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Hazy Pool Days, Night Time Strolls, Shopping +FOOD!

Singapore, Singapore

So last weekend and this weekend were both great. I spent the days at the pool, reading, listening to music, swimming and lounging in the sun. I love the pool, I'm getting nice and brown too. It's pretty serene because most people tend to stay away from it during the peak daylight hours. They avoid the sun, walk around with umbrellas for shade, but not me, I'm basking in it (with sunblock of course so Jen Smith won't yell @ me!). Besides when it gets to hot, I just dip :) Of course I've been eating. Trying my first Sashimi, raw fish - I tried Salmon and I loved it. Tasted like a steak lol. We're going to go back and have a sashimi day, but if you check the pics you'll see we had all types of other food, some sushi, the lobster and mango roll was awesome, fried octopus, and this AMAZING crab salad. I also had Persian food at this restaurant called Shiraz. It was really good, grilled meats, healthy veg and bread, just deliciously flavored, with herbs and spices fresh to nibble on. It was a swanky place in the middle of Clarke Quay and they had a bongo player and a belly dancer and hookahs. Nice touch. Li Nar and her friends from Taiwan and I took a night time stroll down to see the Merlion for the first time. It's the national symbol of Singapore. Haven't figured out the history on that one yet. Along the way we took some silly pictures with statues and such. It was a nice evening, and we saw the light show again, this time from the other side of the river. My manager was in town all last week, Ady. It was a super hectic week, but we got a lot accomplished and I was glad she came to see for herself what is going on. Hopefully she can get us the help we need over the next few months, so that we can take things to another level here. If anyone can do it she can, so I'm keeping the faith. Ady took us to The White Rabbit while she was in town. Some super fancy restaurant, where I tried Escargot! SNAILS! can you believe it? Didn't taste like much really, a little chewy like calamari, but tasted like the mounds of garlic and parsley it was cooked in. I managed to squeeze some shopping in with Li Nar @ Zara, this store I love in NYC but could never fit in! Well I bought 9 dresses, all light weight stuff great for Singapore, but classic shapes and stuff I can definitely wear at home and while I'm traveling around the region. There was a huge sale and I just couldn't resist. I also bought this one of a kind dress from Hong Kong that I love, bright blue with these huge coy fish on it, very unique, perfect for island hopping. I'm going to have to slow down a little so my wallet can recover, all well worth it I assure you. I'm supposed to be going to Hong Kong next month for a quick business trip and I plan to add on a extra day or two for sight seeing if the budget comes through. I love an unexpected trip! Bali is just in a few weeks and I can't wait. I miss Jay terribly, but we've been writing regularly and he's doing so well back at home. I'm SOOOOOOO proud of my love for making moves, and I can't wait to see him again. Samira is coming to visit in November (16-26) which will be an awesome time I'm sure! We always have the best adventures together. We're planning 4 or 5 days in Thailand. <3 life is beautiful. Anyway the pics should tell the story of the weekend and speak for themselves. Its back to work on Monday, I'm sure another long week ahead full of late nights in the office. Until next weekend...

permalink written by  Jetsetter P on July 9, 2011 from Singapore, Singapore
from the travel blog: Hazy Pool Days, Night Time Strolls, Shopping +FOOD!
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