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Wellington, New Zealand

WELLINGTON (6km, 436km total) - We woke up early to make our 8am bus to Wellington. i still felt pretty gross from last night's meal, so I bypassed breakfast completely. The bus ride down was uneventful, with only a lunchtime stop in a small town called Bulls. I again didn't eat anything, just drank a smoothie. I felt pretty disgusting all day long.

Once we got into Wellington the first task was to find internet. We traced down a place I could access and checked our couchsurfing accounts, but none of our requests had come back positively. We begrudgingly checked into a hostel and hoped we would have better luck with tomorrow night.

From there we walked down to the national museum, Te Papa. We spent a good two hours perusing artifacts from New Zealand's past and present in the rather impressive museum. Then we picked up some groceries at the supermarket and went back to the hostel to cook. We made rice, scrambled salmon, salad, and borscht. It was a decent enough meal, but nothing fantastic.

After dinner we headed to an internet cafe to work on securing couches in the rest of our couchsurfing stops. Luckily we found one for tomorrow too and look forward to checking out of this hostel in the morning. As I go to sleep I feel a little better having eaten something, but still like I've got a bit of stomach rot from last night's meal. Damn the salt.

permalink written by  aeonhunterinnz on December 21, 2009 from Wellington, New Zealand
from the travel blog: AeonHunter in New Zealand
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hi rory--was this you and Shad?WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Police picked up two naked men on a late night bike ride in a New Zealand town but let them off with a warning: put on helmets.

"They were wanting to experience total freedom," said Senior Constable Cathy Duder, who stopped the pair about 10 p.m. on a recent night in the beach resort town of Whangamata. She told them: "You may experience total confinement. You should head home and get helmets."

The duo turned tail and headed directly back to their House, Duder told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She said she did not see them again during her shift, and it was not known if they donned helmets and resumed their ride.

Public nudity can attract a charge of offensive behavior in New Zealand, but Duder said she cut the two men a break.

"It was dark and there was no one else around. They were jovial young men who had not intended to cause offense," she said.

She described the two as "happy young men in their mid-20s ... they appeared to be as sober as two judges."

The Dec. 7 encounter, which has only just come to light, probably signaled the start of what Duder described as summer hijinks in Whangamata, a popular surfing and holiday getaway where partying is common during Christmas and New Year season.

Oh, guess not as it was Dec 7...this did make San Diego news though! Merry Christmas late...I hope your stomach gets better..I doubt if it was the salt...probably bad calamari. Get to the doc if it gets worse! Love you!!!! mom

permalink written by  annie on December 26, 2009

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