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Still Keeping Busy!

Yongin, South Korea

Been meaning to put this up for awhile, just been a bit lazy about it. Sorry folks!

So, last week was very busy. There was a song festival on campus for two days, a concert at another university, and of course Everland. I will be talking about the concerts another time just becauseI haven't uploaded the videos for any of them yet. And I took a lot of videos. I may save those for last.

So what's in this weeks blog? The trip to Everland!

For those who don't know about Everland, it essentially a mashup of Laronde and Disney World. Personally, I enjoyed it. I'm also a big kid, so that probably helps. The guys were so-so about it. Except for the rollercoaster. Oh God, the roller coaster...

For those who have been to Laronde, I'm sure you're all familiar with 'The Monster' or 'La Monstre' for you French folk. The Monster is the world's tallest two-track wooden roller coaster, as well as biggest overall roller coaster in all of Canada.

The T Express at Everland is similar. It is the largest roller coaster in Korea, as well as the deepest incline/decline at 77 degrees on a wooden roller coaster. Needless to say it was freakishly awesome. If it wasn't so crowded, I would've rode it again.

Another really good one was The Twist. Which essentially was a think that spun every which way. I'm surprised I didn't get sick. I should've.

Yeah, the rides were pretty cool. Though the one thing that was really bizzarre there were the staff. Sure they were nice, but in like... a doll like way. Essentially, everytime they had to greet ANYONE, they couldn't do it with just one hand or anything. Oh no. They had to pull out the jazz hands/spirit fingers. With. Every. Single. Person. And all the staff had to do that. It was creepy.

And then there was the music which was a bit annoying. Mainly because it's very childlike (Not in a fun Disney way). But other than all of that, I really enjoyed myself.

Well, that's enough procrastinating. Best get to homework. Blaaaah.

Be sure to check out the photos!

permalink written by  Maestro on September 24, 2009 from Yongin, South Korea
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
tagged South, Korea and Everland

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