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Final Post, Final Thoughts

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Final post, final thoughts

I am back in New Zealand.
I was met, tired and bewildered, at Auckland Airport by my father. Mercifully he used his frequent flyer privileges to get my entire 40kg luggage home. He then took me to the FF lounge where I had a New Zealand breakfast of unsweetened Muesli and some potato fritters, before falling asleep on one of the chairs. I was tired. I am tired still.

New Zealand is nice. It isn’t raining, which it had been for days in Berkeley before I left. My body seems confused about if it is cold or not, because for a year I have lived in constant autumn and winter. I love the food – never let someone tell you New Zealand food is bad again. It is so fresh! Mum cooked a lamb roast and it was easily one of the best things I have ever tasted. My grandparents and sisters were there as well.

My presents that I brought home went down a treat – electronics are very cheap over there in the States, so I got a couple of things that would have been hugely expensive – and sleeping in my own soft bed instead of an airline seat was simply amazing.

Friends have been ringing me left and right to invite me to things. Thanks guys – you made my weekend. Sorry I was so tired.

I feel very loved, and very valued.
I am also really homesick.

Don’t get me wrong – I love New Zealand. It’s just after six months of living with the most amazing people, you get kinda attached to them. Think living in the world’s biggest slumber party, then going back to boarding school.

I got back to the Army yesterday. To be perfectly honest, only one or two people were genuinely interested that I was back (not glad because that’s a bit much to ask for) and the rest looked at me like I was something they’d found on the sole of their shoe. It’ll get better as I get used to it again, but I forgot how happy a simple ‘Hello’ can make you, no matter how exasperated it may sound sometimes!

So this is the end of this blog. For four months I have posted weekly updates on my trip. The trip is over now, and my life is back to how it was. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed posting about my wonderful experiences. Hopefully one of you guys will get to go to somewhere amazing soon, and then I’ll get to read about YOU having fantastic adventures.

Signing off, from Palmerston North, New Zealand

Margaret Harris
Berkeley Student (Golden Bear)
17AUG07 to 25JAN08

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permalink written by  Crosswood on January 27, 2008 from Palmerston North, New Zealand
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And with tis my many crazy misspelled comments come to an end.

I have noting to say here, becasue i saw margie on the weekend and said stuff then. This is really more so i can say tat i comments on every last one. Whether i had something to say or not. I am the best elder sister Margie has! HA!

permalink written by  Rebecca on January 27, 2008

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I am a second year Officer Cadet in the Royal New Zealand Army, going for a trip to Berkeley (University of California) in the United States. I have a sense of humour, poor organisational skills, and collect clocks.
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