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Day one of vacation with mom and dad

Fortuna, Costa Rica

Like promised I do have a lot to write about, about our Christmas and New Years vacation with my parents. So I am going to break it down into segments based on the towns we visited.

Mom and Dad arrived on December 26th, on time with no problems. Ryan and I met them at the airport with the rental car then brought them back to our home. At first I think they were a bit overwhelmed with San Jose (crowded, busy, one-way dirty streets), like most people are when they get here, but at the end of the week they were happy to be in a city with "real" paved streets.

Anyways, the next morning we all got up early and headed out of the city into the ideal, postcard nature scene of Costa Rica. The first stop on the itinerary was Volcano Poas. I was really looking forward to seeing the carter since we had not visited it before. The crater can only be viewed on clear days without any clouds in the sky. We drove through small towns and coffee filled hills on the way up the beautiful mountain

to the volcano. But the higher and higher we climbed the faster our views of the valleys began to disappear because of light rain and clouds. By the time we got to the top, and I quote from dad, “We are soaked in!!!!” The ranger at the entrance to the national park said it would be $10 per person to enter (too see nothing but clouds), so we turned around to back track.

Fortunately, this gave us lots of time to get to Arenal/La Fortuna and sightsee on the way. We stopped in Zarcero to show mom and dad the hedge garden with funny engraved faces and the pseudo stone face plywood painted church.

We made it to Arenal by mid-afternoon, checked into the hotel and headed straight to the thermal heated pool bar where we stayed for a majority of the rest of the night. I won’t get totally into it but let’s just say after a couple tequila shots, continuous wet-n-wild rides down the waterslide, and the heat from the pool only mom remembered eating chicken sandwiches at the pool before bed. And shamed to say I was hugging the toilet later that night.

permalink written by  ryan & debbrial on December 26, 2010 from Fortuna, Costa Rica
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