Kolah, Afghanistan
Kholm, Afghanistan Zareh Sharan, Afghanistan
Khomari, Afghanistan Zargaran, Afghanistan
Khombok, Afghanistan Zarghun Shahr, Afghanistan
Khorma Takht, Afghanistan Zarkharid, Afghanistan
Khormaleq, Afghanistan Zarnay, Afghanistan
Khorramshahr, Afghanistan Zarni, Afghanistan
Khoshk Darreh, Afghanistan Zarrin Khan Kheyl, Afghanistan
Khoshk Qowl, Afghanistan Zarrin Kheyl, Afghanistan
Khoshk Qowl, Afghanistan Zaw, Afghanistan
Khoshkak, Afghanistan Zay Soltan, Afghanistan
Khoshkak, Afghanistan Zayeman, Afghanistan
Khoshkak Darrah, Afghanistan Zaykha'idah, Afghanistan
Khowsh Qowl, Afghanistan Zelergak, Afghanistan
Khowst, Afghanistan Zendeh Jan, Afghanistan
Khowst, Afghanistan Zenyah, Afghanistan
Khuga Kheyl, Afghanistan Zerat, Afghanistan
Khughaz, Afghanistan Zeybayan, Afghanistan
Khugianay, Afghanistan Zeydabad, Afghanistan
Khugiani, Afghanistan Ziak, Afghanistan
Khugiani Sani, Afghanistan Ziarat Jah, Afghanistan
Khuk-e Koshteh, Afghanistan Ziaratak, Afghanistan
Khusa Tsa, Afghanistan Ziarat-e Amiran Saheb, Afghanistan
Khvahan, Afghanistan Ziarat-e Molla Navvab-e Nikeh, Afghanistan
Khvajah Khel, Afghanistan Ziarat-e Shah Maqsud, Afghanistan
Khvajegan, Afghanistan Zibak, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Ahmad, Afghanistan Zin, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Ahmad-e Ghowrabad, Afghanistan Zin, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Ali Baba, Afghanistan Zinjaren, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Ali 'Olya, Afghanistan Zir Pan, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Ali Seh Yakeh, Afghanistan Zir-e Pol-e Juy, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Ali Sofla, Afghanistan Zireh Tangi Nowrak, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Arab, Afghanistan Ziri Kowtal, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Aziz, Afghanistan Zirowk, Afghanistan
Khvajeh 'Aziz, Afghanistan Zivelayat, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Do Kuh, Afghanistan Zobeyr, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Garm Ab, Afghanistan Zormat, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Ghar, Afghanistan Zowr Kariz, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Gol Bid, Afghanistan Zu, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Gowhar, Afghanistan Zu ol Faqar, Afghanistan
Khvajeh Gugerdak, Afghanistan Zura, Afghanistan

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