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Ponderous Wandering

Pusan, South Korea

Feeling adventurous I decided to explore my surroundings today. I knew the general direction to Haeundae Beach and started out on my trek. I wanted to stretch my feet and get out of the apartment. I began my stroll and decided to trust my sense of direction to lead me to the seashore.
Along the way I saw some of the back alleyways away from the main drag. What you would think of as the traditional oriental-style roofs still cling to the tops of some of the surviving one story buildings in the city. I have yet too learn Hangul, or Korean script, so many of the signs are still a mystery to me. But I was met with many interesting sights and smells. Cooking smells came from a cluster of the one storied traditional homes and I walked by them to steal a whiff. Many restaurants along the way display the fish they serve in tanks outside of their entrances. Scattered merchants occupying small stalls or storefronts hawk their wares. They have everything from traditional candies to buckets of tangerines and strawberries. One day I even saw waffles on a stick being sold from a cart near the beach.
As I wandered through these alleys I noticed that the weather was very similar to the weather back home. I’ve heard that it doesn’t snow here yet there is almost a Chicago style nip to the air and wind that whips through the streets. I have heard that Haeundae beach becomes insanely crowded during the summer months with beach umbrellas covering every square foot. In these cooler months when I visit there are a few stragglers and joggers that tread it’s length. You will also find the aquarium here. I haven’t gone to it yet but it looks to be pretty impressive. There is a map of the facility and list of animals at an information kiosk outside the aquarium. I was delighted to see all sort of underwater denizens: Saw Fish, Sharks, Eels, Sea Dragons and last but not least the Jackass Penguin! I have no idea what this creature is… perhaps just a very rude bird? I’ll update when I find out more.

permalink written by  Native_Kurtz on February 2, 2008 from Pusan, South Korea
from the travel blog: South Korea - Busan - Teaching Abroad
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