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Arrival in Delhi

Delhi, India

Hello All

Just thought we'd let you all know that we arrived here safely. Was a bit of a shock at first - finding out that transfer from airport wasn't included and we had to find our own way across a manic Delhi to our hotel (with only the hotels name!!)

Today we ventured out into Delhi. We got an auto-rickshaw into town - bit of a hairy experience as dont think drivers know their highway code, but at least they stop at a red light (well except our driver!) We nick named him "Michael" for short!

We've organised our 3rd week in India - a flight to goa and one night accomodation for 19th Feb, planning ahead already!

Sights, sounds and smells of India are meeting up with initial expectations. Hard to sleep with the constant horn blowing of cars!!

As and when we get the opportunity we will let you know what we are up to.

Just another little update from me! As we wont have e-mail access for 2 weeks, we think!

Met the rest of our Intrepid group earlier - got 2 people from Austria, 2 from New Zealand, 6 from Oz and us 2 pomms. We have to meet up at 8am tomorrow.

So far today we had a bit of a lie in after about 18 hours sleep, this jet lag thing is awful! Didnt venture out of our room last night as we were knackered and only had a kit kat for dinner.

So today was the big adventure out. We had lunch - a chicken tikka roll and small pizza thing - should have known it would be spicy I'm in India but still tried to burn my mouth out!! Went for dinner out tonight at a restaurant the other side of town, had to watch out for the rickshaws and cars, but can hardly miss them as all they do is blow the horn!! We had a curry each wtih rice and naan for 6 quid!! (there is no pound sign on this keyboard)

Doing OK on the Delhi belly side at the moment, as James said he can still fart with confidence!! It is only 1 day in though. We also found out after our meeting that there is no toilet on the boat for which we will be on for 3 days - D'oh! That's may be why its not a good idea to swim in the ganges!!!

thats it for now (again!)

Feb 5
It was an early start meeting up with the rest of the group and getting on a bus in to Old Delhi. It was mainly standing room only in the bus, until a few of the locals felt sorry for us and were allowed to sit down!
First visit was to a Red sand stone Hindu Temple. Both of us were the only ones to brave the top of the tower. Not really worth it as the view was quite misty when we finally got to the top!
From here we walked through the mad little alleyways of Old Delhi, Stopped for a spot of Chaye, and carried on going. We ended up coming out on a relatively normal street, quite strange as it seemed like another little world in those alleyways!
Went to a Seikh Temple - one of the main ones for Delhi and where they feed up to 10000 people per day for 3 meals. Tracey helped towards this by making 2 chappaties!! Got a great photo, and also one of James with the orange scarf on his head!

We caught a cycle rickshaw to the spice market. It was just a cicle of stalls that sold spices - and so many of them. On the way out had a coughing fit as some of the dust got caught in my throat!

We ventured onto the Delhi Metro (underground) It was amazing, nothing like London Underground - It is clean and quiet!!And nothing like the Delhi above it. Went into New Delhi and had lunch with the group in Connaught place in a restaurant called "piccadelhi".

James and I had the afternoon free so we thought we'd walk to the India Gate. Little did we know how far it would be and how busy the roads would be to cross! The last road that ran around the Gate took us about 10 minutes to pluck up the courage to cross all 7 lanes of constant traffic. In the end we followed the locals way of just walking out and waiting for the traffic to either go round us or stop!! All the time constant beeping! The India Gate looks a bit like the Arc de Triomphe, but is not as good!!

We went out for dinner with the rest of the group before heading out to the train station for our overnight train journey.

permalink written by  James & Tracey on February 4, 2007 from Delhi, India
from the travel blog: James & Tracey World Tour
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I am, gives me an excuse to skiive work for 10 minutes, sounds good so far, doesn't look very sunny from photos, but assume it must be. Got to be better than dreary Stroud, although it sounds as if we are all suffering from colds. While you guys are living it up, we have healtha nd safety training followed by Trafford Centre, don't lose sleep James.
Talk again soon. Good luck.

permalink written by  Zorba on February 26, 2007

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