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It ended, now watt begins...

Barnsley, United Kingdom

To write what i am thinking now is really difficult. I arrived in Heathrow yesterday and decided to come straight home, thing is my train ticket was booked for the day after so it has cost 2 weeks worth of living in Vietnam just for a 2 hour train journey. welcome back! It is definately going to make me think with a different perspective from now on.

Glad to see that 'il-mama' was sitting on the same train bench at the station as when i left all that time ago. She told me to be safe and happily i came back in one piece and immensely pleased with my adventures. Here we are taking photos of each other before a spot of trespassing and a big hug! Then it was into ASDA to pick up some rations, a long way to come just to help pack the bags! ;)

Sitting back at home really does feel like time has been frozen, the sight of all the things you left behind exactly where you left them. The phone even holding the last SMS you sent or recieved, the CD you last played still in the player. The difference is only seen in the bathroom i think, when you go to that same old sink and look up, the mirror telling you its a good time for the first bath in 6 months and your head saying 'You've done it!'

It is definately a proud and sensational feeling to travel solo through the countries i have, to meet the friends i have, to experience the things i have, to eat, drink, laugh, lose, see and learn the things i have! Would i recomend a place from my trip, i would recommend all of it but to different people thats the difference. For me it was all great, it was my route and like every traveller we all have our own routes and detours. I particularly enjoyed the detours! Thanks.

A thanks to all the people that have accompanied me along the way. Those who have shared the various means of transport to get from A to B via C of course and maybe more. To those who i have met on random days and nights, the net cafes, the street stalls, the bars, the beaches and the many beautiful natural places i have been. To those who helped when i was in trouble, and to those i met through helping. To the people of all of the countries for being such an insight into another daily life, especially those who let me live in their homes and live with them. Travelling solo has always allowed me to just walk, and walk, and walk throught the streets stopping where i want and such like. Travelling solo always means you will travel with others at some point collectively. I think the one real advantage it has for anybody thinking about going away solo is this; you will meet people the moment you set off, it is your chance to express yourself doing something you obviously really want to do, so do it, talk about it, share it and enjoy it! Then you will also realise that there are many other solo travellers and there are some things you share by travelling alone that others don't. No matter how you travel you are dependent on one thing; yourself!

My aunt just called, i had to ask who it was. Well i am getting used to having a phone number again so for those in the UK its the number i had before i left. I should think we will talk soon. Hope so.For those abroad i will be emailing soon if you haven't recieved already. Thanks to all those who have read the blog too, hope it was enjoyable and took a little time of the day away. A special thanks to Jason too, thanks for the fantastic space to express my cyberself as i have made this journey, thanks for the bucket offer too (one day i Hope to take you up on it still), managed to get a few new people using your site too, think i was one of the first! Thanks man. What happens now do you keep the blog? I am hoping it will be there for a while. Anyway let me know.

The last thanks is to my family, thanks for your help and support when the storm clouds grew, for all of your words and for understanding when i decided to surpise you by staying away a while longer!

...it has been a sublime way to get from one year to the next! Now somewhere in June 2006 i have to find miss reality...

'Jumpa Lagi' (Until later) my friends.

50.watts next i wonder?

The End!

permalink written by  50watts on June 2, 2006 from Barnsley, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Ending 2005 and Starting 2006
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Hey Blogboy,

We felt the need to let you know that a chance 10 minute meeting in an internet cafe in Bangkok just a few days into our trip has had more impact than you can imagine! Not only are all our friends and family, not to mention ourselves completely addicted to our blog but we have spent our entire trip so far attempting to emulate your photographic skills. Sorry to hear that you are back in the UK but glad your trip was such a success.

Thanks so much blogboy,

Lots of love, The Bloggirls!!!! x x x

permalink written by  Helen Murphy on June 3, 2006

Well thanks right back at ya for attempting to use the site way back in its fragile, infant days. I still think it's got a long way to go, but having a few users like yourself giving feedback goes a long way.

So yeah, the blog will stay around as long as Blogabond does, so basically forever. I've been meaning to add a "give me back my stuff" button that will zip you up an HTML version of your blog and photos that you can use elsewhere, or as a backup against Canadian terrorists attacking our server.

But hey, I'll certainly miss reading your stuff. Hope you get back out on the road soon!


permalink written by  Jason Kester on June 6, 2006

This is Kei from Japan, the Khaosan Tokyo hostel!
I really like your photos, and I always enjoy them!
You are such a nice photographer!

permalink written by  KEI A on September 7, 2006

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