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OMG You Guys

Seoul, South Korea

Yep. Me and two friends went to go see Legally Blonde: The Musical here in Korea. I gotta say, it was great. I'm sure for that do know, it comes at a bit of a shocker that I would go to something so girly, but in these past few years, I've been slowly embrassing my feminine pink side, as my other pals can tell ya. Other than my purse though, I didn't wear anything pink. It was far too cold and rainy for that as you can see by the jackets we're all wearing.

Anyway, the actors and actresses potrayed their characters wonderfully (Especially Elle, Emmett and Warner), the music adaptations were catchy, and the dancing was amazing. The people that they got to play the parts are pretty well known here in Korea according to Hye Chi and Dahae. Quite a few of them were in Dramas before. (For those who've watched Coffee Prince, one of the actors from there is in it). Of course, we couldn't take pictures of the actual musical, but we managed some with the posters (as you can see). Go ahead and check them out either here or on Facebook.

EDIT: The delivery man, Kyle? Jesus, he was more sexual than the American one. And this comes from a country that says they're more conservative than the west. :P

permalink written by  Maestro on November 22, 2009 from Seoul, South Korea
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
tagged Blonde, Seoul, Korea, Musical and Legally

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