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Koh Tao

Ko Tao, Thailand


At this moment I'm enjoying my self on the Island Koh Tao...
This Island is famous for it's diving..
There are Whale sharks, Bull Sharks, Stingray's, lot's of corral & Fish..
Also been cave diving..

When I arrived here 4 day's ago, Ive started my Advanced diver course..
After my certification I realy got adicted...

Therefore I bought the remaining items for my complete dive gear..
So all that was left was to do the NITROX course..

Did that.. So now I'm an Advanced Nitrox Diver! (Still feeling the narcoses)

The next two day's I'll be making a lot more dives!
(Hoping about 8)

After this I'll go back to samui for one night.. and then transfer to Bangkok..
DO some shopping.. and leave for home....



permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on October 20, 2008 from Ko Tao, Thailand
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
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Travel Day

Ko Tao, Thailand

So today I woke up around 7 am and showered and got ready for the day. I was in Ko Samui where I arrived last night. I had to take a ferry this morning from there to Ko Tao an island just north.

The hotel I was staying at had shared showers and bathrooms for each floor which is fine because I'm already used to staying in a hostel, but this was my first cold shower. I know that this will be pretty common in Thailand, because I've heard from people most of the cheap places don't provide hot showers. It wasn't horrible though. The water isn't freezing and even early in the morning it starts to get hot outside so the cold shower is invigorating.

After my 'refreshing' shower, have to stay optimistic right lol, I went and had breakfast and talked on Skype with my dad. I've talked with my Dad twice since being here and my sister once. It is great when I get to talk to people because I don't feel so disconnected from my old life, and Skype is great in letting you feel like you're in the same room with the person you're talking to.

After Skype I walked around the town a little before i had to go meet my ferry. At the hotel there was a really cute pug lounging on the counter. Apparently she is well adjusted to the island life.

Since this is island time the ferry of course wasn't on time, but it didn't bother me. I met some Australians and ended up talking to them before and for the entire ferry ride. It's crazy they're on the end of a long trip where they've just spent about 6 months in South America, and our now finishing their 6 week trip in Southeast Asia.

It's amazing. Every time I'm backpacking I always meet Aussies that are traveling for really long periods of time. I have no chance at ever beating them. It's like talking to the one up guy.
me: "I'm backpacking for four months."
Aussie: "Oh that's great. We just finished 6 months in South America and now are doing 6 weeks in Southeast Asia."
me: *smile with hidden jealousy*

Just kidding. It's great to meet other people who are out and about exploring the world as well. They were super friendly and made the ride more fun. Especially since the first ferry was so packed. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was trying to get on board and didn't think about it. There were literally people hanging and lying on every inch of the boat. The seats floors deck were full. I didn't realize that the full moon part was going on right now.

The full moon party happens every month on the island Ko Pha-ngan. Which is the island right before Ko tao. From what I gather it's a big party stretching all over the beaches of the islands where everyone is smashed and getting more smashed all night. So the first half of the boat ride was cramped, but the second half from Ko Pha-ngan was really comfortable.

When arriving in Ko tao I new that this was what I've been looking for in my tirp.

There's something nice about being on islands. I always feel comfortable and relaxed, and the island is beautiful.

I took a taxi from the ferry and checked into the dive resort I'm staying at to get my PADI certification. I had to do about 2 hours of class room

work today and then I came to the reception to do a little freelancing work which has an amazing view of the ocean. I loved my experience in Bangkok, but I'm so happy to feel less of the hustle and bustle and more of island breezes. Tomorrow I'll be doing more of the dive class. I've posted a little of the pictures I've taken from Ko Samui and Ko Tao so far, but nothing amazing. I'll be adding to them though so keep looking. You can see that album at :

Talk to you soon.

permalink written by  Kirk on August 29, 2012 from Ko Tao, Thailand
from the travel blog: Kirk's South East Asia Adventure
tagged KohTao and KohSamui

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