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ohhh china china

Chengdu, China

Soooooo much to say since my last entry. Starting last Wednesday we have been on National Holiday aka the same as our fourth of July. They celebrate their 60 years of communist China.

The night before we went out of town we went to our favorite local club to celebrate. There, we encountered the usual, but one interesting Surprise was the number of babies at the club. Yes, tiny tot babies, who bring babies to clubs at 1 am? The Chinese do...and once again they were not wearing proper clothes.

put some clothes on your baby and put him to bed, come on!!

Our favorite street food at 1 am. They love us and we love them. Its not quite as good as McDonald's at 2 am, but it gets the job done.

So off we went to Chengdu, China via a 4 hr bus ride (which we almost missed b/c there are a million bus stations and the driver took us to the wrong one). When we arrived to the hostel we were confused b/c it was half hotel, half hostel. We were almost homeless because we only brought copies of our passport info page. Apparently they were crackin down because of the national holiday and refused to let us stay. Then God sent us a helper named Eddie ( he was Chinese just spoke some English) got into a 20 min heated debate with the front desk ladies and YAY we got to stay there after all. We were upgraded to the hotel part =)

They had a picture of Malcom X, 2 Pac, and Bob Marley, which i thought was random, neat.

We went to an arcade, good clean fun. I hadn't done that in years.

We did many tourist-like things. We went to an excavation site/museum where religious ceremonies had been held. They buried things that they wanted to sacrifice, like elephant tusks and jade. They had really nice gardens all around it.

There were also remains of humans, more assumed sacrifices. creeepyyy

In the middle of the gardens we stumbled upon this group of guys who wouldn't let us pass until we gave them hugs. Really random, pretty weird too.

Next stop was the home of a famous writer/poet, Du Fu, who fled because of ani-shi rebellions. He built a thatched cottage in the middle of no where, including a building overlooking a pond and garden, where he would write most of his works.

that's what he looked like.

Our next adventure was when we met up with some westerner's that Alison met last year when she was studying in Beijing. We were at an outdoor restaurant where you cook your own food when all of the sudden a building on the other side of the street less than a block away caught on fire. We were all freakin out and the Chinese ppl glanced at it and then went on nonchalantly. WTF? They must not care if babies were dying. We watched stuff fall off the building and fly down from the sky for 45 min. THEN the firefighters finally came. Lesson learned: DO not start a fire in my apt b/c i'll be screwed!

Arts and crafts!The hostel all did origami and made floating candles that we then released into the Yangzte river.

Another day we went to the panda breeding center. Such cute critters, i got some good video footage of three of them getting into a fight. available upon request, of course.

male and female panda reproductive organs ewww

they also had what they called "little" or "red" pandas that resemble coons. ehh i prefer the regular type pandas better.

We went to a Daoist temple where people still currently go to make offerings and to pray. We were given incense when we entered and we were supposed to put it in the giant cauldron as an offering.

they had tables set up with elaborate flower and firework arrangements that we supposed were going to be used in a ceremony later that day.

Went shopping in a large market. I bought various Chinese goodies, a t-shirt that cost me the equivalent of a dollar, pashmina scarves,postcards ect.

Went out to eat at a pizza hut, which was soooo good. Tasted way better than in America,probably because it wasn't noodles or rice, ha.

We also went out for Peter's birthday and hit up some nightlife. More karaoke, like always! we sang ghostbusters haha

There were some dancing girls, and some Chinese breakdancers, woop woop.

passed out men at the bar. haa!

Glad to be back in our more suburban town and we all just joined a gym here. Pretty excited to take some of their classes, which include disco time, street dance, and body shakedown. hmmm....

permalink written by  cz74699 on October 7, 2009 from Chengdu, China
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you may want to take down the naked baby...even though it's hilarious...don't want you to get sued or something random. i love you! fun times!

permalink written by  KatrinaDonham on October 8, 2009

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