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The Big Apple

New York, United States

July 30
Arrived in New York around midnight and caught a cab to our Hotel in Chinatown. Forst impressions weren't that good, as we think the cab driver took us the dodgy way to the hotel and looked awful from the outside.
Once inside it was basic and no window, but nice and clean and the all important air conditioning.

July 31
We had a bit of a lie in before venturing out to Chinatown. It looks completely different during the day, busy with all the goings on of the day. We are staying just down the road from Little Italy. We walkked around and had brunch in a small Deli (had a chicken Parma roll!), and people watched from the window - excellent!
Walked to and across Brooklyn Bridge, taking lots of photos along the way.
Went to the pier just by Brookyln Bridge and had a Brooklyn ice-cream.
We got the metro back across the bridge, walked along the river to get to the place where you go for the ferry.
Queued up and went through the security and onto the ferry to Statue of Liberty island. We are now not allowed up the statue (sine 9/11) but walked all the way round the bottom and back on the ferry!
We got a bus to WTC site. Really eery/wierd feeling when there. Peolple still going around doing their daily routine but have the feeling something just there - difficult to explain.
We walked tothe subway and back to Chinatown. In the evening we went for a meal in Little Italy and had some live music.

August 1
We had around 12 hours sleep so got up and went on the subway to Times Square/42nd Street. We walked around and up to 52nd Street to have a bit of lunch in Applebees.
We walked back to 46th Street and started queuing at TKTS for some cheap tickets for a Broadway show. We saw the huge queue so turned around and decided to return tomorrow.
We walked down to Macy'son 34th Street. We continued walking along Broadway down to 18th Street, then onto 3rd Street. Once we got there we realised how far we had walked so walked a bit more to Chinatown - by the end of it we were both knackered!!
In the evening went back to Little Italy for a meal.

August 2
Walked to the subway and up to 81st Street and to Central Park. We walked through the park, eating an ice-cream, some of the route for the Marathon on Sunday. Had a drink at the Tavern on the Green.
We got the subway to the Rockefellar centre. We had pizza pie for lunch. We went to the 'Top of the Rock' and the viewing gallery and able to take photos of the Empire State Building.
Went and queued at TKTS and finally manage to get tickets for 'Rent'.
Got subway back to have a shower and siesta.
Back ont he subway to broadway. We got a hot dog before going into the Theatre. We watched 'Rent'. It was good, although bit wieard and quite american.
We walked up towards the Chrysler building to take photos of it in the dark, when we got close though the camera battery ran out! Just as we got to Grand Central Station. We still went in and it was really quiet.

August 3
Up, packed stuff and put it in storage. Got the subway to Grand Central Station (battery fully charged!) Took photos, walked outside to take more photos and walked along to Empire State Building.
Had lunch in the Red Lobster. Well nice - had prawns, crab legs, lobster tail and cheese biscuit things (more like scones).
Got subway 1/2 home to pop into a couple of shops and walked back to Chinatown. Had a shower. We headed with all the luggage to the subway (in 94 degree heat) to get to JFK airport. Arrived at the Airport around 4 hours before our flight. Checked in and spent the last of our money on a Bud and pizza.
Once on the flight we had to queue in an electrical storm on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours.

permalink written by  James & Tracey on July 30, 2007 from New York, United States
from the travel blog: James & Tracey World Tour
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