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First gecko sighting 2007-07-09 22:52 In the lecture classroom we appear mostly harmless. Kings of the salt hill Taiyen factory 2007-07-17 11:51 AC & our first Taiwan restaurant experience awaits First of many group-tourist-sized restaurants Tai Power Museum in Kenting Solar panels out in the field Rocky cliffs at Maobitou ??? Hidden stairway leads down closer to the water. Dinner in Kenting 2007-07-10 19:15 Kenting Seaview Resort 2007-07-10 19:46 First of many typical mornings hauling luggage to buses 2007-07-11 08:09 First stop gray beach and toilets Watch your step Light at the end of the tunnel Yoddle time 2007-07-11 11:26 Director of Bunun Center, seated. 2007-07-11 16:57 Our lady team leaders dance. 2007-07-11 20:04 UFO landing site 2007-07-12 09:20 Sansiantai 2007-07-12 11:03 From the bridge 2007-07-12 11:24 New Chang Hong Bridge 2007-07-12 12:40 Back to the land on 8-arch bridge 2007-07-12 11:32 2007-07-12 16:02 Colossal lion camera trick  2007-07-12 16:03 Big rocks, small fish, and high green walls all around Most delicious jelly sample 2007-07-13 08:50 Jelly, Muaji, tea sampling and buying Yilan high mountain road 2007-07-13 10:30 Festival grounds entrance 2007-07-13 12:50 Giant pink octopus by the water 2007-07-13 17:31 2007-07-13 11:53 This toilet has been sanitized label 2007-07-13 20:39 2007-07-14 09:07 2007-07-14 11:55 Blinking Taiwan LED, vouchers for food or crafts Open area layout right 2007-07-14 15:50 Open area layout left 2007-07-14 15:50 One of many Taiwanese-style snacks and food stalls Cheerleaders 2007-07-14 19:10 Backstage. After Formosans, our dance is next. Smile, we're on TV. 2007-07-14 18:54 Magic Jack face-changing trick 2007-07-14 19:37 Bus driver's seat and equipment. 2007-07-12 08:17 Missed exhibits and Post Office inside Reunion Islanders bought a lot at VS wire crafts shop Basement lunch restaurant, NTSEC 2007-07-16 11:37 Ceramics shop, no cameras allowed 2007-07-16 14:46 Elephant Park restaurant dishes 2007-07-16 18:05 Ten-forward? Just the Observatory Floor, Taipei 101

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Bao Dao restaurant in Taichung 寶島旅遊餐廳   Anping Fort (Old Fort Zeelandia) 安平古堡   Buddha Light Mountain 佛光山   Bunun Center 布農部落   China Steel Corporation 中國鋼鐵公司   Cigu Township, Tainan County 台南縣七股鄉   Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站   Dream Mall 夢時代   Eluanbi Park 鵝鑾鼻公園   Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市   Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村   Hai Zhi Bing (a 3 storey ice desserts shop) 海之冰 in Gushan 鼓山   Hakoune Onsen (a hot spring hotel) 箱根溫泉生活館   Heng-ch'un   Hsingda Harbor Lover's Wharf 興達港 情人碼頭   Hua-lien   Jiji Township 集集鎮   Kao Yuan Unversity   Kaohsiung City 高雄市   Kaohsiung Gear Hotel 高雄信宗大飯店   Kaohsiung Sugar Industry Culture Park Area 高雄糖業文化園區   K'en-ting   Mao-pi-t'ou   Meinong Township 美濃鎮   Meinung Folk Village 美濃民俗村   Ming Shan Hotel 溪頭明山大飯店   National Cheng Kung University 國立成功大學大學   National Science And Technology Museum 國立科學工藝博物館   National Taiwan Ocean University - 國立臺灣海洋大學   Neimen Elementary 內門國小   Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park 牛耳石雕公園   Nuclear Power Plant 3 in Kenting 核三廠   Puli Winery 埔里酒廠   Republic of China Air Force Museum 空軍軍史官   Sansiantai 三仙台   Sheding Nature Park 社頂自然公園   Sheyao (Snake Kiln Cultural Area) 水里蛇窯文化園區   Sitou Forest Recreation Area 溪頭森林遊樂區   Tainan Confucius Temple 台南孔廟   Taipei 101 台北101大樓   Taisuco Hypermarket Nanzih Store 台糖量販楠梓店   Tai-Yi Ecological Education Resort 台一生態教育休閒農場   Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園   Tongsiao Township, Miaoli County 苗栗鄉 通霄鎮   Urban Spotlight (in Kaohsiung) 高雄 城市光廊   Wen Wu Temple at Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 文武廟   Wu Long Shan Feng Shan Temple 五龍山鳳山寺 w/ giant Jigung 濟公statue   Yilan Children's Festival 宜蘭國際童玩藝術節   Yuanli Township 苑裡鎮   Zhushan Township 竹山鎮  

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