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Just My Backyard

Carlsbad, United States

Whenever I feel a bit fenced in, the thing that can make me feel free again is drive to the ocean. I love to park my car on a bluff and look down at the water below. Often times, I walk down to the shore and watch surfers waiting for big waves. I also bring some old bread to hand out to squirrels or throw up in the air for sea gulls to catch and fly off with.
Then when I get hungry I walk over to a small fish and chips restaurant that looks like a shack. It's right by the water with a view of the blue sea and blue sky.
There are many activities that one can do in Carlsbad besides hike by the sea. One can skateboard, bike, jog, of course, swim, and just plain have a good time. Legoland is nearby, a destination by itself. But one half day by the water is good enough for me. When I get home, I am a bit tanned, my smile is wider, and when I look at myself in the mirror, I see sparkle in my eyes that were not there that morning. I love my backyard!

permalink written by  irma on March 30, 2009 from Carlsbad, United States
from the travel blog: My Backyard
tagged Hike, Bike, Ocean, Carlsbad and GoodTime

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