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Home Sweet Home

Los Angeles, United States

So we woke up this morning, on this last day of our journey, at 7:34am. Mike had wanted to sleep in, but I thought it would be best to get an early start.

We finished the zucchini bread for breakfast, which was sad. Tricia- it was the best snack we had the whole trip!! So, so good =)

We drove through the desert pretty much the entire day. Highest temperature: 102 degrees. We went to stop for lunch, and there was only one place within 100 miles- a Dairy Queen. It was crazy busy and the food was what you'd expect. It was especially silly because it took as long as it would have to stop at a sit-down restaurant. But such is life.

From there we continued on. Nothing happened until shortly after we entered California. It started to get a bit smoky- hazy, from the smog, perhaps. And then you could smell smoke. And then... fire engines raced past with their sirens on. And the road pretty much became impassable. Traffic was extremely slow and we could barely see out in front of us because of all the smoke. Turns out, there were multiple little fires burning all along the side of the highway. Welcome to California!

Even so, we made good time and got here around 4:30. We only brought a few things in with us. First order of business: We made the bed. Mike napped.

Then, we then made a quick trip to Walmart for some supplies- an air conditioner (much needed!), cat litter (since we left it at home, and we were there), and a mattress pad. The Walmart was crazy!! It was three stories high, with escalators and elevators, and the outside looked like a Macy's.

Mike set up the ac when we got back (it works great!), but we didn't re-do the bed. And to sleep we went.

  • We'll continue to update so you all can see our new place once we've finished moving in! Thanks for coming along on our journey with us! =)

  • permalink written by  prettyblueroses on August 9, 2008 from Los Angeles, United States
    from the travel blog: Mike & Heather's Cross-Country Adventure
    tagged LosAngeles and Driving

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    That was an awesome trip with great stories. What a cool adventure. It makes me want to do it also (without the tornado part). Thanks for taking the time to share everything. I enjoyed reading it all and the pictures were fabulous. So happy you're safe and sound in your new place. Get some rest and enjoy your new place together. It's such an exciting time in your lives so soak it all in! We'll miss you and we send much love from the East Coast!

    Alison & Joe

    permalink written by  A. Brandi on August 11, 2008

    YEY!!!!!!!!! I can not believe you guys are there!! (I started to cry when you called to tell us-- but dont tell anyone!!) So glad you got there safely, tornado and all!!! Not a lot of people get the opportunity to do what you just did! What a great experience for you! This blog was so cool, keep it going to keep us up to date on living in California. You need to add more pictures! Talk to you soon!!!
    Love me

    permalink written by  mom on August 11, 2008

    Heather & Mike,
    What a fabulous trip. That tornado sounds scary. You're right about not paying attention to the warnings. We're so used to the "drill", we never believe it's for real!!
    Loved all the pictures. Be sure to send some of your place in CA.
    Don't fall in love with the West Coast too much. We want you to come back!

    Best of Luck with your new life together.

    Aunt Lynda & Uncle Gerry

    permalink written by  Lynda Brandi on August 11, 2008

    YEAH YOU MADE IT!!! not that you wouldn't, but your finally there. its so exciting to have your own place(but please keep it neater than your room, heather!) i can't wait for some pictures of it,send them soon. nicholas says "hi", he's sitting on my lap looking at the pictures, i think he recongizes you. i'm glad the zucchine bread came in handy. we missed both of you at the party yesterday, mike, nancy needed a few things down the cellar and you weren't around!!! talk to you soon, love and kisses, tricia (+nicholas)

    permalink written by  tricia on August 11, 2008

    Hi Guys! Glad you made it safely to CA! Loved the pictures, especially of the Grand Canyon. Get settled in, enjoy CA and your new life on the West Coast.....for now. Love, Auntie Laurel

    permalink written by  Laurel Lomanno on August 11, 2008

    Hi Guys This is the third message I am sending!!! withinthe hour! ! 2 pm till 3 pm I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are safe in Ca! ! Just found out today that your update was on your Blog ! What a wonderful job you did sharing your experiences with us on your cross country trip. The pictures are beautiful [I went back and watched them three times and reread the days logs] You made everything so clear and interesting.You sound like you had a wounderful time [except for the tornado! ! ! ]Have fun setting up your first apartment. Can't wait to see pictures of it. you both look great! Hope you can get to see Uncle Arnold tell him I said Hi Have fun Good Luck And God BLess You Love Grammy

    permalink written by  Grammy on August 13, 2008

    Glad to see that you made it safely to CA. What a great trip. I am glad you are Young enough to be able to sit in the car that long...my "older than dirt "bones get achy after a ride to Weymouth.
    We missed you at the party. I spoke to Makayla in Texas that day and she sends you a big hug Heather.
    Can't wait to see you new place. Happy job hunting to Mike.

    permalink written by  maryellen on August 18, 2008

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