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The Grand Canyon

Williams, United States

This morning we awoke at 7:34- well, at least I did! Fancy Hotel had a very nice shower and toiletries. We left shortly after 8 and headed on our way to the Grand Canyon.

After driving for a few hours through New Mexico, we thought it might be smart to stop a Walmart and buy some water to prepare ourselves for the journey through the desert tomorrow, just incase. I also bought a new hair clip for myself, since the one I had broke. We then went to Applebees for lunch. We got the combo things- so we had onion rings and mozzarella sticks, Mike got a penne thing, and I got my oriental chicken salad, and then it came with dessert- a mini hot fudge sundae and a mini apple pie type thing. We then went to a Waldenbooks quickly (I had finished my books and needed more!), and then got gas. After filling up, we were approached by an older man who knocked on Mike's window and begged us for money. He said he is a Navajo Indian from Arizona and needed money for lunch- his name was George Mason (very strange!). He was clearly very, very drunk, and we apologized and told him we didn't have any cash. Which was true. So after all that, we kept going.

Along the way, Mike kept seeing signs for places he would have liked to have gone, like the Petrified Forest and Crater National Park, but worried that if we stopped we'd get to the Grand Canyon too late to see it well. We did attempt to see the crater thing, but once we realized you had to pay we turned around.

As we drove, the storm that has been stalking us this entire trip continued to do so. We passed many Indian Reservations, Trading Posts, and Casinos.

We finally reached the Grand Canyon about quarter past 5 (thanks, time change!). We walked around various areas and spent some time there. It was completely indescribable, and as such, we've decided that instead of attempting to do so, we will let the pictures speak for themselves, although they really don't do it justice.

We made the 1.5 hour trip to the hotel in 45 minutes. Grabbed a pizza at a crazy busy Pizza Hut (the woman was nice- we felt bad for her) and headed to the hotel. Upon which we discovered that they did not have our reservations. There were a few people who went in after us that had the same problem- luckily, we were there first and it was resolved so we have a room. The room is decent, although the wireless doesn't reach where we are! Oh well. So this will be posted a day late, again. But such is life.

We hit over 3,000 miles today. Whoa.

permalink written by  prettyblueroses on August 8, 2008 from Williams, United States
from the travel blog: Mike & Heather's Cross-Country Adventure
tagged GrandCanyon, Driving and Arizona

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