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A written harmony. Between ourselves and within ourselves.

Nice, France

There is something about sitting at a computer far away from where you started out. Something very strange indeed. It is easy to let time pass by without stopping for the real reflection on what has been and what could be. Whether it be a journey through other cultures or even that of your own, it would be so much better if i had never stopped writing after i returned to living in Europe. I tried to do it again before but the events of the time were so uncertain. Today, they are as uncertain as ever before but this time i am determined to make sure this blog continues again. A handful of times i have been somewhere, used the internet, found my old blogs [as blogabond first started] and opened up the old trip albums with fond memory. The story never stopped, so why did I?

I'm still living in Nice. I have continued to meet the numerous friends i met along my travels and inevitably make new ones. I have been to new countries, learned to communicate in a foreign langauge and had so many other experiences. Ok, i'm not travelling anymore - but what is travel - isn't it about living another experience? If it is, then i have certainly been doing that!

I still love taking photos, although i don't do it nearly enough at present. I have completed some part-time study through distance learning in Design and had revolutionary ideas about travel and the 'harmony' Mr Kester adovcates. I've acted upon one of those to form The Elsewhere Project and I even expanded myself to harness teaching and social work.

Now, three years after moving here to be with the French girl I met one night in the golden triangle, I am at a crossroads again. And that, has brought me back to blogabond, back to my pictures and back to my reflections. 50.

permalink written by  50watts on April 25, 2009 from Nice, France
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I'm half-maltese, half-english, living in France, having met my girlfriend while on my first Blogabond adventure [way back].

I am trying to pass the rest of my life continuing to travel and to make things happen as someone once said.

I have ideas, concepts, designs, interests and...

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