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Auckland, New Zealand

AUCKLAND (15km, 1456km total) - The trip is coming to a close. Tomorrow I'll turn my bike in and the day after that Shad and I will leave this country. It's gone by quick, and yet still been quite long.

I woke up early this morning when the sun streamed through the stained glass window of the gypsy wagon onto my face. I got up and had breakfast - porridge with stewed plums. It was actually pretty tasty. I did my best to wake up Shad and enjoyed the company of Rosalie and her overseas friend. Old women are funny people. They just sort of stop caring what other people think and will do and say all sorts of things you would never expect. Perhaps that's wisdom...

After we took our picture and said our goodbyes, we biked the short distance to the bus stop. The ride to Auckland was forgettable, except for a cute old man who kept forgetting where he was going and why he was on a bus. His family and kind passengers helped him remember. Is that the joy of family - that when you enter the mists of old age you don't have to do so alone?

We only made one wrong turn on our ride from downtown Auckland to Kahu and Beca's house. I'm glad we're staying with them again. I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them before. When we arrived Kahu asked us if we wanted to go to the beach with his family that afternoon. Of course we agreed. Laying about in the sun always sounds like a good idea.

Tonight we didn't do too much, just spent some time around the house unwinding. We made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. The pancakes turned out very well, but we didn't notice the ants crawling all over the bottle of syrup (and some even in it) until much too late. I spotted them before pouring it on, but no one else had - just a bit of extra protein right?. I managed four and I think Shad put away seven or perhaps more. I'l need to remember I don't need to eat as much when I get home. This trip has been great for food. We could eat as much as we want and always know we were going to burn it all off. I have a feeling that won't be the case when I'm surrounded by cold and snow and the farthest I have to travel is across the street.

permalink written by  aeonhunterinnz on January 10, 2010 from Auckland, New Zealand
from the travel blog: AeonHunter in New Zealand
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