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“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

Boulder, United States

So after only a few short hours of sleep, we got up and began the 13-hour trek to Colorado. We were tired, but ok. We stopped for gas, stopped for a lunch on the road at Arby's, and didn't stop again until we got to Colorado. The drive was interesting, because poor Chloe kept trying to tell us to go on roads that had stopped existing. There were tons of roadblocks and detours and re-routed parts of the highway, so we ended up just turning her off for most of it. At one point, she thought we were driving the wrong direction on the highway! But we made it just fine anyways.

The plan was to meet at Anthony's and go from there. We got to his place a little bit before 6 (thanks to the time change!). He was on his way home from work and Andrea was on her way too. Unfortunately, the traffic was really bad and Andrea couldn't make it, so we spent some time with Anthony before heading to Andrea's.

We found Danielle and went inside. First of all, Isabella is adorable!! She was too cute and so friendly despite the fact that we are complete strangers to her. Their apartment is really nice. It is very spacious and well-decorated. She gave us a tour of the place and then we spent some time talking to her and playing with the baby- and the cat! Who is also very friendly =)

Once Anthony got home we spent some time with him and then went out to Friday's for dinner. It was really nice to catch up with them, even if it was only for a few hours. I'm really glad we were able to do that. And I'm so happy that I got to meet their baby!

After that, we departed and headed for Andrea's. Her place is also really great. They have a townhouse, and it has multiple floors, which is cool, and plenty of room. It was awesome to spend some time with her. We also met her roommate Jess, who was very nice, and she even let us use her computer. Andrea showed us a place to go on our way tomorrow, and she also showed us a different way to search for hotels that we hadn't known about- and wish we had! Turns out the Grand Canyon is about 14.5 hours from her, so that wasn't going to happen. We decided to book a hotel in Santa Fe, NM as a mid-way point. We booked ourselves a room at the Hilton for only slightly more than it would have cost us to stay at the Econo Lodge! Very cool.

We decided that since it was dark and raining, we'd wake up early and go walk around for a bit before she had to work since we wouldn't be able to really see anything anyways. And we were pretty tired too, after driving all day, so we all went to bed. She let us sleep in her bed, although I felt bad about it, but her bed was wicked comfy!! So with everything taken care of, we got the good night's sleep that we sorely needed.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, once we passed into Colorado, our memory card was full, and since we hadn't been able to put everything on the computer yet, we couldn't delete the pictures on it! Soooo that is why there are no pictures of this day =(

permalink written by  prettyblueroses on August 6, 2008 from Boulder, United States
from the travel blog: Mike & Heather's Cross-Country Adventure
tagged Family, Driving and Colorado

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Hi Guys! I just started reading this blog. Love it! Maybe your parents and Auntie Deborah & Uncle David can get all of you jumper cables for Christmas! Stay safe. Love, Auntie Laurel

permalink written by  Laurel Lomanno on August 8, 2008

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