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To New York

New York, United States

Well I made it. After stress, another long train ride and wierd people looking at funny, I have made it to New York.

I actually like it, although I have only been here a few hours. It is choclablock with people who are all hurrying somewhere. I haven’t been pushed about like I thought I would be, but I think this is a situation where the general lack of anything approaching height is to be appreciated in the American. They part before my determined stomp, which apparently shouldn’t happen. Admittedly my habitual scowl, which is almost de rigur when I am slightly frightened, possibly also had something to do with the general parting of the footpath.

I have seen central park. I can see why they need it. This place is massive and filled with random tall buildings. And so many people! It feels alive, although I have to be honest, the subway wasn’t fun for me at all. I can stand it, though the first time I got on we were all packed in like Sardines and I simply refused to move away from the door. There was no space anyway, but I needed to be able to see the way out. It also meant I could get off the damn thing, when other people were trapped and frantically pushing for their station. That was actually one of the best bits of advice that a friend gave me!

Tomorrow I will try and do all the touresty things, but to be perfectly honest I have to get to my plane early Saturday, and don't really know how. So it might be an overnight stay at the airport for Margie, unless I can assuage my fears enough that I will stay at the hostel. Home to San Francisco! Mum, you would love it here in New York. I like it too, but I wish you guys were here to bail me out with your greater experience. I guess this is how you get the experience though.

I will post again tomorrow. Cheers


permalink written by  Crosswood on January 10, 2008 from New York, United States
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.
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nonononono, experience is MEANT to be gained with people who have done it before. Thats how you learn, and then you do it a few times yourself, and then you get to be all mentor like to the next group of people who need experience. Otherwise parents wouldn't ave to raise us, they could just throw us on the street and say "survival of the fittest baby!" Admittedly this does only work if you are at some point willing to go out and try the experience yourself, so we can look at this as you simply skipping a step.

permalink written by  Rebecca Harris on January 11, 2008

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