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Lorna entering photos into laptop Mary in Halloween gloves, eating ramen from styrofoam cup, Oct 31 Breakfast, Comfort Inn Buddhist temple Mary scoops incense over herself Tokyo subway train On 1 hour subway ride from Narita to Haneda airport Mary drying her hands in ladies room Prof Nagano and Mary examine her fortune Festival float, Kushida shrine Huge rocks supposedly moved to shrine by sumo wrestlers Mary  and bonsai, Kushida shrine Prof Nagano and Mary climb steps to Fukuoka castle ruins Mary photographing floral display at Sumiyoshi shrine Jennifer and Mary on subway train Mary photographing at multi-storey mall Mary on steps Mary and Korean soldiers at the line beyond which you are not supposed to photograph Lorna with hard hat for descent into Third Infiltration Tunnel Mary with ginseng Palace Guard an d Lorna Dennis, Miriam, Jenn, Mary in Korean barbecue restaurant Map Kyoto to Nara

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Japan   South Korea  

Fukuoka   Kyoto   Nagasaki   Narita   Seoul   Tokyo  

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