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Khmer Raider and Those Little Eyes!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

So people i'm in the capital city of Cambodia, having visited the world famous temples of Angkor Wat for several days already in the north near the border with Thailand. And since we last spoke, i also met a number of people in Bangkok. So where to start? (...in this crazy place!)

Bangkok started to hold on to me and it is quite worrying how easy it is to stay that just another night, maybe thats why so many expats live there in the state they do. Anyways returning from Chang Mai i met Daz and Chris my old flatmates from uni. After the guys left a few days later i met Andres and Alberto from Chile (Fraser Island and Christmas in Oz together) on their arrival in Thailand. Welcome Lenaic and Marie, we stayed together in Chang Mai. And finally my old boss from Nice, Pierre! And Big John from uni also made an appearance by chance! That's Bangkok!

A few memorable nights were had with all and i can only really give a quick summary as at some point you will want to know about Cambodia i'm sure! So...

Daz and Chris, thanks for all the onward info and the stories, im starting to appreciate. Also enjoying the book Chris. Won't drink soda out of a bottle again either!

Pierre, i think of the opportunities like we said and maybe some time spent in Asia working will happen, i would like it. I will be speaking to you again soon i'm sure!

Lenaic, thanks for a fantastic night at the petrol station. It will not be forgotten just like the others!!! Hope you enjoy at least one of those cd's too?

Andres and Alberto, guys that Tuk-Tuk ride was a truely Bangkok experience and seeing the elephant i know made your night! Remember the name of the bar we never found was Bali Bar and its on Ratchunda (near soi 3 but on main road not soi 3). Thats all i know! Good to see you both again and hope to see you in Viet Nam.

A thanks also goes to Mia and Kun who were sublime at sorting everything at my guesthouse in Bangkok. "See its not all same, same!!!"

Well entry wasn't a problem as its reported the border crossing from Thailand can be difficult to say the least but it went pretty well. As soon as you arrive across the border though, you can see the gulf between the two nations. All apart from the huge casinos that occupy the land between the checkpoints of both countries. Another difference is the roads and a close encounter was about to happen. Our taxi decided to go fast along a road that is world famous for its poor condition, pot holes, down bridges and time to finish. At first it was just one of those crazy things you begin to expect out here but then he started racing another taxi. It ended with us explaining to the now policeman/taxi driver of our car why it was a good idea to go slower. The other taxi ended abruptly in the side of a lorry! And if you had seen the number of bikes, cows, chickens, dogs, mopeds, carts and any other vehicle you can imagine there too...

Siem Reap was a strange place. Parallel to the amazing temples and huge area of land they occupy is a population divided heavily between rich and poor. There is much you can read about Cambodia and i suggest you do.

So marvelllous ruins of hundreds of temples amongst some so fantastic they consume you with thought and intrigue. The people work and play by the side of the road and their smiles never fade as you will be able to see from the photo of the family on the moped. My moto guide was Bin and for two days he took me to the places i needed to go to understand a little more about this culture and of course to get some pictures. On the pictures part of the blog are many, so please check them out.

The only thing really to add is the ability of the young children to ask you your nationality. They proceed to tell you the capital and numbers and everything in the hope you buy something from them. As you can imagine this cry for so little is overwhelming when it follows you everywhere but i must admit to taking a fondness of a few of the characters. These two had stealth and were spying my camera from behind as i showed my guide some pictures at lunch. Without knowing i took a picture of them and then i was offered their worldy goods! If you turn their attention to learning and not money then they soon change tact and they learn exceptionally well. So next time teach them to juggle or paper make and if you want buy a postcard!

So i am the capital, just about to go have a wonder on my own at night actually... ok maybe not. But deb i did manage to make it to Same Same But Different and am enjoying the chilled pad by the lake and all it brings. Kim and Sam say hello to you!

More about Cambodia to come...

permalink written by  50watts on February 11, 2006 from Phnom Penh, Cambodia
from the travel blog: Ending 2005 and Starting 2006
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