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Mt. Cook Jack catches a sea perch Crayfish look like aliens Another beautiful sunrise: Christchurch Aquarium antics blissfully asian! octopi Pig heads in a bucket Umbrella antics Kimchi pots Homegirls Where's Patrick Swayze? art holy red maple! Everything's pretty in the village! hiking above Seoul I love the tropics! lanterns at Chinatown lanterns and trees Muuido Island, our favorite weekend getaway sealife If you think we climbed all over this, you're right yes, we climbed this too. ellen is epic buddies Neat rock formation bowstaffs! Ninja One, Ninja Two master said i wasn't supposed to smile. oops. ninja family: ellen, seamus and myself AY! American beer!!! and tentacles. toes... lunch with master smoking pitcher!

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Cambodia   South Korea  

Inch'on   Inch'on   Seoul   Siem Reap   Sihanokville  

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