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Best friend visits, visa runs, and pie

San Jose, Costa Rica

Another 2 month bi-mester of teaching done for me; 3 months and another visa run for Ryan. Time flies when….well when you’re busy. So let me back up a bit and recap this past month. Umm well the last time I posted was just after my surgery. First of all, I am all recovered and well. No complications post-surgery and the tumor biopsy came back negative for cancer cells. So all good!! Anyways, I got two weeks off work, paid, from my surgery. They have this thing called an “incapacidad” in Costa Rica which the doctor orders (sick leave) and you have to abide by, by Costa Rica law. The law for the incapacidad is that you cannot come back to work, even if you are feeling better, until the date stated on the incapacidad. And lucky for me this was two weeks. It also worked out that my work paid 40% of my salary while I was out and the Costa Rican Social Security, CCSS, (which I pay into from pay check) paid the other 60% of my salary. Pretty sweet deal I thought. I am not so sure how this would have all worked out in the U.S. because I had never missed work on sick leave but I have a feeling I wouldn’t have had two weeks and full salary paid. So that’s one thing nice about being in Costa Rica, they have a government funded health care system similar to most European countries.

Another strike of luck the second week after my surgery was that Drew finally made it to Costa Rica to visit Ryan and I. For those of you who don’t know him, Drew is Ryan and my best friend from San Diego (college days). Ryan and I met through Drew, Drew was our best man at our wedding and Drew was our inspiration for this trip. Actually, Ryan and Drew talked about traveling in Central and South America when we were in college and I always said I would come visit them for a month or so. But things changed, tables turned, and when the time came Drew was setting off for this travel adventure by himself. A month or so before Drew left Ryan and I realized what are we doing; we / Ryan are suppose to be going on this trip too. So, eight months later Ryan and I packed up our lives and followed Drew down to Central America. Unfortunately, we never caught up to Drew on his first trip down here. About a month and country between us Drew ended up having to fly home, last November, for a family emergency. Now this year (three months ago) Drew flew down to Colombia and made his way back up to Central America, Costa Rica, to visit us. And it just so happened that I was coming out of surgery and had a week off work to host him. While Ryan had to work still, of course!!, he did have time to hang out with Drew between split shifts at work. And it just so happened that I was coming out of surgery and had a week off work to host him. Even though it was raining most days Drew and I did manage to make it out a few afternoons. We went to short midday $1 concert at the National Theatre

and spent another afternoon walking around Sabana Park. While Ryan had to work still, of course!!, he did have time to hang out with Drew between split shifts at work. And one good boy’s night out at the bar; which they both regretted the next morning accordingly with their headaches and hangovers.

Since Drew left two weeks ago Ryan and I have just been keeping busy, working lots. So as I started to say at the beginning of this blog, as August is coming to an end another 2 months of working, 4 in total, have pasted for me and 3 months since Ryan’s last visa run. A “visa run” is when you have to leave the country for three days because your tourist visa is about to expire or is expired in Ryan’s case. A tourist visa (the amount of time you are allowed to stay in the country) for Costa Rica, and most Central America countries, is 3 months / 90 days. Being 20 days late on his visa Ryan decided to do a visa run on Friday, but since we works and didn’t want to take 4-5 days off he thought he would try to do it all in one day with bribes like the past. Ryan woke up at 2:30am, Friday morning, drove downtown and caught a shuttle to the boarder at 3:00am. With just a few stops and breakfast they got to the boarder by 8:30am. Since this was the second time Ryan has had to do this he knew just who to look for and talk to. Five minutes after nine Ryan had his boarder stamps out & back into Costa Rica. By nine thirty he was on a bus back to San Jose. Like he says a little know how and money for bribes and you can get pretty much anything done here a little faster. Well good this time but not so sure I recommend him doing this every time.

This weekend because I am between bi-mesters at work I don’t have any lesson plans do to. It was raining all day yesterday so I thought I would take advantage of being stuck inside and decided to do a little cooking; a growing hobby for me anytime I have a free time. Yesterday I made a homemade peach pie from scratch. I made my own pie crust, filled it with cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, little fresh orange juice and peach filling, and topped it with a lattice top. Hot out of the oven Ryan served us up with vanilla and caramel swirl ice cream. Umm yum dinner. Here are some pictures.

permalink written by  ryan & debbrial on August 29, 2010 from San Jose, Costa Rica
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permalink written by  ella on September 1, 2010

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