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Last Night in Hanoi 7/31/13

Hanoi, Vietnam

My Last Night in Hanoi
I have not really bloggd much here because I am just living day to day- watching TV, sleeping in, taking long walks around my neighborhood.In short, Hanoi is just like anywhere else when you live there!
There are cultual and language differences, but nothing insurmountable and with so many people here, especially so many Expatriots and Westen business people you have many oppotunities for good connections.
Highlights for me include my neighborhood market owner who always invites me to have a cup of coffee with her, a German burrsinessman who shared a ton of his friends wih me and opened up some doors and an English woman working on her Masters Degree who is changing the World in a great way!
The weather has been hot and humid mostly so my Aircon is essential, but there have been some wild thunderstorms and gulley washer rainstorms as well and it is now cooling off in the nighttime.
For enertainment and food you have the choices of any national capitol city, all styles and choices are represented with some outstanding restaurants and first run movies in the theaters. I did not find a motor racing scene, but the way they drive everyday is close!!
I liked my modern apartment and the included cleaning service very much- if I were livng here the kitchen would be too small though! And it might be nice to liive with a roommate or two for the company :)
Like many places you live you look past some of the negetives and focus on what's in front of you at the time- as they say in Hanoi- if it's snake eating time you eat snake! (Disclosure: I am not sure if ANYONE here actually says that, but I do!)
I may be back here someday, they pay well for English teachers and I have enjoyed my visit so definitely keep Hanoi on a list of Places to See if you come to SE Asia!

permalink written by  Mike_Veine on July 31, 2013 from Hanoi, Vietnam
from the travel blog: Hanoi and Vietnam- Living Day to Day
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Interesting Post! I wonder if you really liked Hanoi or is just a one more place for spend the days.

permalink written by  Daniel on August 6, 2013

Although i never visited Hanoi but it Looks like an incredible trip!

permalink written by  camp staff on August 12, 2013

Working Great Thanks.

permalink written by  randy Orn on August 16, 2013

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