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The Baltics Pt II

Vilnius, Lithuania

The borders of countries are supposed to be imposing, threatening, dramatic, exciting. It was with grave disappointment that i watched the border between Latvia and Lithuania float past our coach. it was a road sign with a picture of the Lithuanian flag on it. nothing more, nothing less. the new europe has removed some of the thrill of traveling between nations. i have no stamp to say im here. what happens if there is an earthquake or monsoon or something?

I do wish i could write abit more about Lithuania but it was very mcuh the same as next door Latvia. a very nice old town with churches and the like. the people seemed friendlier but other than that, it was Latvia again. they did not have any Lithuanian balzam on the menu, only jaegermeister. not the same, im sure. i figure if i was traveling in the other direction, i would be saying the same thing about Riga

the hostel room we stayed in was grand. a large bedroom and a downtairs basement bedroom with heated flooring. very nice considering the cold and rain.

my one overwhelming thought of Lithuania was that despite being very nice, it didn't stand out. it was just good. but if good is as bad as it gets, then i'm still winning.

After only 16 hours in Lithuania we had to get to the airport and we were not ripped off by the taxi driver so i gave him a big tip. he probably thought i was an idiot who didnt know tipping etiquette. i was just glad it didnt cost us €400 to drive for 6 minutes.

we hopped onto our teeny little propeller plane for the dart over to Poland. The take off was thrilling...i love these little planes much more than the nasty, thundering 747s. i feel like a wright brother...maybe

permalink written by  adamski752 on September 12, 2008 from Vilnius, Lithuania
from the travel blog: Adam's Leisurely Return Home
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