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Best day yet

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yesterday I had my best day here yet, absolutely crashed out, slept for about 12 hours, then when I woke we were ready to explore.

John and I just wandered around Buenos Aires for awhile, found an english language bookshop, so I lost John there for a little while. Had to go and buy some stuff from a camping store...and throw out some stuff from my bag. I think as we go it´s going to get progressivly lighter as I can´t be bothered carrying stuff.

But anyway, we walked to the obellisk, which is in the centre of Buenos Aires, which was absolutely amazing. It stands in the middle of the (what I´m told is the largest avenue in the world) the Av 9 de julio, and it´s just amazing.

After that, we went to the teatro de colon, which is the home of the Bueanos aires ballet company and also the opera company. We did the english guided tour, and it was simply amazing. It was built in 1890, with european architects, and all imported materials, and it was fantastic. The theatre has 7 levels and it´s indesribable. The ceiling is a huge hand painted dome, (done by an argentinan artist) and around the chandelier is space between the dome and the chandelier, where musicians and choirs can stand, unseen and ridiculously high, and perform. The acoustics were fantastic, they never use microphones in performances. And this place sits 3500 people.

After that Joho and I came back to the hostel,

had some quiet beers on the terrace. We were joined there by some cool people doing the tefl course, and then more people rocked up. So we all ended up catching taxis to this amazing Korean restaurant (I know, we were eating korean in argentina, a bit wrong) but it was stellar. This place had silver chopsticks, and the food, there was 7 of us, and we had two meat (cooked at the table) and it came with 12 condiments each. I thought the condiments would be sauces, but no, they were little plates of vegetables. Chilli cabbage, brilliant. Then we also had two vegetable plates. All up it was (including beers) about 25 pesos each, which I suppose was $10AUD.

Then to top it off, we have been invited to one of the girls, Dana, her apartments for drinks tomorrow. But even better, I managed to get a phone card and ring Tom, which was great, but 10 pesos wasn´t nearly enough time. Although, it was probably good I didn´t have time to get mushy, and I´m a big sooky mushbag.

Anyways, must run, will try and upload photos soon, going to le recoleta today, which is the arts district, so I´m sure I´ll have plenty of photos.

Hasta luego mis agimgos!

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on November 21, 2006 from Buenos Aires, Argentina
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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So wish i was there!! It looks warm, is it warm? Man i miss the sun. Boodly amazing photos, sound like you are having a blast.

Hugs Emr and Malte

permalink written by  Emr and Malte on November 22, 2006

Some how feel that we hear from you more now that you are OS. Go out enjoy yourself, you will be back before you know it. Love Mum.

permalink written by  Andrea Barton on November 24, 2006

Hi, it´s so warm! it´´s an awesome place to travel, but you really need a lot of time. I could spend 4 weeks in one country easily. I´m having trouble getting onto your blog, can you email me the link? The keyboards here don´t have the little squiggle on them. And cutting and pasting just wont work!!!! But anyway, talk to you soon, hope all is well and take care. Love Sarah

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on November 27, 2006

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