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Lake Mahinapua and the legendary Poo Party!

Hokitika, New Zealand

Early rise this morning as we had a walk along the coast on the cards. It was a short drive down the coast to Cape Foulwind where we were to begin the stroll. The cape is a beautiful spot and is the furthest western part of New Zealand, it also has a large colony of Fur Seals and it is their pleasant odour that gives the place its name!!

The walk took us along the cliff tops of the cape and round to Tauranga Bay. After Bodhi our driver telling us that it was about a 30min walk, 2hrs later we arrived at the bay to find him surfing his ass off and having a good time in the sea.. Despite the length of the walk it was really enjoyable, the views were really nice and it was good to get out of the bus and have some fresh air, despite the seals!!
Once everyone had made their way round the bay to the bus we headed off on the amazing State Highway 6 again. The landscape contantly changes along this brilliant stretch of road and from the Scottish looking scenery of Cape Foulwind and Tauranga Bay into the Hawaiian looking coastline of the Paparoa National Park and Punakaiki (Poo-na-kai-key).
It was in Punakaiki where we stopped off for a bit of lunch and a walk down to the Pancake rocks. Some of the rock formations are really cool and along with the beautiful coastline I couldnt help myself but fire off yet more piccies!! Beacause of my tight schedule I was a bit disappointed I didnt have time to stop off but it is definately somewhere I'd want to come back to.

Upon getting back on the bus Bodhi advised us that tonight, along with the BBQ, there was going to be a fancy dress party.... mmmm, that should be interesting. We would have 1hr in Greymouth our next stop to get anything we needed. Thinking caps were on!!
After much thought and upon seeing a Bob the Builder helmet in the kiddies section of the local Target Store my mind was made up..

Tonight we were staying at what can only be described as the legendary Lake Mahinapua Hotel, owned by the even more legendary Les. The place isnt very much to look at but it is one of the funniest nights off my entire travels if not the wierdest!! Les is the landlord and owner of the hotel and i reckon he has been around since biblical times!! As you can see from the picture he has certainly got character. The meal was really, really good and due to me being a big lad Les kept piling my plate with more and more venison. I wasnt complaning coz it was some of the best food I'd had in 6mnths..
After the food was done and dusted I took a walk down to the lake on my own to walk off some of the food and make way for the copious amounts of beer and other alcoholic beverages that were to be consumed later. The lake itself has great views was really quiet and it was nice to have a bit of "me" time. It was then back to the hotel to get ready with the fancy dress and party time.

Some of the fancy dress ideas were strange to say the least, there were 6 gimps, numerous prostitutes, drug dealers, policewomen and some I have no idea what they were!! Make up your own mind by looking at the piccies!! After all the drinking was over and the gimp off (dont ask!) was finished a few of us headed down to the lake, all be it a little worse for wear to check out the glow worms. Amazing little things if not a real bugger to find..

permalink written by  The Hulk on April 11, 2007 from Hokitika, New Zealand
from the travel blog: The Hulk goes Down Under!
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