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You Say Northeast, I say Eastnorth

Beijing, China

So I'm telling the taxi driver which gate to enter at the compound I'm staying in. In my mind it faces east and that is what I tell him. He gives me a puzzled head cock [I can't see a puzzled expression from the back seat - I like a drive who keeps his eyes forward where the road is!] and says there isn't any east gate. We dicker and dispute until we get to the gate that is not what I want. What I call the South Gate he says is the west gate. Oh, well. I have him drive me around the corner to the gate I want - his south, my east.

I have found that it is always good to have the confirmation of two witnesses regarding any fact in China. I ask the gate guard which gate he is controlling entry to and he says, "South." Me? Wrong???!!

The next time I am giving a taxi driver directions I acquiesce and tell him to take me to the South Gate. He gives me a puzzled head cock. I guess two witnesses are not enough! Well, I just happened to have a compass. Once level, it indicated the gate faced.... southeast.

permalink written by  prrrrl on September 1, 2009 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: China 2009
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Don't know the meaning of acquiesce? When are you coming home????

permalink written by  Frank G on September 14, 2009

Home? October 1st, very late. 'Acquiesce?' Copy & paste into google and see what you get.

permalink written by  prrrrl on September 26, 2009

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