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Put that in your pipe and smoke it Ricky!!

Sydney, Australia

Today we were heading to the 2nd final of the One Day Tri-Nation Series between Australia and amazingly England. We'd had tickets for this game for a while and seeing how the poms have played all summer I thought I'd be watching the Aussies v kiwis!! As I'd already been to watch us get beaten in the test match and the 20/20 I didn't think I could manage another gloatfest from the "convicts"!! Hopefully today's game would make up for it.. 3 wins on the bounce and 1-nil up in the final was pretty good reading..

Having still been in the pub at 5am the previous night watching the absolute rubbish that was the Wales v Scotland 6 nations game, didn't make for a good nights sleep. Alcohol and the fact we got beat by the "sweaties" made it a night to forget!!
Me and the weeman made our way to the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) a bit later than the others who went for a drink before the game, in need of no more drink we caught a few extra Z's. When we got there the weather was absolutely boiling and our seats, although were really good for the game, were in the worst possible place for the sun!! Luckily, unlike the ashes game I actually remembered to bring the sun block.
Lee, Martin, Flaz and Lauren were already seated when we arrived, Martin dressed in his ridiculous Barmy Army get up as usual. After 10 overs we were all struggling with the heat, me and weeman especially due to the previous night and we had to go and get some cold drinks and some shelter from the sun, unlike the England boys who after a shaky start looked to be doing pretty well.. The weather from then on got worse but the cricket just kept getting better and better!!!
After a couple of rain delays, one of which we got particularly soaked engalnd wrapped up their innings with a pretty good score thanks to another quality knock from the ginger maestro that is Collingwood. Having seen Glenn McGrath's last ever test match in the new years test, we now had the honour of seeing his last ever bowl in international cricket on Australian soil.. He got a couple of minutes standing ovation before he bowled it, then much to my dissappointment the bugger took a wicket and the crowd went mental..
The Aussies came out whacking us all over the ground for the first 5 overs then it all changed with a couple of quick wickets. A couple more big thunderstorms delayed the game a few more times, but didn't stop the English boys from showing those arrogant Aussies how to play! Having been out here for the entire tour and taking a bit of ribbing from all the locals about how poo England were, it was good to make them all eat a bit of humble pie!!!!

permalink written by  The Hulk on February 11, 2007 from Sydney, Australia
from the travel blog: The Hulk goes Down Under!
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