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My first couch surf

Tallinn, Estonia

Arriving in Tallinn on the very cheap bus from Saint Petersburg I jumped in a cab and directed my driver to the address in my notebook. I arrived at a strange looking, empty wooden house. Somewhat worried by the fact I'd been directed to a seemingly empty house I hung around for 15 minutes in the hope that someone would turn up. Having just resorted to accosting someone in the street in an attempt to use there phone, two smiley faces appeared with arms full of shopping. I soon discovered they where Erko and Louise and they bussled me into the house, a lot less derelict looking on the inside, made us all some sandwiches and told me to choose a bed.

This was couch surfing a project I'd heard about a couple of months ago where you contact people in cities worldwide and simply ask if they have space for you on there couch or if your really lucky a spare mattress. Theres no money involved just generosity and a keenness to let travelers in to your house.

The house I've arrived it is somewhat unique though. A group of young Estonians are living here but are also running the downstairs area as a community house that all the locals can come and use for meetings, functions or just parties. Theres also a kitchen and Erko or Markus cook every evening and people drop in pay 2 Euros and join in with the meal. Its incredibly laid back and friendly.

I had intended on staying here for a couple of nights but the place is so great and I needed to recouperate after my illness (which I was miraculously cured from as soon as I left Russia)

Tallinn is also a beautiful town with a great Medievil gothic old town with chocolate box like cobbled streets which are great to stroll around, really not a whole lot else to do here though I've been helping round the house a bit (they are still fixing it up, they only got a shower last week... after 6 months)

Started snowing yesterday, theres about 6 inches fallen now, most I've seen in years!

permalink written by  Dan on November 21, 2008 from Tallinn, Estonia
from the travel blog: Been there, Dan that!
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Oh man deep snow.

We've been forecast Snow this weekend, but no doubt it'll be thicker in Sheff than down here in the somewhat mediocre midlands!

Plus I have Chinese girl in my form who has been telling me about living in Hong Kong and so we've been chatting and I've directed her to your blog for a read.

Am awaiting her opinion, but thought I'd let you know that your role in Education still lives on :)

Take care


permalink written by  Rich Paget on November 21, 2008

I just surfed view weeks ago to Helsinki!
Nice post by the way - i missed the snow in Helsinki too (badly). But it was great.

Oh after my Helsinki vist I got a gift from apple and so I want to give it away maybe you join the competition?
Take a short look then you now:

permalink written by  Thomas on December 17, 2008

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