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Getting Started

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Getting started on planning our honeymoon. Ok, "planning" is a bit ambitious. Perhaps, "asking companies to spend lots of our money" is a fairer assessment.

Still, they do base they efforts on our initial ideas so we can certainly claim some of the credit ;) That said, the only really strong plans we have given them is that we want about a week in Bhutan, and about a week of (relative) R & R for after the wedding. Just don't tell my fiancee I said "(relative)" - she was originally looking for a week of sun, sea, and sand, and the way things are looking she'll be lucky if she gets the sun part!

Anyway, enough for the first post, and we'll see if I do better at keeping this one up to date than the previous one!

permalink written by  farrago on July 13, 2008 from Edinburgh, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Honeymoon
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Four days and counting till our European honeymoon

New Smyrna Beach, United States

We are getting all the items together that we'll need for our European honeymoon. Just 4 more days till we leave. Bought a pair of rolling duffle/backpacks to pack our items in. The fewer items the better.

Also, Jenn is waiting on her wool coat to arrive in time after I bought mine last week. Too warm here in Florida to wear it before we leave, but there have been blizzard conditions in parts of Northern Europe this week, so we are trying to be prepared for the cold if needed.

The next travel blog entry should be the day we leave or after arrival in Dublin, Irleland on New Year's Eve. Thanks for all the well wishes.

permalink written by  dmongosa on December 26, 2009 from New Smyrna Beach, United States
from the travel blog: Dan and Jenn's European Honeymoon
tagged Honeymoon, Jenn, Ireland, Dan, Jennifer, Mongosa and NewSmyrnaBeach

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