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Shooters, Hooters and Poker Computers

Dallas, United States

I am officially running on 10 hours sleep in the last 3 days. Last night was meant to be an early night to acclimatise - but by 4am it was clear that I had come full circle and was now screwed again.

Breakfast was, well, lunch. Sonny Bryan's BBQ called at about 12 noon for ribs, pulled chicken and chopped beef - very Texan. BBQ restaurants rock, and there should definitely be some at home. Still undecided if the ribs were better than Limors.

So, with a food baby named "too much mash", we went to visit Dan's Dad driving the trolleys - a fantastic Dallas tourist attraction. By trolley, I mean an authentic Melbourne tram! From the St Kilda line! That probably took me to Wesley!

After a quick tutorial I drove the trolley up and down one of Dallas's streets. Yes shopppers, I drove a tram. In Dallas. A Melbourne tram. In Dallas. Can you sense how cool I think that is? Arnie was on fire and the tourists all loved him. Arnie, if you are reading this, the 'magnet school' joke rocked!!

We then drove to deliver a bottle of Bundy to Dan's friend, then headed to the 6th Floor Museum, where the shooter was perched that assasinated JFK.

Thankfully, Dan and I do tourist sites similarly. There was an individual audio tour which we got, and both of us lasted us about 2.5 minutes before we tried to fastforward to the exciting shooting bits.

The place where the sniper aimed beyond the grassy knoll has been recreated and glassed off. It was really creepy. I can't imagine the chain of events that led to somthing like this. (Oh wait, I should have stuck with the audio tour.)

It was time to go downstairs to the other most important part of any museum - the gift shop. Dropped some cash on a George W Bush doll to use to do rude things to my Donald Trump doll at home.

We drove along the road where the JFK mororcade went, and I got the shivers. Time to move on.

We then went back to the airport because ..

(paragraph deleted for fear of being made fun of)

.. which was great.

Then we went to Hooters for Buffalo wings. MMmmmmm.

Then, straight to Rick's place for poker night! I couldn't concentrate (see first line of this entry) so went out and was then dealer. I didn't do a very good job at that either, but I was great at the bit where I drank champagne.

Dan's Mum won!! Props to Jan!! Missy is a beautiful shnauzer!!

permalink written by  nataliekrug on May 17, 2008 from Dallas, United States
from the travel blog: Nat is in the USA!
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Cute photo of you on the tram!

permalink written by  Jane L on May 20, 2008

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