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Mozzies n Bikes

Tulum, Mexico

Goooood morning!! Hmm, that's deceptively cheery for how I really feel right now - first thing in the morning. Still waiting for coffee to be ready with eyes half shut. I look like I hate everyone and everything, but that's just not true. I only hate the damn mosquitos. Hell, I even like the ants. I can forgive those guys when they bite me. I mean, they work hard and efficient together in such harmony - like nature's perfect lil communists - and never complain when you block their path. They just bite. Understandably so, it's the only way to communicate with giant hairless apes and we them loud and clear, "#@*! OFF!" And we do!

But the mosquitos. Hate them. Each mosquito I kill I smirk and think of all the possible offspring I stopped from existing. In Tulum, Mexico, there are a lot of mosquitos. This town shares the same beautiful stretch of Yucutan beach as Cancun and is named after the Mayan ruins looking out at the Carribean from a nearby cliff. Inland is a flat, flat, flat with a jungle of cenotes (what I'd call watering holes) and Mayan ruins.

So Tulum is where I am now, waiting for my breakfast included in the hostel price. Free use of bikes is also included, which I happily took advantage of yesterday. I hit the road with a couple of English guys, one Aussie and myself all on wide seated one-gear bikes with cute baskets in front. Let me tell you, we were an intimidating gang on the highway. With the sun at our backs and the wind in our faces we even bullied that swealtering heat away. The wind more than compensates for exercising in the heat of the day - it was cooler than relaxing in the shade with a beer (and I'm not one to readily admit that). As if the bike's wide handlebars didn't make me feel bad ass enough, when I over took a motorbike I think Clint Eastwood would have peed his pants.

Ooh, priorities! Coffee's ready. Adios!

permalink written by  ryanmyers on December 4, 2009 from Tulum, Mexico
from the travel blog: Ryan's First Sabbatical
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