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Continental Change

Bogota, Colombia

This afternoon I'm leaving on a jet plane, but figure I'll be back again. Yup, I fly to Mexico from Bogotá, Colombia, via Miami. I imagine coming from Colombia with a beard and dirty clothes will get US Customs all worried I have coke up my bum. Not the case though. If they decide to check all they'll find is traveller's diarhea!! haha, just kidding. I got over that a long time ago.

Yeah, about two months ago I started thinking about going home, continuing in my routine and seeing the same people I already know (and love), but after the last 10 months on the road it hasn't been appealing. I suppose it even scared me. I thought about it lots and figured this:

The only constant in the universe is change. We will change regardless where we go or what we do. Some change is growth, other regression and other nothing more than a unsubstantial difference. Nevertheless, if I return home I will change and - fingers crossed - grow too. However, living in Edmonton, continuing my job and watching hockey at the local pub isn't how I want to facilitate my growth over the next year or so. The path of change and growth are not definitive, but almost predictable. Granted, my future isn't written in stone and I can do much to change it, however I don't believe I would vary much from that path.

Staying in Latin America, on the other hand, will offer me a different path for change and - fingers crossed - growth. There are far more unknowns down here. That excites me! I don't know who will be my friends, where I'll live or what I'll do - which are some of the greatest influences on personal development. This may sound like I'm not satisfied with present Ryan Myers, but that's not at all the case! Nope, I still love me! hehe But think about it, it's obvious your experience makes you who you are and your journey in life gives you this experience. That much is for sure. So, if we are completely aware of this then why can't we manipulate our environment to facilitate the positive changes we would like to see in our lives!!

So that's one reason to stay down here. Another is that I can speak Spanish, but sure as hell am not fluent like immigrants in Canada can speak English. Another year down here ought to fix that. Another reason is that ol' Ryan has fallen in love with the culture down here. Much more open minded, social and flirty!

So far the three places I'm looking at staying are DF (Mexico City), Bogotá or Buenos Aires. I haven't been to DF, so I'm hungry to taste Mexico first before making any decisions. I hope it's spicy! However, I'm leaning towards Buenos Aires. It doesn't have the Latin flavour found in the rest of Latin America, but what a cool place!! So that's where I'm leaning towards, however if I can find a job for an NGO in Mexico or Colombia I'd happily go there instead. Plan B is to teach English. That's an easy job to find in these three countries.

Yup yup, so that's what went through my head and heart as I decided to stay here. Funny enough, I wasn't homesick once until I sent my Bob an email saying I'm not coming back. Then I started to realise it'd be much longer before I'd sip on a pint of beer in a pub while watching a hockey game with my friends.

permalink written by  ryanmyers on October 13, 2009 from Bogota, Colombia
from the travel blog: Ryan's First Sabbatical
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