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Hijacking a Blog 1 [Marion]

Tokyo, Japan

So, yes that's me, the girlfriend we're talking about.
I'm Marion, and I made my _first_ flight and long-distance flight from Austria to Narita.
Don't expect any high written art of traveling from me, either in words or photos.

I guess my parents were more excited than I appeared to be, so I had a ride with Jürgen's sister.
My flight was ok. The landings are cruel anyway, so I just had to arrange with the small space around me. I am used to this somehow- thanks to Austrian public transport- but this was really small!
Had a chitchat with my neighbor, and then fought myself to sleep- or something like this was my plan. Of course it had to be other way: Couldn't sleep and when I was on the brink to dreamland the flight attendants offered ramen.

So what, I came to Narita quite dead, had to do the formals and find my baggage, and meet Jürgen- somewhere out of this bolted airport area.
Even deader than in Narita I made it to Shibuya- visited Hachiko - and lastly to Tama Plaza.

The next day was a faked Monday to me, because it was already Tuesday, and the day we hopped through Tokyo. (see Jürgen's entries.)

Tsukiji Fish market

The wasabi under this fresh sushi had quite the spirit- had a free nose afterward.

Hopping through Tokyo without seeing Tokyo Tower is like you have never been there. Of course we got to the first platform and enjoyed the view over the melting cities.

In one souvenir shop I found this Golden Maneki Neko Hello Kitty.
During the time I realized that there is nothing without H.Kitty. From toothbrush to boxer shorts, special HK and figures to whole co-products (like Kuromi, Star Twins)- if you look for it, you find it.

Had a hard time finding a way to Hie-jinja, because there was some meeting at the parliament (of course on that day) and the streets were barricaded.

Right after coming home the woes began...
Due to this over-air-coning, my way of saying that the air-conditions are used not cool but to freeze, I caught a sore throat. For recovering we made a lazy day in Tama Plaza, me sleeping the whole day and Jürgen enjoying his book.

On Thursday, which was to me Wednesday, we headed out for the Royal East Garden, commonly known as Royal Palace.

After surviving lunch hour which is just as busy as the morning public transport peaks, we made a stop at Akiba (where Jürgen bought the exact figure I had problems with to get for his birthday last year -_-") and then we were on our way for the Ghibli Museum.

Sure there is lot to see, but photographing is not allowed, so we have to keep those images in our memories.
I was quite impressed by the sketches and the coloring Miyazaki provided for his Museum.
Cat bus was attractive, but I was too old... fifteen years at least.
Miyazaki truely deserves the title of "anime no kami", due to his incredible creations and stories. Nonetheless, to my mind, he didn't revolt the scene as much as Tezuka did, creating something totally new (only the technique).

Anyways, I strolled alone to Ikebukuro and Akihabara on Friday.
I missed the glittering and blinking Sunshine 60' and had a hard time finding the so called Otome Road. In the shops I really felt misplaced: though I "like" BL/Yaoi I faced two difficulties: 1) In a series it's ok, but as doujin I can't get into it easily (or something like that I thought) and 2) IT'S IN JAPANESE! With problems deciphering Kana, it will take me years till I get the context (and the magical triangle of semantics&co), where I will have visited Japan even twice.
Left my money on my beloved Copics *^* After recovering from a price shock in Japan I handle my money more freely than ever, including buying Copic Sets and numerous souvenirs.

On Saturday we made our way to the Gunma Prefecture, for a Ryokan class experience.

On the same day fireworks were held, to me it was better than Silvester, because my toes didn't freeze to death, and it was fun watching Japanese doing a traditional dance in great number.
The next day, we returned home, for the last points: Meiji-jingu and Yoyogi Park Cosplayers. My luck brought me the Super Yosakoi 2010, a summer festival with groups performing dances on the stage. Was impressive, too, but no Cosplayers in the narrow sense.

Home again, we packed our belongings and slept for the last time in Tama Plaza.

permalink written by  JuergenS on August 31, 2010 from Tokyo, Japan
from the travel blog: Two month of Japan
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