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South America plan - latest

Puno, Peru

Updated in Puno. Joanne has given up waiting for her work to let her know if she has a job, so we are now waiting for BA to get back to us with a quotation to re-reoute her itinerary. As always, the plan is still vague... for more up-to-date schedule information check this http://blogabond.com/TripView.aspx?TripID=4517 and click "Show Newest First"



Puno 02/11/09 to 04/11/09
Cusco 05/11/09 to 06/11/09
Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu)
06/11/09 to 07/11/09
Trek 07/11/09 to 11/11/09
Arequipa 11/11/09 to 14/11/09
Beach 14/11/09 to 17/11/09
Lima 17/11/09 to 19/11/09



London 20/11/09 to 20/11/09


Glasgow 20/11/09 to ∞


Iquitos 19/11/09 to 23/11/09


UNDECIDED 23/11/09 to 29/11/09
Quito 29/11/09 to 01/12/09


UNDECIDED 01/11/09 to 11/12/09
Bogota 11/12/09 to 13/12/09


UNDECIDED 13/12/09 to 17/12/09

Costa Rica

UNDECIDED 17/12/09 to 22/12/09


UNDECIDED 22/12/09 to 27/12/09

El Salvador

UNDECIDED 27/12/09 to 31/12/09


UNDECIDED 31/12/09 to 08/01/10


UNDECIDED 08/01/10 to 13/01/10


UNDECIDED 13/01/10 to 04/02/10

USA (it's OK now 'cos of Obama)

UNDECIDED 04/02/10 to 19/02/10

You can see there is real military precision in my planning.


Booked Flights (totally redundant now)
Santiago to Rio 25/11/09
San Francisco to London 28/11/09

Now the real flights are looking something like they will be

Joanne: Lima to London 19/11/09
Michael: SF to London 19/02/09

or something...

permalink written by  The Happy Couple on November 2, 2009 from Puno, Peru
from the travel blog: Michael's Round-the-World honeymoon
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Dude, looks like we're going to cross paths in Peru (our Machu Picchu date is like 4 days before yours). Might have to hook up for a beer!

permalink written by  Jason Kester on September 24, 2009

Sounds like a great idea, it would be cool to meet you. We are still on schedule for the moment at least.

permalink written by  The Happy Couple on September 27, 2009

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