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The best snorkelling in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Komodo, Indonesia

We woke up this morning excited about a whole day’s snorkelling ahead of us. At 6am, we had breakfast before heading to Manta Point, which is the place where we would have the best chance to see Manta Rays.

We all had our fingers crossed, as there was still no guarantee at all that we would see them. When we arrived at Manta Point, the current was really strong, so Matt dropped us off, and we had to follow the current back to the boat. We were so glad he dropped us off as it was impossible to swim anywhere but where the current took us, we travelled about 1km every 10 minutes so that’s how fast it was.

After about 20 minutes in the water, right at the bottom we saw a huge manta ray! We were so excited! However, it was about 15 metres deep so too far for us to dive down and see with the current flowing but still amazing! Then, after we saw this one, there was 7 more just lying on the bottom all different sizes, we were all so happy! When we climbed back into the boat, we told Matt that we saw them, but unfortunately, they were all just still and not swimming. So, he told us that we would wait an hour until slack tide when they will all be moving and we would go back in again, so we went to another point not too far away where we snorkelled for ½ hour before going back and on-route we saw one even jump out of the water!

He was right about waiting, and although we only saw 2 this time, they were huge and one swam right up close to us before it flipped over and swam away! Amazing!

Then on the way back to the boat we saw a huge turtle swim right past us, swimming so fast, we didn’t think it could be possible, so it was a fantastic spot and we were all so delighted.

When we got back, Matt then took us to another spot, which is supposed to be the best snorkelling point in the region and to be honest it was spectacular.

It is just a huge rock and it is covered in coral surrounded by loads of big and small fish, and definitely the most beautiful spot we have ever snorkelled. So we spent about an hour swimming around and a 1 ½-meter white tipped reef shark swam just underneath me!

We then went to 2 more spots before going back, but we had definitely been spoilt, as they couldn’t compare to what we had seen previously today, turtles, manta rays, and sharks in one day! We were so happy and glad we picked carefully before writing and picking our tour. Then when we got back to Labuan Bajo we booked our bus and ferry tickets for tomorrow, sad that our 2-day trip was already over as it had gone by so fast!

permalink written by  chrischarly on June 19, 2011 from Komodo, Indonesia
from the travel blog: Chris and Charly's Passage through SE Asia
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