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Moving on

Bangor, United States

The key to getting over reverse culture shock is getting a job. Unemployed, you constantly are shocked by how different things are than how you thought they would be. The price over everything is constantly being switched back to the old form of money. Good or bad, everything is always being compared. The only way to get out of limbo is to get a job and make some money! First the job helps to focus your mind on now rather than what you were doing before. Secondly, most jobs involve some sort of petty office politics or beuaracracy. Other peoples lives just are so intriguing. Having lived in a third world country I think it really clarifies what is a really big deal and what is just petty. Not having form QZ982 is not the end of the world that your co-workers believe it is.
My job was with the census...course I can't say much about it unless I want to go to jail. Privacy, a really big deal with the census. Going to jail, fines, also big deals. Knocking on doors...odd, but not really a big deal. 10 questions to ask, no big deal. I thank being a girl scout and selling cookies for the courage to bang on those doors. I did enjoy walking around the island and seeing all the wildlife. I saw a deer in labor and that was so amazing. The scariest thing (that I can talk about without violating privacy issues) was I walked right into a nest of sleeping racoons. Lets just say they are not fond of the census.
Of course the best part of the job, is the paycheck. When you get a paycheck, you are back in the economy. You don't mind (as much) paying $3 dollars for a pair of socks that you know in China just cost you 3RMB. You can deal with all the utilities that in Chna your boss so graciously paid for....
But the census was a temporary gig.
Our real job (adventure) is this summer managing the Mattawamkeag Wilderness Park and Campground. So goodbye, Lummi Island!!!! Hello Maine!

permalink written by  carseat tourist on May 29, 2010 from Bangor, United States
from the travel blog: Reverse culture shock
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