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Chicken and Flan

Guatemala, Guatemala

We found the chicken place, "Pollo Campero" -- it's Senor Sanders Guatemala style. No nuclear cole slaw, but instead you get flan. Speaking of the food, it's not much to write home about (and yet here we are).

And before anyone pokes fun at us for eating at a fast food joint in Guatemala City, the options are limited here. On a Sunday, it's either this or Taco Bell (where the tagline is "Got a bean emergency?").

We walked through Guatemala City yesterday. Everything is closed on Sundays except the central market. It's a dusty town with a few unique architectural "gems".

The hole in the ozone layer has found its way down to Guatemala. Our February skin couldn't take the 20 degree weather.

Yes, mom. We're going to wear sunscreen and hats now.

Corey, as always when travelling, is a walking freak show. He's the tallest guy in the country by about a foot, the only one who can grow a beard. His hairline is unique to the point where little children stare. Melissa's average height (for a dude).

Off to Antigua.

You're Cool
permalink written by  Corey and Melissa on February 23, 2009 from Guatemala, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Margarita y Discoteca
tagged GuatemalaCity, Sunburn, ChickenAndFlan, Height and Pasty

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Flan, hahahahaha

weird burn lines Melissa ;)


permalink written by  Daina on February 23, 2009

yeah - Corey is the freak show - uhuh...have you seen your face!!!!

Missin' you already - it is true!!


permalink written by  Steph on February 23, 2009

Can you bring some of that chicken back?

Got any drink with that??

permalink written by  kierszenblat on February 24, 2009

Hi Melissa and Corey, sounds like you are having a great time. It looks beautiful there. I am jealous I am right now in London with the view of an electric Pilon! Would love to trade places. Have a great time and stay safe. Lots of love Lynne xxx

permalink written by  ltapper on February 25, 2009

Love your burn lines =p


permalink written by  Lisa K on February 26, 2009

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