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Sunil at Grand Central Grand Central Station Me at NYC NYC Cant remember but on wall street NYSE Wall Street NYSE Sunil at the NYSE God are we in trouble And again Fave thing to do View from Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Manhatten bridge And again Manhatten Over Brooklyn Bridge Manhatten And again Sunil fave building sept 11 Sept 11 monument Wounded Gonna read this later! It does honest I swear one leg up means wounded Me at the stock exchange Some Prophet Boston Stock Exchange We thought this was the start of the freedom trail but its just a fountain! Monument of some description (we have seen sooo many) Sunil a memorial at Boston Common Again State house We thought we would have a look at this later Sam Adams grave Not quite sure... Mr Franklin Old City Hall Mr Quincy No idea! Still On the trail Quincy MArket Downtown again Downtown Some guys house Freedom trail who putsup a monument when they lost?

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