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Day 15 & 16, Stuck in Thanh Hoa June 23

Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

A Days 15 &,16 Stuck in Tanh Hoa June 23

Well I am on my third day in Thanh How now. Originally I planned to leave this AM after recuperating from my injuries a bit, but a Tropical Depression was scheduled to hit right where I was heading today with high winds,rain and a possible storm surge I decided to just spend another day.
I don't feel much like exploring unfortunately and there really is not much to do in this town. I found a coffee house nearby yesterday and went back today and was invited to sit with the owner and his,wife while the daughter waited tables. It is Sunday here and business was definitely slower than yesterday.
We chatted for an hour with me mostly explaining where I had been and,where I was going. We all laughed when I said I was not going to China and the owner shook my hand,like I was making a very wise,decision. Funny! We talked about kids and the crazy drivers and somehow we understood each other about 70% of the time. It was fun just to hang out with them for awhile.
After that I went to a street food vendor and bought two oh her delicious steamed dumplings with egg and mystery ingredients. Very tasty, I had one yesterday and bought an extra one today to put in the fridge for lunch. We are on the edge of the storm zone so it was rainy and windy here off and on all day.
I read and relaxed, then tried to work on my language skills with my book. Also watched children's TV where they sing songs with the words printed below so I can get an ear for the pronunciation.
Not doing too well though, ordered roast chicken for dinner and they brought fried anyway. I sent it back. They brought out my rice and a bowl with greens in a broth and I was not sure if it was soup or a rice topping, I decided soup and ate some that way and it turns out it was. After a bit I was served a roast chicken leg and thigh and some sliced tomatoes and cooked garlic. Pretty good. You can tell the chicken is free range, skinny legs that were probably running around the yard this morning. Meat is very fresh here.
I made sure thank them profusely for the chicken, they could have easily pleaded my poor communication skills as the problem, but we all saved face on this one I think.
Packing up tonight and I will leave Thanh How tomorrow finally and see if I can get 100 k down the road or so. Modest goals and humbled traveler.

permalink written by  Mike_Veine on June 23, 2013 from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
from the travel blog: Top Gear Adventure 2- Vietnam Boogaloo!
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