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Monte Verde, Costa Rica

We made our way from Belize to Costa Rica, stopping briefly in El Salvador. They have a lovely airport there.

After spending one night in San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica), we headed north to Monte Verde. It's a quaint town founded by Quakers from the U.S. and the only way we can think to describe it is kind of the Muskoka of Costa Rica. Lots of cloud forests and outdoor activities. Tons of stars in the sky. And of course, the cheese factory, which Melissa made us tour.

In Costa Rica, Kraft slices are considered a fine aged cheese, and who are we to argue. The cheeses they make here are very mild, but tasty nonetheless.

We took a hike through a stunning cloud forest. Afterwards, we sat in the hummingbird sanctuary while we had our lunch. We got some amazing pictures, but the pigeons from Lanquin are on strike, and the likelihood of any photos making it on the blog are slim to none right now. Fret not, though. We will hold all of you hostage for a good old fashioned vacation slide show (everyone loves those) upon our return.

You know that frog that epitomizes Costa Rica with the orange toes and looks like it's smiling all the time? We just met him today. And damn, he's cute. We went to the local frog conservatory and learned all about the local frogs. Believe it or not, it was fascinating, but for us to re-tell it on the blog would bore you to tears. So stay tuned, we'll bore you to tears in person later. Suffice it to say, it was pretty amazing and the frogs were mighty cute.

We made our way back to the frog conservatory at night to see our nocturnal friends in action.

Tomorrow, we're headed to La Fortuna via "Jeep-Boat-Jeep". We're told that it's postcard scenic, with an active volcano, a fresh water lake, and hot springs. We're going to skip all that and see if we can find a McDonald's. Just kidding.

Anyway, the innkeeper for reasons we don't quite understand likes to turn off the internet at night, so we've got wrap this up. We'll see you all soon, but 'til then... Ribbit.

permalink written by  Corey and Melissa on March 14, 2009 from Monte Verde, Costa Rica
from the travel blog: Margarita y Discoteca
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