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Decent Internet ... At last!

Lanquin, Guatemala

Nothing could be finer or more joyous than a decent internet connection. Here in Floras, the internet rocks. I mean, it's really, really good. Like fast, and reliable... Oh and there are ancient Mayan ruins nearby. But like I said, the internet rocks. And the ruins are like a UNESCO world heritage site and stuff. But thank God they have good internet.

We're going to have to rewind a bit for this post...

Here are some pictures that we couldn't attach in Lanquin because their internet consisted of a pigeon carrying internet packets back and forth.

Our trip started out well, with us discovering that we'd overpaid by about half... Then we were assured by our guide that it was because we got the VIP first class bus.

Here's a picture of what a VIP first class bus looks like in motion (that's Corey on left).

So, as you can see we eventually got to change buses. Onto one that was even more first class VIP.

But there wasn't quite enough room for all us VIPs on the next bus, so we had to split our group into two.

The brilliance doesn't end there. You see, half of us were on our way to Coban. The other half to Copan. You try telling the bus driver which one you're going to and get on the right bus.

The "right" bus ended up on the right side of the road like its predecessor, looking like this.

And the spare tire looked like a member of the Fruitman family.

A friendly fellow from the Guatemalan government appeared to help us out. None of us knew Spanish, so we didn't know what he was there for, but he was wearing a lovely jacket that we all admired a great deal.

A little later down the road, we came across another Guatemalan official. This time a police officer, who was wondering why there were so many darn VIPs in one bus.

Fortunately for us, the officer understood just how important we were, and let us go on our merry (though clearly illegal) way.

Then we landed in the lap of luxury on Coban... errr... Copan... We don't even know anymore. But the fibreglass blankies were a treat.

Nothing's too good for my Melissa on our honeymoon.

After a delectable meal that made us both wish we had a private bathroom, we decided that while we'll miss this quaint little place, it's time to move on.

And so, we reluctantly uprooted ourselves and moved on to Lanquin.

With the help of a random Dutchman (they're everywhere) we landed at a very cool resort, made by gringos for gringos. It was a treat to eat a vegetable and sleep in a comfortable bed.

After discovering that money isn't available anywhere for the next 100km, we thought it wise to move on before we had to do dishes for our keep.

That brings us to our next post... Read on...

permalink written by  Corey and Melissa on March 4, 2009 from Lanquin, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Margarita y Discoteca
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