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Morocco 2005
Round the world - Some ideas.

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Getting Started

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Getting started on planning our honeymoon. Ok, "planning" is a bit ambitious. Perhaps, "asking companies to spend lots of our money" is a fairer assessment.

Still, they do base they efforts on our initial ideas so we can certainly claim some of the credit ;) That said, the only really strong plans we have given them is that we want about a week in Bhutan, and about a week of (relative) R & R for after the wedding. Just don't tell my fiancee I said "(relative)" - she was originally looking for a week of sun, sea, and sand, and the way things are looking she'll be lucky if she gets the sun part!

Anyway, enough for the first post, and we'll see if I do better at keeping this one up to date than the previous one!

permalink written by  farrago on July 13, 2008 from Edinburgh, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Honeymoon
tagged Honeymoon and Planning

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Rain. In the desert?

Zagora, Morocco

After a quick overnight in Ouarzazat, we headed on down to Zagora for the first "big thing" of the trip. A camel ride into the sahara desert and night under the stars in an "authentice bedouin camp".

Note to self - camel rides are waay sore! Maybe they are better in the "rolling sand dunes" type desert but man do they hurt on stony dirt type desert.

Second note to self - just because it's billed as a desert doesn't mean it won't rain, and just because it might rain doesn't mean the tent will be impervious to said rain. So try and find the space away from the rain drips when selecting sleeping place next time!

Apart from the rain it was actually a pretty cool experience. We had dinner under the stars, entertainment by Gnaoua musicians, and the chance to see dawn rising across the desert. And yes, I was up stupid early to catch the dawn, but it was lovely an peaceful to be out alone just standing and watching as the sky slowly lightened.

permalink written by  farrago on October 17, 2005 from Zagora, Morocco
from the travel blog: Morocco 2005
tagged Desert, Sahara, Bedouin, Berber and Gnaoua

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Just arrived

Ouarzazat, Morocco

Just arrived to start our short trip through Morocco. Changing flights in Morocco was certainly interesting.

Get off this flight and stand around in a big hall with no real evidence of what you are supposed to do next. Then look around and see all the other people with Exodus tags on their bags doing the same thing and decide to wait and see what they will do first. Do this until people start mysteriously milling in the general direction of a door. Follow them and find you nearly missed your flight! Great fun :)

permalink written by  farrago on October 16, 2005 from Ouarzazat, Morocco
from the travel blog: Morocco 2005
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