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Qantas Flight #25

Los Angeles, United States

QANTAS FLIGHT #25 ~ BETWEEN PAPEETE & HONALULU - It's over. I'm on the plan and it's all over. The last time I was on a plane my emotions were indescribable. It's the same now.

Even though I woke up early again this morning it still managed to fly by. It rained quite a bit last night and the hammock still kept me dry. I did have a puddle of water which kept formin gin the rain fly, but I think that's an easily fixed problem. It kept raining after the sun rose and didn't really stop till about 10:30. We were worried it wouldn't and were so glad when it did. We didn't want to pack wet tents and I still had clothes on the line! Luckily we got everything dryed and packed just in time. Kahu graciously offered to give us a ride to the airport and way too quickly we were there.

We had an ugly surprise when we got to the airport. Shad's flight time had been changed and his plane was departing as we walked in the door! There was a good amount of confusion and worry, as he hadn't been notified and we weren't sure what was going to happen. As I got into the check-in line for my own flight, Shad was sent through a maze of offices to find answers. It turns out he somehow fell through the cracks when Air Pacific notified people, so they put him on my flight free of charge. Now he has a 24hr layover in LA instead of two slightly shorter layovers in Fiji and LA. I'm kind of glad he's on my flight. This way we can still get an end of the road picture and truly finish this trip together.

The flight is only slightly miserable. I've gone through two movies so far and will watch another one or two. I doubt I'll sleep much if at all. The plane is full and I can feel the cramped quarters starting to stress me out a bit. I need to put one of my New Zealand lessons to use:
NZ Lesson Number 1 ~ Just Chill Out.

Other lessons include:
~ Enjoy life for everything it is and don't worry about what it's not.
~ Relish the journey, but don't make the journey so long that there's no time for side trips or that you're too tired to enjoy the destination.
~ You can't truly experience a country without meeting its people, and you can't truly know a people without knowing their land.
~ Always make sure you pack a chainbreaker and some extra links.
~ The best things in life are free. Some of them include: stars, conversation, sunshine, downhill rides, warm sand, refreshing swims, shade trees, fruit trees, meeting new people, and having the wind at your back.
~ Travelling is better with a friend.

permalink written by  aeonhunterinnz on January 12, 2010 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: AeonHunter in New Zealand
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Thank you Rory and Shad for sharing your trip with us!


permalink written by  Jeff Phillips on January 12, 2010

Rory and Shad,

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! You are two very brave and strong young men, and we are proud of you! We are so happy that you were able to take a trip like this together. When you are old and gray, you'll tell your grandkids about it and it may inspire them to be adventurous!

God made a beautiful earth for us to explore and interesting people for us to meet, didn't He?

Love you,

permalink written by  Patti Hovdenes on January 12, 2010

By the way...very nice facial hair you both got going there!!

permalink written by  Patti Hovdenes on January 17, 2010

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