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Pokhara & Poon Hill

Pokhara, Nepal

So after resting in Kathmandu for a few days , and after Danny decided that he wanted to do a 170m bungee jump (yes really he did it! I did not!) we decided we really wanted to visit Pokhara.
And do another trek???!!
I don't know why but I think we felt a bit invincible after succeeding at EBC and it was only a 5 day trek to 'Poon Hill' so we were looking forward to taking in the views and doing a little walk.

Pokhara was beautiful. So quiet compared to Kathmandu and it was very green & lush. But what neither of us were expecting was the trek to be so tough. The first day wasn't too bad but on day 2 we walked up 30,000 steps!!! And they were not just steep, I'm really not exaggerating when I say they were practical vertical.

This practically wore me out, both physically & mentally....and to say I was in a bit of a mood was an understatement. So much to the extent that Danny & I had a 'heated debate' about going down an alternative/easier route & I'd just about had enough ;-)
However we kept on going and on Day 4 we got up at 6am to climb up to Poon Hill. It was an incredible view and from here we see the full Annapurna range of mountains.

The full trek was amazing. It was totally different to EBC, and in many ways it was a lot tougher. We're not sure if we'd done this before Everest that we'd even have attempted to do EBC.
But we didn't. And we did. And it was incredible!

After a full week of totally relaxing & doing nothing more that eating & taking in the sights of Pokhara we returned to Kathmandu & met up with Bijay & Prem - the guys from Oasis Trekking, who by now we'd become really good freinds with. So much in fact that they kindly offered to cook dinner for us at their home.
Their family are beautiful & it was such a lovely night and one which we'll never forget.

permalink written by  mich_and_dan_moors on June 2, 2011 from Pokhara, Nepal
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