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Together Again in Santa Teresa

Carmen, Costa Rica

Before I left for vacation it was raining every day and there were crazy hard storms. Ryan said it was the same down at the beach and to add to it every night he had to climb up the mountain to the cabana through muddy gushing rivers. One day the thunder storm was so loud here in San Jose I posted this on Facebook: “I've never heard lightening & thunder cracked so loud as it has been the last few days in Costa Rica. It is setting off car alarms everywhere.”
That was until I went to the beach and experienced a storm sleeping in the cabana like Ryan has been for the last month. I was nervous and a bit scared cause, like I have described before, the cabana is up the mountain from the hostel, in the tree tops, on stilts and only has two walls (well really one cause the other wall is a glass window shudder thingy) and the other two sides are open to the trees.
It rained most afternoons and evenings while I was in Santa Teresa but last Wednesday or Thursday, something like that, we had a good lightening & thunder storm. Just as it started to sound like it was going to start raining Ryan and I said goodnight to our friends and started climbing up the hill to the cabana. A little louder and louder and rain started drizzling down. Ryan said, “hurry up its coming” and pushed me along. Just as we started running up the mountain we could hear the rain coming through the trees. Faster, faster… up the huge foot and half tall steps. Two steps left and poooollll..the rain just started pouring down as we got to the cabana.
Then the lightening was flashing and thunder was cracking more furiously and frequently. The thunder was so loud it was shaking the whole cabana. However, I must say the ceiling fan also shakes the bed in the cabana but with the added jolts from the thunder I kept saying “the cabana is going to break off the slits and wash down the mountain”. Ryan laughed at me and reassured that would not happen. He had been through storms like this before and plus the cabana has trees built into which add support. Still I was nervous. Ryan said, “I told you the storms out here are crazier than in the city.” I replied, “No, the storms in the city are pretty much the same but I’m not living in a (pardon my French) F*CKing Tree House.” We both started laughing. Anyways after that the storm settled down and we finally fell asleep.
Besides that one night the weather was pretty mild the whole time I was in Santa Teresa. Sunny most morning, so when Ryan was working I went and laid out on the beach for an hour or so working on getting my tan back. Around mid afternoon I would come back and make Ryan and I a good lunch. Then I sat with Ryan chit chatting while he finished his shift. Ryan taught me how to play dominos and of course beginners luck I ended up beating him most of the time. If Ryan worked in the afternoon we would sleep in all morning, go out to lunch and then relax reading in hammocks. It was a really good, much need quality time, bonding again week for both of us.

On Tuesday we took a quad ride over the mountain, through the even more lush rain forest (now that it is rainy season and all the trees, hills and fields are in full flourish)

to Montezuma to hand out fliers for the hostel. Then we buzzed around the dirt roads between Montezuma, Cobano and Santa Teresa taking in the, again now, super green countryside. Everything looks so different than from our first time we were here in January.

We tried to go walking through the tall grass fields where a few cows and calves were hanging out but decided it wasn’t such a good idea when a bull came over the hill and the entire cow herd turned around, lined up like a military brigade and started walk toward us. Ryan yelled out to me, “Run for the trees” while he stood watching them and took a few pictures. It only took us a few steps backward and the cows stopped but keep all eyes on us until we were out of their field. Here’s a few of the pictures:

On Monday night we had a bond fire on the beach with friends and people from the hostel. On Thursday mid-morning we went for a long, long walk on the beach. On Saturday night we taught some Auzzy guys how to play Spades. And by Sunday my vacation was over. It was a great week and just what we both needed. A refresher for our relationship, time together and a little adventure.

I am back in San Jose now and getting ready to go back to work. The GOOD news is Ryan is coming back to the city too. His boss says he will be here for at least the next two months. So hopefully these next few months will go by a bit easier since we will be together!!!

permalink written by  ryan & debbrial on July 6, 2010 from Carmen, Costa Rica
from the travel blog: Us Discovering the Latin Americas
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